How Pakistani site incited Muslims

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Niticentral Staff16 Aug 2012

11 Pakistani site incited Muslims&id=nc

The rumour-mongering and resultant panic among northeasterners living in Bangalore, Mysore and other cities of Karnataka and in other States began in mid-July after a Pakistani website, of which nobody seems to have had heard of till then, posted a picture of Buddhist monks supervising the burial of Tibetans killed in the devastating earthquake that hit Tibet in April 2010. The picture was luridly described as showing “Buddhist monks with the bodies of Rohingya Muslims killed by Buddhists in Burma”.

Within days, the photograph with its provocative caption went viral, appearing on the front pages of Urdu newspapers in Pakistan and getting re-posted on several Islamic websites and blogs which claimed the picture was ‘evidence’ of Rohingyas being massacred by Buddhists in Burma.

It did not take long for the picture to surface on Indian websites and blogs; social media was used for propagating the patent falsehood; it was used for propaganda to rouse Muslim sentiments. A Bangalore-based Urdu newspaper reproduced the photograph and the provocative caption. It got away with this blatant violation of ethics and law.

Yet, since that particular photograph had been widely used by media around the world in 2010, its misuse to incite Muslims was swiftly spotted. Tibetans living in India, when they came to know of the picture doing the rounds, lodged a formal protest.

“The Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamshala is deeply disturbed and concerned over the circulation of a misleading photograph in some sections of the media showing Tibetan monks in their reports on the recent violence in Burma involving Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims,” the CTA said in a statement issued on August 14, 2012.

“A photograph of Tibetan monks standing in front of a pile of dead bodies appeared in many websites in the Muslim countries, especially Pakistan,” it said. The statement said that “this photo of Tibetan monks was actually taken during their relief work in Kyegudo (Yushul), eastern Tibet, after a devastating earthquake hit the region on April 14, 2010. The Tibetan monks extended remarkable service in the rescue and relief operations at the time.”

“The relevant department of the Central Tibetan Administration wrote a letter to a website in Pakistan (, Urdu Current Affairs Portal) on July 30 to remove the photo from its website, which it did so the next day,” it further added.

“But the photo is still in circulation, as some Muslims carrying the photo during their recent protest in Mumbai on August 11, 2012, appeared in Zee News, a leading news channel in India,” the CTA said.

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11 Pakistani site incited Muslims&id=nc

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  • Ben Ko

    I don’t mean to be a racist here, but all these chaos have to do with the Muslims. They are trying to divide India. 12 Muslim organizations are involved in this. They threaten the people from north east India. It is not a rumour.

  • Reginald Mantle

    The cause of greater Islamic brotherhood is so important that local Muslims decided to burn public property and attack fellow Indians. Great way to sympathize with Bangladeshi immigrants and the Rohingyas!

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  • malavikapatil

    I hope incidents like Assam riots, Mumbai riots and ‘third wave of radicalization’ by the rage boys open the eyes of ‘secular’ Hindus.

  • Keshav Lal Goswami

    We should be more careful of more nefarious design of Pakistan, that they are out to create disturbance in our country, they have planted their agents and created anti National people in our country for wide spreads riots,Bengala Deshi immigrants are permanent problem for Assam / N.E. and even more it is all over INDIA,some people created violence in Mumbai in the presence of Police personal, strict action be taken against people responsible for Mumbai riots, now migration of N.E. people from Karnataka to their homes, the problem created in Bangalore seems to hatred SMS message, I would like to request the authorities to please trace the people responsible for the problem created and punish them exemplary punishment,N.E. people are part and parcel of INDIA and they should feel SAFE WHERE EVER THEY ARE RESIDING AS THY ARE FIRST INDIAN AND FOREMOST INDIAN, State Government and Central Government should take stern action against those people who are out to dis integrate INDIA In the end I would like to request to all Political parties to weed out unwanted people from their parties, as these are trouble shooter

  • Keshav Lal Goswami

    we should be careful from the people who are out to dis integrate of country special from the across the boarder i.e. nefarious activities of Pakistan, Government at all level i.e. Central/State should be vigilant to counter the enemies actions before they strike

  • Rohit

    So are all the advocates of ‘regulating’ the social media also contemplating the same for cell phone/cell phone companies which aided the circulation and the Urdu press as well?

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  • Yeshe Choesang
  • Yeshe Choesang
  • music

    What’s up to all, the contents present at this site are in fact amazing for people knowledge, well, keep
    up the good work fellows.

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