Owaisi clan’s provocative speeches

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4 Jan 2013

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What has secularism got to do with it?

A leading English TV channel in India, Times Now, announced that it will not broadcast Akbaruddin Owaisi’s speech as it was extremely derogatory and inflammatory. This announcement came 9 days after the speech and lakhs of people had already watched it on Youtube. Even though Times Now was 9 days late in even bringing up this serious issue, the announcement itself should tell Indian politicians how troubling the speech was.

The worst part is that this was one of the dozens of not-so-nice speeches Akbaruddin Owaisi gave publicly during 2012 and the entire secular establishment of India, shamefully, kept quiet. Already a court has asked police to file an FIR against Owaisi and another court is considering summoning him. So a TV channel saying they would not broadcast Owaisi’s speech is too little too late. Hundreds of thousands of Indians have either heard it directly on the street or via local TV channels or on the Internet. These were not speeches given in private, but in the full view of the law enforcement agencies and Government, over a number of months.

What has secularism got to do with it?

Brothers Akbaruddin and Asad Owaisi. (Source: Maha Andhra)

Akbaruddin Owaisi is the son of Salahuddin Owaisi, who was instrumental in developing the All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen or MIM for short. This is a political party centered in Hyderabad. The party was banned between 1948 and 1957 after its opposition to the integration of Hyderabad with India. But later Salahuddin Owaisi strengthened it and made it a formidable force among the Muslim majority constituencies in Hyderabad. 42 year old Akbaruddin is an MLA in AP Assembly representing Chandrayan Gutta. His elder brother Asaduddin Owaisi is a barrister and and MP in India’s Parliament.

MIM as a party has lots of good support in Hyderabad’s old city area. Salahuddin Owaisi’s MIM Charity took care of the poor people quite well. In fact, former PM Indira Gandhi was close to the Owaisi family and she is credited with having given the family back the Darus Salam — their headquarters. Later, the family became close to Sonia Gandhi too.

The trend of keeping populism alive among old city Hyderabadis is being carried on now by the Owaisi brothers. There is quite a bit of support from the charity to uplift Urdu medium schools, distribute supplies to the most needy, and other charitable operations. This has generated goodwill among its traditional voters.

What has secularism got to do with it?

Source: TwoCircles.net

The controversies surrounding Akbaruddin Owaisi have been clouding a lot of goodwill generated via the party’s charity and development work. He has been a very controversial politician. In May 2011, things went so far as to end up with a murder attempt on him. He was attacked with a knife and gun allegedly by Mohammed Phelwan, a former party member.

After prolonged treatment, Owaisi survived and party members were very happy about it.

But the central theme making news this week is not about the MIM charity, or the party’s history or even the follow-up of its break in alliance with Congress. It is the speeches of the Owaisi brothers. The elder brother Asaduddin Owaisi, who is an MP, created a furore during August 2012 by talking in the parliament of a ‘Third wave of radicalisation among the Muslim youth’.

The speech was the subject of a lot of discussion and many thought it was outrageous to speak like that in the Parliament of India.

What has secularism got to do with it?

Source: 23hq.com

But it is the younger brother Akbaruddin Owaisi who is at the centrestage now, thanks to his highly controversial speeches. And this is not something that started with the latest speech in December. There have been a series of speeches by this MLA.

Let’s take a look at eleven selected speeches of Owaisi, with specific focus on the parts that should not have been in the public speeches of a constitutionally oath-bound Assembly member. Note that these videos may be removed by the hosting site at any point, so if you are very keen on keeping a copy, download them today.

Speech 1: At Nizamabad, December 12, 2012:

“Woh jo baithi hain na” (gestures)
“Yeh Bhagya Lakshmi kaun sa naya naam? Aaj tak nahin suni”
“Aise naare lagao ki wo Bhagya bhi hil jai, wo Lakshmi bhi gir jaye”

Then makes everyone shout “Naare-e-takbeer Allahu Akbar”.

Clearly, this speech makes derogatory remarks with hand gestures about Goddess Bhagya Lakshmi, whom Hindus have been worshiping for centuries across the nation, if not for millenia.

(Between 2nd and 3rd minutes)

Speech 2: At Kurnool, Unknown Date:

“Are waha pe, do sau chauriyanno hain.. are yaad rakho musalmaano, musalmaano ke beech mein, musalmano ke mohalle mein baat karna aasan hain.. lekin Kufrastan mein, wo do sau chauriyanno kaafiron ke beech mein baat karna.. wo bada himmat ka kaam hota hain, bahut jigar ka kaam hota hain.”

