Fasih Mahmood – Fact & Fiction

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22 Oct 2012

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Who is Fasih Mohammed?

Fasih Mahmood (alias Fasih Mohammed) is a suspected member of the banned outfit Indian Mujahideen. He is one of the key accused in the Bangalore and Delhi terror operations of 2010. He also worked as an engineer for the Indian Mujahideen.

What was his role in IM operations?

28-year-old Fasih was born in Bihar and is alleged to be behind the Jama Masjid shooting in New Delhi and the Chinnaswamy Stadium blast in Bangalore in 2010.

The Indian Mujahideen had allegedly plotted a terrorist operation during the festive season. This was revealed following the arrest of the 3 terrorists belonging to the terror outfit. He is also alleged to be a “key facilitator” for terrorists arrested in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh this year.

When was Fasih deported to India?

Fasih was deported from Saudi Arabia on October 22 and arrested upon arrival in New Delhi from the Delhi airport. India had requested Saudi Arabia to arrange for his deportation, also getting an Interpol Red Corner notice issued against Fasih.

The Indian Government termed his arrest an “important catch”.

Where else has Fasih been detained prior to this arrest?

Fasih had been kept in detention for five months in Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities had confirmed his detention, and were studying his role and monitoring his stay in the kingdom.

(Photo Courtesy: Indian Express)


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http://www.niticentral.com/emailshare/emailshare.php?pid=14513&url=http://www.niticentral.com/2012/10/22/what-you-should-know-about-fasih-mohammed-14513.html&title=Fasih Mahmood – Fact & Fiction&id=nc

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    So, even the brothers in religion are not helping pakistan these days.

    bad days ahead for pakis.

  • Arvind

    Saudis miss the point. The amount of brain washing which happens in Saudi is primarily responsible for creation of terrorists like fasih.

    • MANISH

      They don’t give a damn, until and unless these become pain in the ass for them.

      also, the fear of being beheaded quickly, keeps these terrorists under control in SA. so, chill, they are going to sponser it through petro-dollar, so that when the petrol is exhausted, they have a large army to foment troubles in other country.

      Wahabism has already destroyed the partial-sufi culture of pakistan and afghanistan.

      if, unchecked, indian muslims may also fall prey to it.

  • http://www.lets-find-truth.blogspot.com Habib

    Facts??, atleast get the name of the person right, he is Fasih Mahmoud and not fasih mohammed. And I think for you all it doesnt matter unless its a muslim name. Shame on such stupid journaists

    • moderator

      Editor’s note: As per official records, he is Fasih Mahmood aka Fasih Mohammed. Many media outlets have used the second because that’s how he was described in official briefings.

      • http://www.lets-find-truth.blogpsot.com Habib

        Which official note are you referring Mr. Editor?
        I am following the story since the day he was arrested in Saudi Arabia and nobody ever reported his name to be Fasih Mohammad.
        Why you do not respect your profession and do justice with it by giving other side of the story that he was illegally detained by Saudi and Indian agencies for 160 days, government requested for red corner notice only after his arrest and reporting in media to save its face in public, people tried to get fake licenses on his name in India.
        Shame on such biased journalists.

        • Arvind

          Looks like you are close to him. You know all the details. So you want to uphold law when it comes to protecting a criminal and these terrorists can strike any where at their will. It is because of people like you who support them, muslim community is getting a bad name.

          • http://www.lets-find-truth.blogpsot.com Habib


            Fasih is an Indian citizen and deserves his legal rights. I am not defending the crimes he is accused of but the biased reporting. The things I mentioned are facts, why no one wants to question it. A muslim like me should keep his mouth shut and let legitimate rights of countryman go because people like you may accuse him of worsening the name of my community?

        • MANISH

          MR. HABIB:

          THE WIKIPEDIA entry has a page on him, titled FASIH MOHAMMAD.

          MAYBE THAT IS THE REASON WHY IS mohammad used, and not mahmood.

          However, for us this simply does not matter.

          would the crime of AJMAL KASAB be less gruesome, had he been named AJMAL KAISER.
          atleast i do not think that way.
          for us a man who was caught conspiring to kill his own countrymen, is beneath any dignity. and he doesn’t deserve any respect.

          the LeT guys are pakistani, and their hatred towards us is understandable.
          but, what was it that he is conspiring to kill his own countrymen.
          does he think that by killing innocent indians(which may include oth hindu and muslims) he would meet his objectives.

          no he won’t.
          the kashmiris tried, and failed.

          let these killers try too. they would not only be hunted down, but would be given punishments that would be exemplery.


          • http://www.lets-find-truth.blogpsot.com Habib


            Did you read my comment or just commenting out of passion and emotions.
            Do you have answers to my questions raised or just want to be accepted without being questioned. Stop posting big paragraphs without even having a point and stop wasting other’s time.


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