Church now has visa power!

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31 Dec 2012

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Church now has visa power!

Has the UPA Government covertly given foreign missionaries a free hand to proselytise and convert ‘heathens’ in India? Persons seeking passport services in November 2012 were startled to discover that, without any discussion in Parliament or in public, the UPA Government has quietly relaxed restrictions on the entry and stay of foreign missionaries coming to the country. These restrictions were enforced on the recommendations of the Niyogi Commission, appointed to investigate the activities of missionaries in Madhya Pradesh, which submitted its report to the Union Government in 1956.

This backdoor act has set alarm bells ringing in many quarters. The news is true. The missionary visa is issued to those going to India “for a religious purpose”. It takes up to three months to process, and the duration of stay is decided by the Government of India, which means it is open to discretion!

A visit to the passport office website and visa service clearly states, at Item 17: Missionary Visa: Visa to foreign missionaries, other than those holding ‘No objection to return to India Endorsements’, are granted only after clearance by concerned Ministry/ Department in India.

This is further clarified in Item 24: Registration: Foreigners entering India on Student visa, Employment visa, Research visa, Missionary visa valid for more than 180 days are required to get themselves registered with the concerned Foreigners Registration Office within 14 days of their arrival in India. Foreigners holding any other type of visa valid for more than 180 days do not require registration if the period of their stay in India on each visit is less than 180 days. However, they must register themselves within 180 days of arrival if the period of their continuous stay exceeds 180 days. For more details, see the website of MHA or Bureau of Immigration (

It is also learnt that the Government has decided to end the requirement for Protected Area Permit (PAP) needed by foreigners visiting Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, three States where the Church is well entrenched since the colonial era, and where the missionaries want to expand the separatist agenda.

It is pertinent that the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs does not mention the ‘Missionary Visa’ at all. Nor does the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) where foreigners must register themselves if staying beyond 180 days, mention the Missionary visa. This is revealed only in the passport section, and is thus not known to the public at large, but word would have been spread through the international network of the church. The consular services of the Indian missions abroad would have received instructions regarding the processing of Missionary visa.

The creation of a special category of visa for missionaries may legitimately be considered as official patronage for Christian conversions in India. This violates the constitutional provision that the state would have no religion, and would treat all citizens as equal without discrimination on grounds of caste, religion, gender, or any other reason. The missionary visa in effect makes India a country where the state – or at least the regime of the day – has declared Christianity as a state-promoted and favoured religion, which has to be privileged even in violation of the Constitution and the nation’s foundational ethos.

Hitherto, foreign missionaries have entered India by the back door, on tourist visas, and have been deported if caught preaching or proselytizing, as this is contrary to the stated objectives of their visa. Foreigners who joined the missionary-directed protests at Kudankulam nuclear plant were also rounded up and swiftly deported on grounds of violating their visa protocol.

Now, however, the Indian Government is offering a carte blanche for foreign missionaries to undertake conversion activities with impunity. All that the various church denominations have to do is ensure a regular stream of padris to avail of the Missionary visas on continuous basis, and thus the respective churches can have an unending supply of foreign missionaries to enthrall their target audiences. This is bound to ensure higher funding of Indian missions by foreign agencies engaged in proselytisation.

It is truly astonishing that despite so many brutal experiences with missionaries, most notably in the north eastern states and Orissa, where two respected sadhus, Swami Shanti Kali and Swami Laxmanananda, were gunned down with AK-47 rifles for resisting conversions, not to mention the painful legacy of the Goa Inquisition, the UPA sees fit to encourage missionaries to descend upon India and convert vulnerable groups. Politically, the entry of foreign missionaries also has the potential to destabilize the districts and state where missionaries operate, as has been seen in several places.

The missionary visa is nothing but a blatant attack on India’s foundational ethos, civilisational integrity, and Hindu community which is the target of missionary machinations. It assaults the fundamental right of the Hindu community not to be trespassed upon by evangelists and to practice their native faith in peace and dignity.

In sharp contrast to its solicitude towards Christian missionaries, the UPA’s attitude towards the Hindu community is best gauged from the attempt to impose the draconian Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011.

One wonders if the haste to encourage missionaries to descend upon India has anything to do with the well known rejection of Christianity in large parts of the Western world.

Sandhya Jain is a political analyst and independent researcher. She is the author of ‘Adi Deo Arya Devata- A Panoramic View of Tribal-Hindu Cultural Interface’ (Rupa & Co., 2004) and ‘Evangelical Intrusions. Tripura: A Case Study’ (Rupa & Co., 2009).