He was referring to MLAs in Andhra Pradesh Assembly using a derogatory ‘kafir’ term and area as ‘Kufrastan’ in an even more derogatory manner.

And here he refers to his Assembly speech after news of former PM PV Narasimha Rao’s death.

“Narasimha Rao, Andhra ka pehla wazeer e azam tha.. Telugu bidda, telugu tidda, kya kya bhi bol rahe the.”

Telugu people fondly refer to PVN as ‘Telugu bidda’ (son of Telugu land). Insulting remarks like ‘Telugu bidda, tidda’ were greeted by the crowd with cheers.

Then he used terms like katil, darinda, beimaan, dhokebaaz, chor etc. for an ex Prime Minister who had just passed away. No one uses words like thief, murderer, cheat etc. even for the head of an enemy state. This was happening when the funeral had just happened and the Assembly was offering condolences. Such was the respect for the only PM of India from the State where the Owaisis were born.

The worst was yet to come: “Accha hua ye mar gaya. Agar zinda hota to hazrat tho hum apne haaton se usko maar daalte”. Essentially, what Akbar Owaisi said was that if the former PM had not died, he would have murdered him with his own hands! And this was a statement in the Assembly of Andhra Pradesh!

(Between 1:10 and 1:17 minutes)

Speech 3: Nizamabad, 8 December 2012:

“Hamere to sirf do eida hain. Inke to har das din ko ek eid hain”

Here he made fun of Hindu festivals by saying they have so many and ‘we’ have only 2.

Speech 4: Hyderabad, November 2012:

He keeps talking about “gair kanooni mandir

The reality is that it is an Endowments Department-recognised temple for decades. Governments don’t put illegal temples on their list to take donations to temple as tax money.

Speech 5: Hyderabad, November 2012:

“Yeh khaki wardi ke police wale, ye naamardon ki fauj leke, humko darana chahte hain naa,
hum aaj bhi challenge karo na.. hum Kiran Kumar Reddy se kahenge.. Police ko hatalo, phir dekhenge kisme kitni himmat hain….”

He is referring, in a very derogatory way, to the police force of Andhra Pradesh as an ‘army of impotent people’. Then he incites his audience, asking the CM to remove police and see who has more ‘courage’.

“Unme himmat nahin hain.. Musalmaano se muqable karne ki.”

Again he says, ‘they’ do not have ‘courage’ to fight Muslims. Whether he is referring to Hindus or the police force is not clear.

(First 3 minutes )

Speech 6: Karimnagar, August 2012:

“Paisath baras ki is Hindustan ki azadi ki taariq mein, pachas hazaar se zaida fisadat is mulk mein hue.. sabse zaida agar kisi ki gale kate, to woh Musalmaan ka tha…”

Talking about 50,000 riots in India over the 65 years since the country became independent, he says the majority of throats cut belonged to Muslims. The tone and delivery of his speech, whether factual or not, is to create a sense of victimhood by taking one-sided numbers.

(Between 14 and 17th minutes)

Speech 7: April 2012:

“Ab mera sawal ye hai, ki aakhir Ram ki maa kahan kahan gayi thi, aur kahan jani Ram ko?”

Owaisi asks, “My question now is: Where all did Ram’s mother go wandering and where did she give birth to him? (high-pitched, derogatory, and received with loud cheers demeaning Lord Sri Rama’s mother and Rama’s birth)

(After 2nd minute )

Speech 8: November 2012:

Owaisi keeps referring to “Tareeq e sar zameen e Dakkan” or history of Deccan, but limits it only to 400 years. Similar to how Pakistanis limit their history to only after the Arab invasion of India. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra have thousands of years of glorious history in Deccan, which is not touched upon.

“After police section… Hamare jaagere lut chuki thi… laakhon ke taidat mein hamare gale kaate gaye the”

He talks about the post-independence period when ‘lakhs’ of Muslims were killed. No one knows how factual his one-sided ‘history’ is, but the intention to create a sense of victimhood is only too evident.

Speech 9: This was in 1996, way before 2002, and still similar language:

“Majboor ho jata hain Musalman, inteqaam ke aag mein jalta hua, inteqaam aur badla lene kiye.. kisne kiya? Tumne itna loota humko..”

As you can see, even before the riots that happened in Gujarat in 2002, he used language suggesting that a Muslim is ‘forced’ to take ‘revenge’ using events from the 1990s. The trend is always to create victimhood, no matter which decade it is.

(First 3 minutes)

Speech 10: In the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, December 2012:

“Hum police se na ghabarate hain, na hukumat se.”

