Five years later, still no case against Sadhvi Pragya

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1 Feb 2013

39 years later, still no case against Sadhvi Pragya&id=nc

Five years later, still no case!

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, in jail for the past five years without any case of ‘Hindu terrorism’ being made out against her, has refused to take medical treatment for cancer unless released on bail.

In a letter to the Registrar (Judicial), Mumbai High Court, on January 17, 2013, forwarded through the Superintendent Central Jail, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, where she is currently lodged in connection with another case, she said she has decided to live with all her diseases and would perform ‘Yoga and Pranayam’ for remainder of her life and not take any treatment while in jail custody. Denying that this was a voluntary decision, she said it was the consequence of all the restrictions placed upon her and their adverse effects on her health.

Pointing out that she is a hermit who has lived a selfless and disciplined life, she said her confinement in jail ‘without any reason’ has denied her the freedom necessary to live her kind of life, and has disrupted her daily schedule, characteristics and values of life. It is simply not possible to live a life of hermit in jail. She said only if released she would “undergo treatment without any restrictions and may achieve good health and shall lead a life of hermit”.

She urged the court to consider her life and the life of a hermit in the context of Indian culture, and see if there is any provision in law, or judicial discretion, by which she can be granted bail as she is only a suspect in a case (Malegaon bomb blast of 2008). Pledging innocence of any crime, the Sadhvi said she had always lived the life of a nationalist and abided by the Constitution; she has no past criminal record and was wrongfully accused by the Anti-Terrorism Squad.

The Sadhvi claimed she was writing this appeal after some people visited her in jail on January 16, 2013, and showed her a copy of the order passed by the Mumbai High Court offering to grant her ‘choice of place for getting treatment in relation to ill health’. Expressing gratitude for the judge’s sensitivity and concern for her health, she urged the court to understand her mental condition and feeling of helplessness.

Recalling the case, she said that on October 7, 2008, she received a call from E Sawant of the ATS, who asked if she could please come down to Surat to give information regarding a bike (motorcycle). Accordingly, she went to Surat on October 10, and informed E Sawant that she had arrived.

At midnight the same day (October 10, 2008), E Sawant and some of his colleagues took her to the ATS office at Kala Chowki, Mumbai, on the pretext of presenting her before senior officers. She was kept in illegal detention for 13 days and subjected to horrific mental, physical and vulgar torture. In spite of being a woman, she was encircled by senior police officers and beaten with belts, thrown on the floor, abused in un-parliamentary language and made to hear a vulgar CD. The ATS continued this torture day and night.

Sadhvi Pragya said that on October 15, the ATS officers took her to Rajdoot Hotel and tortured her, so much so that the membranes of her lung and stomach were ruptured. As she fell unconscious and was unable to breathe, she was admitted to a private hospital, Shushrusha. The report of the hospital mentions the rupture of membranes. Sadhvi Pragya said she could show the court the place when directed. After two days at Shushrusha, she was shifted to a large hospital and kept on ventilator for five days.

After this brief respite, she was taken back to the office of E Sawant at Kala Chowki and tortured. Then she was taken to Nashik at night and her arrest officially recorded after 13 days. By then she had not eaten for many days and had developed an “unstable state of mind” due to the torture. In this state of unconsciousness, her saffron clothes were removed and a salwar suit put on.

Sadhvi Pragya complained that she was illegally subjected to narco analysis, and polygraph and brain-mapping tests without court permission. These tests were again conducted after showing her arrest on record. As a result of the “inhuman torture”, she developed serious backbone and other problems and is unable to walk, sit and stand on her own. She is mentally disturbed and her power to tolerate (pain) is fading.

In her fifth year in jail, she was given eggs as her food to destroy her ‘satvikta’ (purity). As a result of overall negative environment she succumbed to other serious ailments as well. Regarding the cancer, she is unable to take the diet prescribed by the doctors.

Due to her multiple problems, the court ordered medical treatment and she was taken to JJ Hospital and an Ayurvedic hospital where only papers were prepared but no treatment was offered. In 2009, she had a breast operation, but again developed pain in 2010. She was in Central Jail, Nashik, when the MCOCA case against her was dropped. Thereafter she was sent to the district hospital under court orders where a special team was constituted which advised an operation; but she was brought back to Mumbai on charges under MCOCA.

As her condition became critical, the court ordered medical treatment and she was admitted to JJ Hospital, Mumbai, and Ayurvedic Hospital, Mumbai. But again only formalities were completed and no treatment given. Throughout her hospitalisation, the police security guards used to trouble her and she even reported this to the learned judge on several occasions.

