Why was she taken to Singapore, and other such questions

Why was she taken to Singapore, and other such questions

On the night of December 26, in a series of tweets, NDTV’s group editor tweeted information she had received from ‘sources’ about an impending Cabinet decision.

Why was she taken to Singapore, and other such questions

Even before an official announcement was made, it was leaked that the girl will be shifted to Singapore. Very little information was flowing. Many questions remained unanswered, and since this happened in the middle of the night, the morning newspapers simply gave out information regarding the move to Singapore.


On the evening of December 27, NDTV even enlightened us with “How the plan to fly ‘Amanat’ to Singapore took shape“. We were told that there were a “series of well-coordinated moves”. NDTV also tells us that the Government wanted to move the girl to a country with “liberal organ transplant laws”. Read the article to find out more on the “series of well-coordinated moves”.


On the morning of 28th December, The Hindu had this front page story.

Why was she taken to Singapore, and other such questions

The story goes on to tell us that the doctors “were only asked if the patient was fit to be airlifted — not if the move was medically advisable.


The debate raged on — why exactly was the girl shifted to Singapore. Some said that the Government feared more law and order problems if she were to die in Delhi. Some believed that the Government actually meant good and sent her to a country with “liberal organ transplant laws”. Some believed it was inhuman on the part of this Government to have sent her to Singapore in this state. None knew who accompanied the girl to the Singapore hospital.


Unfortunately, the girl’s condition started deteriorating after she made it to the Singapore hospital. On the morning of December 29, she passed away.


Her body was brought to Delhi in the early hours of December 30 (3:30 am according to this report). This report also tells us that the body was taken to the crematorium by 6 am in the morning. And by 7:30 am, the funeral was completed. Multiple reports have also mentioned how the police rushed the family into completing the funeral as soon as possible, fearing law and order problems.


Imagine this folks. You lose your child to a ghastly crime. Someone is breathing down your neck to hasten the funeral. Just imagine how you would feel. That’s exactly what the UPA Government did. Many loved ones must have missed seeing her for one last time. The body came to India at 3:30 am and at 6:00 am it was at the crematorium — imagine the rush under which the woman’s last rites must have been conducted. 


Customarily, funerals can happen only after sunrise — yet the family was pressurised into completing it earlier. Thankfully, the family stood their ground.


So many questions still remain unanswered:

1.     Did the doctors first approach the Government, seeking to move her to Singapore? If not, what exactly prompted the Cabinet to discuss the possibility of moving her to Singapore under such conditions?

2.     If the NDTV report is to be believed, the Home Minister wanted to move her to a country with “liberal organ transplant laws”. How different are the laws different from India? Why don’t we have “liberal organ transplant laws?”

3.     Was the family consulted about this move, or were they coerced? Who spoke to the family regarding this move? Doctors or Government officials?

4.     Who accompanied the girl to Singapore? Was anyone from the family not allowed to go, even if they wished to?

5.     Was the arrival of the body at 3:30 am in the night pre-planned? Who in the family approved this move?

6.     Were the family members given enough time to grieve with the body?

7.     Why was the funeral rushed through? Why was the already traumatised family of the girl put through further trauma?

8.     Despite knowing that Hindu customs do not allow for funerals before sunrise, who pushed the family into completing it before sunrise? Police? If so, whose orders were they following?

9.     Some reports indicate that the fiance of the girl, who fought with the goons was not able to attend the funeral. Is this true?

10. This report says – “The electronic media was not present as Broadcast Editors’ Association had asked news channels to refrain from covering the funeral.” Was this a voluntary decision or was it prompted by the Government (it’s possible – read this order from December 23)?


I believe it is utterly inhuman on the part of this UPA Government to have resorted to such tactics. The ‘law and order’ situation arose because of mishandling on their part (part 1 and part 2 of this mishandling have been documented). To traumatise the family further is incomprehensible. But then, what else can we expect from such a Government?

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  • Murthy

    Once again ‘politics’ had prevailed over medical,cultural and, above all, considerations of patient welfare.
    1. Medical expertise available in New Delhi was good enough. So, that could not have been the reason for the move.
    2. Doctors attending upon her were NOT consulted properly on the merits of moving her out to another hospital, much less to one in Singapore.
    3. Liberal organ donation / transplant laws do not mean that there were organs available to this patient or what may have been available would have suited this patient. Most countries give preference to their own national patients over foreigners.
    In any case, media did not report that the Singapore hospital was getting ready to perform organ transplants for her.
    4. Only political considerations would have made this UPA government bend all rules to incur a huge expense in this case.

    But this UPA government will find it harder and harder to fool Indians with their wholly ‘political’ mentality, on top of a palpable degree of incompetence across the board.

  • Bong

    The most charitable explanation is that the govt was scared out of its wits. There are some more explanations which are far less charitable. This govt functions less like a democracy and more like a mafia, with its excessive obsession with secrecy and opaque dealings.

  • Vigilante

    just a thought but Imagine if the news of her death was reported in any indian hospital…. people would no doubt would have created havoc at that hospital…. destroyed even more public property..