Man beheads sister in public view, takes head to police station

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Niticentral Staff8 Dec 2012

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In an incident that left the City of Joy shocked, a 29-year-old trader decapitated his younger sister with a sword in full public view and took the severed head to the police station where he surrendered.

This is the first case of dishonour killing in Kolkata.

The garment trader, Mehtab Alam, discovered that his 24-year-old sister and a mother of two, Nilofer Bibi, was staying with a rickshaw-puller with whom she had eloped, police sources said.

Alam went to the rickshaw-puller’s house, dragged out his sister and beheaded her with the sword in full public view, deputy commissioner of police (port division) Mehboob Rehman said.

Local people watched horrified as Alam walked down the road at Ayubnagar with the severed head dangling in his hand, before surrendering to the Nadial police station.

“He even asked for a glass of water after reaching the police station,” police said.

According to eye witnesses, Alam justified his crime saying he did it to punish his sister for the extra-marital affair.

“It was not the decision of the family to kill her. The brother had lost his temper over his sister and had unilaterally decided to kill her,” Rehman said.

Alam was remanded in judicial custody till December 22 after he was produced in Alipore court.

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0 beheads sister in public view, takes head to police station&id=nc

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