Currently in Central Jail, Bhopal, since March 2012, her condition deteriorated sharply, but when sent to hospital, again the police troubled her. So she returned to jail without treatment, as had already happened several times. Tired of five years of maltreatment, she has decided she will no longer seek medical help for her condition.

It may be pertinent to recall that on October 19, 2012, Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir personally headed the bench that granted bail to journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi who was arrested on March 6 in the Israeli diplomat car attack case. In that case, as in the case of Kanimozhi and other accused in the 2G scam, the apex court upheld bail as a right. It remains a mystery why bail continues to elude Sadhvi Pragya and other accused in the Malegaon 2008 case even though the prosecution has completely failed to make a case that it can even present to the court.

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39 years later, still no case against Sadhvi Pragya&id=nc

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  • Susan

    This case must be handed over to international court which is more human and honest.Our law system cannot deal with such cases because of involvement of politicians on the top.The case is made out of political interest.

  • Vikas

    Why should a Shariah court headed by Maulana Altamas Kabir and his junior maulanas MY Iqbal,Aftab Alam,Ibrahim Khalifulla and Vikramjeet Sen(A christian naming himself as a hindu to fool hindus) grant bail to a Sadhvi? They hate hindus and want to finish of hindus…so why will Islamists(read terrorists) grant bail to a Hindu???

  • dinesh soni

    to get muslim votes this conspiracy hatched by diggy with help of chiddu,karkare(killed in 26/11)on the instruction of sonia gandy.every body who belives in GOD should pray that these moron meet their fate as karkare met.SHARAPE of a SADHVI will not go in vain.if BJP comes in power it should be investigated that how this conspiracy is hatched and diggy, chiddu ,sonia gandy and the NIA official who are involved in this should be put behind bars for betraying the nation to please their bosses.

  • malavika

    Can the prosecution keep some one in jail without charge sheeting them?

    India is truly a semi fascist state. There needs to be a Hindu Human Rights Organization or else Hindus will end up like Jews of Germany.

  • db

    what other indian are doing. i hope all people supporting her and families.

  • d2thdr

    Something serious is being hidden. Where are the nationalist parties when you need them.

  • rahul

    HuH! That is called secularism.

    The hindus, and that too a lady, are detained without logic but media keeps silence, whereas if a muslim don is killed in encounter, they keeep shouting for years.

    That is the price that hindus are paying for secularism.

  • Anita

    Its really sad to hear sadvi pragya’s story….This is a clearly a cooked up case to show some presence of Saffron terrorism…sadly MSM has not and wil lnot report plight of Hindus illegally detained….

  • Rajalakshmi

    So horrifying to read. Exactly like North Korean treatment of people incarcerated for political vebdetta. An innocent person subjected to such gruesome torture all because she is a Hindu:-(( Whatever happened to solidarity among us Hindus? I wish we could take a leaf from Islam that unites them all.

    No wonder President’s grandiloquent speech on Republic Day sounds hollow lacking in spirit.He was more into damage control for his son’s “painted & dented ” remarks. They are not endowed with hearts to start with let alone feeling for someone.

    Let us pray for her release & speedy recovery.

    And demand punishment for wanton miscarriage of Justice & to secular charlatans like PChidambarams,Digvijaysinghs & Shindes for misleading all coining phrases like “saffron/hindu terrorism”.

  • Bapty. S

    madam Sandhya jain, your article is par excellence,giving the whole truth & brutality meted out her by police in INDIAS BIGGEST CITY MUMBAI. THE LAND OF BALSAHEB ,OFCOURSE NO MORE ,BUT UDDAHAC & RAJ ALONG WITH BJP VERY MUCH THERE.
    When whole india talks of violence against women of all ages, is this not govt sponsored institutionalised violence againt a sadvhi.. How can in a civilised democratic country a woman be treated like this for 5 yrs & that too handled by men policemen. can she not be kept in a separate womens hospital with women security.
    mr kabir said he felt sad he could not attend womens rally at india gate , surprising as an Indian citizen he could have attended.
    shocking in city of mumbai with all the bigwigs of society , bollywood glitterati, padma awardees activist, ngos, tv commentators , people like Mahesh Bhat first to accuse anything against secular feelings, country spending 100 cr on housing & feeding kasab ,& providing all legal aid in a close & shut case.
    Why many senior police officers wives whose husband died in 26 /11 case like mrs salaskar cannot come forward to talk on behalf of Pragya.

    finally it shocking that bjp sits quiet for 5yrs, & so too rss, vhp etc. why can they not have her decent accomodation & treatment under women police security. politicians& criminals in tihar get away with all kinds of special treatments.