We fear neither the police nor the Government. This is coming from an elected representative, right in the Assembly!

“Hamara jiddu jehat us waqt tak jaari rahegi, jab tak babri masjid nahi banegi, aur jab tak us gair kanooni Char Minar pe jo dhappa hain usko nahin hata denge”

He talks in a derogatory way about the Bhagya Lakshmi temple in Hyderabad and vows to remove it.

(After 16th minute)

Speech 11: Nirmal, 24 December 2012:

“Har action ka reaction hain” (After 2nd minute)

Talks of action and reaction, softly justifying Mumbai terror attacks.

“Kya naam us bachhe ka” (referring to Pakistani terrorist Kasab as a ‘kid’) – Then he asks for an elected CM Modi to be hanged like terrorist Kasab!

“Ayodhya ki wo tuti phuti Ram mandir bachegi” (After 11th minute)
“Ajanta Ellora ke nangi nangi murtiya bachegi”

Talking derogatorily about non-Muslim heritage of India like Ayodhya, Ajanta and Ellora.

“Tum marte ho to jal ke fiza ho kar awara ke tarah chale jaate ho”

Making a mockery of Hindu cremation and implying that Muslim burial is a better way.

“Are Hindustan hum pacches hain na. tum sau karod hai naa.. theek hain.. tum to hamare se itne zyada hain. Pandrah minute ke liye police to hataado, bata denge kis mein himmat kitna hain (?)” (After the 13th minute)

Direct incitement to violence or ‘show of strength’ by Muslims. “Hey India, you are 100 crore and we (Muslims) are 25 crore. Just remove police for 15 minutes and we will show our ‘courage’.

“Ek hazaar kya.. ek laakh kya.. ek karod naamard bhi milkar koshish karle to bhi, ek to paida nahin kar sakte. Aur ye log humse muqabla nahin ka sakte. Ye naamardon ki fauj aa jaati hain.”

Again a very insulting tone about non-Muslims of India. Calling them impotent people who can’t ‘fight’ Muslims. Maybe referring to Police again as the ‘army of impotent’ like an earlier speech.


What has secularism got to do with it?Crowd Reaction:

As you can see, there is a long list of speeches where Owaisi’s tone is derogatory about Hindus. He insults practices of Hinduism, makes a mockery of Indian police, creates a sense of victimhood among Muslims by narrating a one-sided gory ‘history’ and inciting them to show their ‘courage’. Here is an image of the crowd in Nirmal last month, when Owaisi incited them with the ‘remove the police for 15 minutes” statement. Look at the flag-waving, the joy and the sloganeering. It is very unfortunate that such open radicalisation is happening in South India. The same kind of cheers, clapping and sloganeering can be found in most of the public speeches referred to in this article across the different cities and towns where Owaisi has spoken.

Political response:

Unfortunately, none of the self-professed secular parties of India have come out to condemn any of these speeches over the past year. No action whatsoever has been taken. Even the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh has let him speak dozens of times in 2012 knowing that his speeches kept treading a dangerous path month after month. Is this because of the close connection the Owaisi family has enjoyed with India’s top power circles?

Only BJP has woken up off late and has given strong responses as below. It may be too late, but at least they are doing something.

BJP response in AP: http://ap.bjp.org/component/content/article/712

» This one has detailed charges, similar to the one produced in court by Lawyer Karuna Sagar in Hyderabad. The focus is on the last speech listed here.

BJP response in Delhi: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIWo482trGA

» “Andhra Pradesh ki ek rajnaitik party hain jiske sharir mein Osama bin Laden ki atma ghus gayi hain” (In the political arena of Andhra Pradesh, one party has imbibed the ghost of Osama bin Laden)

» “We request the Election Commission to immediately disqualify MIM. The Government should charge a case of sedition too.”

What has secularism got to do with it?

Rahul Gandhi and Asad

What’s your response?

Identity politics is not new to India. Many parties represent a language, region, caste or religion. That the Owaisi brothers’ aggressive identity politics gets them votes is understandable. But even as 21st century India is trying to forget its bloody past and move on to a brighter and unified future, do folks like Akbaruddin Owaisi, with their high-pitched vitriol against the majority Hindu community, India’s judicial system, India’s police force and India’s constitutionally-elected CMs/PMs, actually help anyone? Does it help the poor Muslim youth of the country that the Owaisi brothers claim to represent? It does not matter if you are pro-Owaisi or anti-Owaisi. The key question to ask after reading the excerpts here and watching the videos is — Do this kind of speeches actually help the youth of a progressive India?