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28 now has visa power!&id=nc

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  • vibrantindia

    This proved my suspicion that she was planted by Vatican Church to occupy Indian govt in her hands and convert India into a Christian majority country from a Hindu majority country.When she entered India by marrying Rajv Gandhi who was a novice in London while he was studying by capturing him we know that it is a plant by KGB/CIA and Vatican.She achieved her goal slowly by liquidating all her opponents rivals one by one.Sanjay Gandhi,IndiraGandhi,Rajiv Gandhi were her opponents in her goals.She has also eliminated Rajesh Pilot and M.R. Scindia who knows her secrets. No one will believe all this but the facts shows it in proper light when we see the circumstances and the history says that its correct in assement.Her cruelty is not known to all but few who knows her dread her like a snake.In the last 9 years of her absolute power she ahs demonstrated that she is real autocrat fascist Hitler Stalin all in one.She has allowed all his ministers to convert to Christian or allow Christian to rise. Unknown person like Dr.John dayal come up from dust to became her advisor. The symbol of Rs was changed as per Cross. Coins with cross were minted. in Whole of India churches built unobstructedly.Church purchased maximum of lands and built churches. Conversion is rampant all over india.Christians were installed in high pedestals of power and rule.So if she would be elected again in 2014 them by 2019 there would be no Hindus in India and India would be changed to a Christain state and democracy will be dream for ever.

    • KrishnaBaalu

      Very well written article and your comment too! I was surprised when u mentioned RAJESH PILOT Scindia, thought very few aware of it.

      In AP conversions are going on alarming speed, with the patronage of ruling COngress. During YSR Regime alone 90,000,00 innocent Hindus were brainwashed and converted to Christianity. after conversion they re locate them to an exclusive colony, apartment and there by making them as a votebank. It is working. Now Sonia’s seemingly rivalry with YS Jagan is nothing but a drama. Now many selfish Industrialists, politicians who r flocking YSR Congress party are slowly converted. This party openly alluring Hindu un employed youths with jobs if they convert. Police is refusing to book cases. The situation is so alarming, brain wash is so deep rooted, high intellectuals like Jayprakash Narain of Lok Satta and cine actress Jayasudha visited a woman’s house who was murdered by some criminals and condoled her death for the sole reason she was a christian. t is mind bogling and wonders what made these two personalities to visit them when a number of Hindus are being killed in Hyd in house robberies etc/

  • H Rao

    Indian democracy is a farce.. its high time we (especialy Hindus) wake up.. Orelse, the day is not far when we will see Missionaries & Owaisis on every street of India…

  • d2thdr

    We need to urgently get the people to understand the church agenda. We also need toread being different and breaking india by Rajiv Malhotra. Please see the videos on you tube by Rajiv Malhotra under title breaking India. The threat is real and present. Bandhu aur bhaginiyo jaag jaaiye. Lets create more Swami Vivekanadas to save dharma

  • Who Cares

    Call SG by her true name. By taking the Indian name with a well knows last name she is able to fool millions of people. Here real name is ANTONIA MAINO

  • bhismah

    Shameless Govt..Now we will see More Missionaries will be flooding into India for converting Poor People..Congress is a shame..

  • db

    this is called secular india. any thing against hindunisum or vedic is called secular and if you do yoga or talk about ancient vedic technology then it is called non secular. in other country they are doing more research and development using vedic methodology and this congress is even create problem for ayurvedic initiated by baba ramdev.

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  • rajesh

    A stupid article whipping up pseudo passions. No wonder the so-called Hindu activists are mattering less and less. There is no right wing here. Just lunatics on the right and nuts on the left. No wonder Sonia Gandhi’s party is thriving. There is no competition. Of course, you gits have a hero in Gujarat. But what your wisdom fails to grasp is that the more he wins in Gujarat the bleaker your prospects become in India. That’s why Sonia doesn’t contest him much in his backyard.

    • PG

      Rather than calling names, why don’t you address the issue raised here?

    • Anil Kumar

      Rajesh, Grow up and see whats happening around…Come out of the cave and see for yourself and them comment. Please go through the link and then come out with valid explanation. If you are one of the converts then I can understand your predicament…here is the link for your reference

  • Arun Shrivastava

    Thanks Sandhya, the Abrahamic faiths of the west are all about control and obedience – not of spiritual participation and learning. The Pope recently said two things that should be a wake up call: (a) supporting NWO and one world government and (b) condoning pedophiles in the ecclesiastical order.

    Because of their “control” orientation and uniquely perverted world view, they are under full-scale assault from CIA and Soros-funded groups. How it pans out will unravel in a few months.
    Arun Shrivastava

  • Deshdaaz

    Not sure how to express myself. I get this weird/wicked pleasure every time I read news that puts Hindus in fix. Why? Coz (as a Hindu) I am soooo frustrated with the fact that idiot Hindus don’t learn from their rich history and puts themselves [as a community] in danger with their outstanding lack of unity & far sightedness. The idiots who can’t put their act together despite harsh truth in their face. Marne do sale gadho ko.

    But then littler birdie comes to me and says Swami Vivekananda asked to never desert our Hindu brothers and sisters despite all their sins. And being far from motherland, I get back to educating Hindus about the danger [to them] via twitter/blog and what not. Then I face another problem. Local Hindus(outside Bharat) who understand the challenges well are not in right location(physically) to tackle it and those who are in Bharat have no time to think and work on these same shared challenges due to miserable life as a result of corrupt UPA regime & its policies. Uh,oh, I am trying to say too much in the comment and not well organized in my thoughts/sentences right now but I hope you guys get it.