    BJp shld have filed a petition in s.c & mumbai h.c in this case. in a country of 900 million hindus , is this how we treat sadhvis? thank you.

  • Abhishek Mittal

    Reading this article I am crying.Our sadhus,sadhvis,sanyasis,gurus are being tortured,arrested,killed regularly in front of our eyes & yet we keep silent or just pray for their well being.That’s it.

    These sacrificial men & women in saffron(pure)clothes work tirelessly for the welfare & betterment of society by leaving everything for our betterment yet hindu samaj does not even revolutionise against atrociticies meted out to them.What kind of a frightened & careless society have we become,that too in our own country.

    High time,BJP,RSS,VHP,eminent people take up this matter & all common citizens rally around them to save Sadhvi Pragya to come out of that horrific life.

  • Rahul C

    7 lives were lost in the Malegaon Blast. Let the police do their job, we all will know who the culprit is. And please stop sensationalizing the arrest of the so called sadhvi. She is certainly not a victim.

  • Rajalakshmi

    @Rahul C,

    ” “Qasmani Arif…chief coordinator of the relations of the [LeT] with other organisations…has worked with Lashkar-e-Tayyiba to facilitate terrorist attacks including…the bombing of February 2007 in the Samjhauta Express in Panipat (India).” This is what resolution [No 1267] of the Committee on Sanctions of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] dated 29.6.2009 declares. Adding that Qasmani was funded by Dawood Ibrahim and he did the fundraising for the LeT and the al-Qaida, the UNSC said, “In exchange for their support, al-Qaida provided support staff for the February 2007 bombing of the Samjhauta Express in Panipat.” This resolution is available on the UN site. Two days later, on July 1, 2009, the United States Treasury Department said in its press release: “Arif Qasmani has worked with the LeT to facilitate terrorist attacks, including…Samjota Express bombing.” The US named four Pakistanis, including Arif Qasmani as terrorists, under Executive Order No 13224. This press release is still on the US Treasury site. The United Nations Security Council and the US Treasury Department thus named the LeT, Qasmani and Dawood Ibrahim as accused in Samjhauta terror. This is just the beginning of the torrent of evidence pointing to the LeT and Pakistan.

    Six months after the UN and US announced sanctions against the LeT and Qasmani, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Mallik himself admitted that Pakistani terrorists were involved in the Samjhauta blast.

    Independent investigation in the US revealed more. Some 10 months later, Sebastian Rotella, a US journalist, wrote in his investigative report titled ‘U.S. agencies were forewarned about suspect in 2008 Mumbai bombings’, that Faiza Outalha, the third wife of David Coleman Headley had confessed [in 2008, which was made public in 2010] that Headley was involved in the Samjhauta blast. Rotella added that Faiza felt that “she had been innocently used” in the Samjhauta terror. [The Washington Post 5.11.2010] A while later, in a follow up investigation, Sebastian Rotella disclosed in April 2008 that Faiza returned to the embassy in Islamabad with the tip about the 2008 Mumbai blast when she again linked him to the Samjhauta blast.

    Some elements in the Maharashtra Police appears to have colluded in linking the 2008 Malegaon blast to the Samjhauta blast.Finally on January 20, 2009, the Maharashtra ATS officially denied that Col Purohit had supplied RDX for Samjhauta. This was how the Samjhauta focus — later the blame — shifted from the LeT and the SIMI to Purohit and via Purohit on to Saffron. The Maharashtra ATS’ attempt to link Malegaon 2008 to Samjhauta, which shifted the focus away from the LeT on to Purohit, needs to be probed particularly given Dawood Ibrahim’s deep influence on Maharashtra Police.

    It is clearly the lies of Shinde, the vote bank politician versus all neutral evidence. If this was how the Samjhauta probe was perverted, in the Malegaon 2006 blast the Maharashtra ATS has filed a chargesheet where the SIMI cadre had confessed to their role in the blast. But the CBI is procuring confessions to exonerate them and implicate others, Hindus in the case. So Malegaon 2006, is becoming a case of confession vs confession! In Malegaon 2008 blasts, Col Purohit and his associates have been charged and the evidence submitted in the Court shows that the accused in the Malegaon 2008 case were planning to assassinate RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and Indresh Kumar for taking money from the ISI! How could the RSS which is the target of the conspiracy itself be the conspirator”?

  • Rajalakshmi

    Muslims always agitate for halal meat to every nitty gritty detail citing their religious beliefs & secular India concedes.The entire world concedes.