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  • Malavika

    I think this speech and the response of the audience will help ‘secular’ Hindus think again about ‘secularism’. Earlier the media, hand in glove with Congress managed to suppress this rabid Hinduphobia among section of Muslims and their leaders. Now hopefully the aam Hindu can see the writing on the wall.

    The ‘secularists’ are the emperors without clothes.

    • db

      there is nothing like secular hindu. hindu will vote who gave them free stuff during election.

      can’t you see the result of UP,HP and guj election? congress got more seat compare to last time.

      if secular hindu will punish to government who don’t take any step against this kind of separatis then they will never take any step to protect indian.

    • Rajesh

      Most most unfortunate to see the reaction of crowd to such speeches. No wonder communalism is becoming a bigger problem worldwide than racism. Shame of on such people for inciting terror

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003943991343 Padmakumar G Nair

    People like Owaisi who instigate violence in our society in the name of religion should be dealt with an iron hand. He has absolutely nothing to lose by making such statements because it has been proved time and again that his loyalty lies with Pakistan.

    When a fanatic aroused by Owaisi’s hate speech takes weapon to thrust against his own Hindu brethren, this criminal Owaisi would be at a safe distance enjoying the plight of this nation where people fight in the name of religion.

    It is very easy to charge up the passions of the people in the name of religion, but it would take decades for the things to settle down. So every responsible person, organisation, media, judiciary and the government should deal this menace with utmost seriousness.

    Media should play a fair game than take sides with such criminals who are out to destroy the peace and harmony in our society.

  • Murthy

    His speeches contain ‘rabble rousing’ elements, but, cannot be dismissed as harmless. They show a consistency that amounts to provable offences under the Indian Penal Code.

    It is amazing that the main stream Indian media has been silent on this. It is indicative of the partiality that the ‘secular’ establishment has been practising, its timidity, dishonesty and lack of integrity in recognising vital national interests.

    Owaisis should know that the first instance of Hyderabad Razakars’ atrocities against the Hindus of Telengana was met with by one iron man, a Hindu, from Gujarath. The Razakars had more than 15 minutes of opportunities then.

    The second Razakars atrocities, of which Miyan Akbaduddin Owaisi is warning India, may also get more than 15 minutes. But they should make no mistake that Razakars will lose again. It may well be another iron man from Gujarath who may be involved this second time.

    History does repeat itself in strange ways.

  • Madhu

    Speech 3 has already been removed.
    These 2 brothers are hate mongers.Have you ever heard a political party having their office on the premises of college campus i.e.Deccan College of Engineering & Technology(DCET),Dar-ul-salaam,near Nampally railway station,Hyderabad.This college already has produced a terrorist from its campus.The Owaisi family have stake in this college.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004040368331 Jay Cobb

    He is now in London, please let him stay there and not let him comeback …maybe Pakistan will be overjoyed to give him citizenship…

  • pradip

    Relevant portion of the speeches should be repeatedly broadcast by all TV channels to show how much tolerant our secular politicians are.

  • http://cgmagia.blogspot.com Rahul Thube

    People like owasis should be booked ,but he run away , i 100% think he is getting help from inside government ,why no one arrested him ,now look he run away :(

  • http://www.google.com Tasmayi

    Yet another amazing research by Kiran.

    Do watch a Kerala MLA speaking about a case.
    Translation below the video itself in the comments section


    • http://twitter.com/deshabhakta Deshabhakta

      i could not locate the english translation on the page.

      • http://www.google.com Tasmayi

        look at the Comments section below

  • ranvir

    the venomous rhetoric of Owaisis specially the junior, Akbaruddin must make the secular Hindus redefine their concept of secularism and co-existence. His hate speeches over the past two years are a part of conspiracy to create another Muslim state like Pakistan and 90% Muslims of this country are supporting it from the core of their hearts. Deliberate neglect of such moves by the ruling party and other so called secular parties bidding for Muslim vote bank and total overlook by the bought out media smells rat.What stops the center or the state government to treat the Owaisi brother like their father Salauddin was treated by Sardar Patel but with the backing that the Owaisis enjoy from Gandhi family this is most unlikely to happen

  • Vinothkumar Parthasarathy

    Please translate and post his speeches in English. I didn’t see single english translation of his speech.

  • Beena

    This Akbaruddin lowlife is a coward in reality. He keeps referring to removal of the police to show his ‘himmat’. Let him do so with the cops around.

  • vv

    Come to think of it, The TRS fella Chandrasekhar Rao was claiming their lot was better under the Nizam than now as part of Andhra Pradesh!
    He is going to get exactly what he deserves.