    • satya

      Can’t agree more. You are bang on target Desh… my frustration is beyond its limit these days. But then again doesn’t really get you anywhere unless there is a “collective” change in mind set.

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  • Murthy

    The political angle is clear – Congress party relies heavily on Christian and Muslim vote banks. Research may show that at several levels of government, these two groups are favoured.

    We need publicity such as what Smt. Sandhya Jain has given here to make all Indians aware that the threat to secularism comes primarily from the congress governments and their close allies such as the SP and DMK.

  • Rohit

    India is secular, so why does government give additional visa privileges to foreign missionaries for conversion? why this privilege wasn’t discussed in public? why do they need privileged visa? or isit that UPA government believes, like church, that heathens of India need to be converted to Christianity to save their souls?
    In west, until and unless a town has substantial hindu population,local authorities dont give land for temples. Secularism is freedom to follow your own religion and not for converting Indian citizens by foreign padris. Will any western country, which send missionaries across the world, will allow Russian / Syrian orthodox church to proselytize in their countries?

  • A

    The title of this article should be “Churches now have visa power”, because there are over 30000 cults of christianity, Vatican being the original.

  • A

    To add to my comment above – there are multiple cults of christianity, some catholics (original cult of christianity, headquarters Vatican), and some protestant. All cults claim that the others are false, and all cults demand some tithe (compulsory donation, and that’s what these churches are after, MONEY).

    Most Indians do not know that they need a permit to visit the state of Nagaland, whereas foreigners do not, only because Nagaland was the most backward state of India, and therefore was the target of the Baptist church. 90% of the Nagas are Baptist christian, and about 50000 people have been killed by them in the cause of Nagalim for Christ.

  • manish

    Mr. Rajesh:
    I didn’t get you.
    You could have been more precise, because you didn’t specify the reason for your rant.

  • sankari

    two mistakes. one in 2004 and the other in 2009. Awake, arise or be ever fallen. stand in the long queues. fight for the vote if it is rejected. vote for a change. Introspect: “how many times I exercised my right to vote?” Let me be an instrument for change. A.M and her family should have no right to live in this country. The voters in Amethi have already showed their contempt through vote. Atleast, let us take a queue from them. We should save this secular India from these black sheep.

  • Naidoo M

    The Mauritian Miracle

    How the Hindus of Mauritius uplifted themselves, transformed their nation and became models for the world.

    from the web site.

    ” And so, today, when I say conversion has now died down and nearly disappeared from the land, I feel I am dreaming. It could only have happened by the grace of our great Gods. I am sure they heard our desperate prayers”

    The monks of Hawaii Saivites , who are plural, have done yeomen service in Malayasia , Mauritius and Singapore. They have united Hindus in many places. This article by niti central, reminds me of the situation when Mauritius was pre Gurudeva days.

  • sant singh

    whole wester hypocracy always thrive in poverty and hypocracy of western culture and brainwashing in chine,korea lot of public is converted to christianity because they has money,power and dollars which is freely printed and supported by rich,c ia and other elitest rich corporate ,converting public they are dividing public and weakening national forces who oppose foreign,m n c control over politics ,economy,,thorough hypocrate paid media,everyone know church own trillion dollars fund,property whose was looted by killing innocent people from third world, now poor are being coaxed to shun their faith ,develop hatred thorough rule,divide syndrome and create inferiority and supriority complex of west hypocracy,in usa,uk,majority of public losing their interest,drug,sex is dominating their culture,what kind of value they are importing to them

  • KSG Kamath

    If we elect good people then good will happen and if we elect bad people then bad will happen. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  • Hates Hypocracy

    Reading the tone of this article and all the comments. I feel all the “Hindu missionaries” in the US like HARE KRISHNA and such should also be criticized.

    Ban Christian missionaries in India then ban HARE Krishna in the US

    Seems only fair right?

    • shankar

      Please dont use convoluted logic to come to incorrect conclusions.

      US govt treats all the religious guys with the same yardstick (in almost all cases).

      Indian govt gives a free hand for non-hindu religious folks (esp. the church missionaries).

      The problem is with the GoI & the common Indian folks (like you) who have to prove their secular blood by bending backwards to any non-hindu entity

  • A

    Also, christian missionaries should be called what they are – cultural terrorists committing cultural genocide. Do try and visit Nagaland, it is a state of India and yet Indians need a permit to visit whereas foreigners don’t need one. Nagaland was populated by peaceful tribals until the christian cultists discovered it. The last Shiva temple of Nagaland was destroyed in 2006, and right now Nagaland exports christian terrorists to all region nearby. Only 50000 people were killed in saving the tribals of Nagaland and bringing them into the fold of the dead jew jesus.

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