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Niticentral Staff11 Sep 2012

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On Monday, September 10, an enthusiastic junior member of the editorial staff put together a story on Aseem Trivedi in which a few sentences were incorporated from an NDTV report without the source being identified as it should have been done. Unfortunately, the draft story slipped through our institutional check gates. It was pulled out the moment the regrettable error was discovered. This strengthens our resolve to be more vigilant and ensure such errors are not repeated.


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  • Chandan Das

    That is the way to handle such an error. Keep it up! Glad to see positive handling of issues.

  • DADA

    Unlike PAIDMEDIA at least u GUYS OWNED up straight away, as mistakes do happen, jus shows what kind of people u having working at Niticentral to own up to mistake so quickly and apologise

  • V.N.Seetharam

    You have thus established your credibility and honesty and a resolve to own up when mistakes occur. Niti Central I am sure will be a forum that presents news without fear or favour a much needed media in the tragic scenario of Burqa Dutts, Arnab Goswamis, Vinod Mehtas and a blatantly partisan but often projected Vinod Sharma etc.

    Let us collectively contribute to the fearless reporting and social awakening.

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