  • vv

    Its time for Operation Polo part 2.
    However, there is no sardar in delhi now. Instead, we have a sonia who is on the same team as the MIM. It is so obvious she got him away to London before the word spread about the speech and she forced the english media to not broadcast what this fella actually said.
    Any non-moslem who does not see it cannot be a non-moslem and deserves what he gets as a follow up to that speech.
    It is pretty clear to those living in Telangana districts as to where exactly the loyalties of the moslems there lie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002579304213 Arun Raj


  • Ajay

    Can we unite Hindus? Can they rise above caste and regionalism? Can 75% Hindus of India become united? What has RSS and BJP done about it. Our focus should be on strong Hindus as a step number one.

    Why Hindus are voting for Congress?
    How strong is BJP?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004994672627 Kiran KS

    Akbaruddin Owaisi, an elected MLA of AP, after his party goons attacked a woman Taslima Nasreen: “I would say that the attack was… very less.. it should have been more. And we are sorry that we couldn’t have more of this.. we are PROUD of what we did”.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9NG3c11WeY

    For More Reading with pictures and videos: http://freelancerfromap.blogspot.in/2010/09/real-information.html

  • http://www.theoktravel.com TG

    wonderful compilation. Owaisiyon ka aur nange media ka sach

  • Mahendra

    These Owaisis almost lost their ground when Amanullah Khan of MBT(Majlis Bacho Thehreek)revolted and defeated these pussies in old city of Hyderabad, unfortunately he passed away soon after that. salahuddin almost lost MP election BalReddy, but the MOFO congress fielded a strong candidate and split the hindu vote. It’s always the congress which encouraged these idiots and now they are biting the hand that fed them. MIM can’t win 7 seats without congi backdoor deals and fielding dummy candidates.

  • Ashok

    Since independence cong is fucking the people of india. These owesi’s type leaders are Najayaj Paidaish of these politics. After reading this article we can now clearly understand how the congress govt is protecting the terrorists.


  • shammu

    This is the problem with people of India. They never think before to say anything. As each of everyone of us knows that Akbaruddin Owaisi is belongs to a political party and each and every political figure is corrupt no matter what religion they belongs to. What is the motive of his hateful speech is, Nobody knows about it at all. It might be possible that this is the foul game of the current opposition party BJP. BJP insist on him to deliver hateful speech to win the Hindu vote bank to come to power and Owaisi get paid a handsome amount of money from the opposition to deliver the hate speech. Since upcoming election is going to be held In 2014. Think carefully before to jump at any conclusion.

  • joseph

    What about the hate speeches delivered by Praveen Togadia?

    The way he incited riots in many places in India? Why nobody speaks about that?

    All the “secular” readers should raise voice against that too.

  • Khivraj Singh

    He took it a step too far this time. I am a Hindu right now but I know that Islam is a beautiful religion. I started learning the real truth behind Islam and started loving it more than anything else. Trust me, Islam is nothing like the present day muslims. It highly preaches about peace and tolerance. It very badly mis-portrayed and misinterpreted. Open the Quran and trust me if you use your logic and rational thought you can’t find a single war waging element in it. Mr.Owaisi tries to show that he is a true muslim but fails to understand the basis of his own religion. Islam forbids you from making fun of other religions no matter how ridiculous their belief might seem to you. Unnecessary comments and hatred. Learn your religion first Mr.Owaisi before using it as a tool to gather votes. I do agree with the basis of a few things he said like action against Modi and raising a voice against indirect stealing and violation of muslim land and property in hyderabad like the charminar, kbr park, osmania university etc but it could have been said in a much better and a sophisticated way. Its my sincere request to all my fellow indians and specially non-muslims, Lets not judge our muslim brothers and sisters because stupid politicians like this. And lets not judge Islam because of such so called muslims, just the way you don’t judge a car by its driver.

    • sohail shareef

      Thank you Mr. Singh on your thoughts and research on Islam. Definitely the Owaisi brothers don’t represent the whole Muslims. Just ignore them as they are politicians who has their own benefits in every step they take and every word they utter. May Allah bless you and others.

  • desmond roby

    Would someone please translate what this person spoke in Urdu? I have looked at the youtube video comments and the various newspaper articles which speak about the communal nature of the speech but give no details. Some quote the transliterated speech in English but this serves no purpose! Thanks.

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  • lovegurups

    owesi ko gadi ke niche kuchal dena chahiye…aur desh droh ka arop lagake phasi pe chada dena chahiye…

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