Lack of political consensus affecting decision-making: Patel

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Niticentral Staff14 Sep 2012

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In the face of national criticism over policy paralysis, Union Minister Praful Patel has admitted that “lack of political consensus” in the country and “atmosphere of distrust” have been affecting decision making process of the Government.

He holds the Heavy Industries portfolio and his party, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), is one of the allies of UPA at the Centre.

Stressing the need for political parties with different ideologies to engage in a “positive dialogue to arrive at a consensus” on developmental issues, Patel said the atmosphere of distrust and suspicion was making seasoned bureaucrats “hesitant” to make decisions.

Patel, while addressing Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in Pune, urged the business community to impress upon political parties the need for a “constructive debate” to spur policy making process and development.

He lamented that opposition parties were criticizing the ruling party “for the sake of opposing” without going into the merits of proposals tabled by the government.

The UPA government has been recently under fire by the Opposition over the alleged irregularities in the coal blocks allocation in the country owing to which the entire monsoon session of the Parliament was washed out following demands of Prime Minister’s resignation and an independent probe in the matter.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president of the Chamber, Abhay Firodia, said economic reforms were being implemented in a half-hearted manner and there was a need for improvement in governance.

S K Jain took over as president of the Chamber at the AGM.

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3 of political consensus affecting decision-making: Patel&id=nc

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  • Vivek

    Why is this person still in the govt after having done nothing with AI and after reports of misusing AI flights for personal purposes? Isn’t the fact that he misused AI flights enough to put him in jail?

  • V.N.Seetharam

    people of his calibre and proven track record of a criminal kind do not merit any reporting. Praful Patel should not be in the cabinet. But the emasculated Manmohan is secure only with the worst possible goons from Alagiri to Kapil and all the rest as his government is a sceptic tank which can only harbour what it is capable of nurturing and profusely populating.

  • Ganesh Ayyar

    Misusing AI is the under statement of the year! Successive Civil Aviation ministers have systematically butchered the national carrier, which has virtually been given an indecent burial. Netwoth eroded, pretige since the TATA days ground to dust, deliberate steps to promote forein airlines by withdrawing from profitable roots etc. Incompetent thugs who have only looked into their personal benefits. UPA -2 has been a disaster for the nation now heading for bankruptcy worse than 1991. Once a saviour of the nation, PM MMS is presiding over the decline of a great nation, under the baton of the Philharmonic orchestra head – Madam Antonia Maino alias onia Gandhi!!!! God help our country!!!!!

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