    Why should we Hindus suffer lawyers , police , journos , politicians who are secular/anti hindu/votes worshippers/agnostics/atheists & belonging to various religions ??

    As HINDUS we have every right to demand we be governed only by pious HINDUS. Not dhimmi seculars. And our cases be tried by pious HINDUS.And our teachers also be HINDUS. Who don’t recoil from worshipping Sri.Ram & Krishna. WAKE UP HINDUS.

    As long as the elephant is unaware of its strength it is scared of the circus ringmaster.

    Instead of rallying behind utterly useless film stars & cricketers we should focus on OUR governance in accordance with OUR HINDU Dharma Sastrams.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Sadhvi’s torture reminds me of what I underwent because of ill wishers.

    In psychiatry hospitals.

    I pray not only should she be released but also undergo treatment under the best Homeopath.

    There is absolutely no need to go through chemotherapy & allopathy blah blah treatment which is another excruciating torture.

    I personally know of people who have had their cancers cured permanently through Homeopathy.

    The entire world did so much for one Malala shot at by taliban.I am all sympathy for Malala. However after undergoing education etc will NEVER have anything nice about HINDUS & our GODS. Know this for sure. When our Hindu Armymen ensuring protection of all Indians including anti Hindus get gruesomely killed Malalas ,Javed Akthars, Sonia dynasty & karunanidhis don’t shed even faux teaars.

    Can’t we Hindus rally behind our own Hindus ??

  • anil

    On the other side real terrorist kasab was given AC room and biryani..

    whats BJP doing ?

  • Deepak Jain

    Thanks Sandhyaji and all readers who posted their views on this topic. It is good to see that good people are coming together over here to share views.


    Rajalakshmi your comments posted at 3.24 p.m is just PERFECT PERFECT. If young bharat of 800 million vote intelligently for their own future & that of their future generations , this country in a matter of say 8 yrs will be really among the top 3 or 4 in the world.

    its cruicial when we have a proven incorrupttible leader amongst us who provides stirta govt since gujaratis have been wise in their voting, all that young india has to do is to use their vote very preciously & VOTE SENSIBLY. THANK YOU.

  • ashok dhar

    What is BJP doing. why this party does not raise voice against this inhuman treatment being give to Sadvi. The party is feeling shy of fighting for the human rights of this woman . when congress and other psuedo secular parties openly support Binayak Sen convicted for helping naxalites, that Muslim leader of Kerela ( I just forgot his name ) who is in Banglure jail for his terrorist activities and similar other cases why BJP and other Hindu parties are silent on the issue of Sadvi Pragya Thakur and others.BJP has to muster courage and be bold to raise its voice vociferously on such issues and then only it will get the support of the people.

  • M Patel

    Judiciary everywhere is the voice of establishment. ‘Committed’ judges are richly rewarded with post-retirement positions like Lokpal, Judicial Commissions etc, awards, and fame. Therefore, Our Judges are too eager to flaunt it’s p-secular credentials by advising senior counsel to “Go with the wind”, “reading FIR with Passion”, “exercising double standards”, and compromising with the fundamental principles of functioning judicial system.

  • Rajaram

    This is because India is a secular country– only secularists are permitted bail. It is a crime in itself to be not secular. There should be a Lokayukta supervising court behavior also.

  • Yogesh Kootharasan

    This is sad!!! When will our country rise above such petty politics and when will people get justice?

  • db

    in india people like soharabuddin who had more then 50 AK47 and ali hasan are free to move.

    don’t understand indian law and order is for to protect citizen or to protect terrorist?

  • Satya

    It looks like a political game that both the Cong and the BJP are playing. 5 years is enough time for our illuminatti to understand if there is any evidence and a real case against Sadhavi. If there is no case against her, why can’t the stalwart lawyers of BJP like Ram Jethamlani present Sahdavi’s case?? After all if she is acquitted, people like Shinde & Digvijay can’t blame BJP/RSS for Hindu Terrorism.

    What is stopping the BJP? Big conspiracy!

  • Devinder

    I think it will be a very foolish decision if she carries it through. She is suffering from a potentially life threatening ailment and if not treated well and in time, there will be no Sadhvi Pragya to clear her name in a court of law.
    Criminal legal case and the slow machinery of law is one thing, personal health is completely another matter and as a human being and as a citizens she is entitled to receive the best possible treatment that is available and must demand it. One can understand the state of her mind being in prison for five years without bail and without any charge but to cut corners and not cure what has been diagnosed as breast cancer; she must follow the conventional treatment on offer,if she wants to be cured.
    As it is a human life is being wasted rather being destroyed in prison, but to deny herself proper treatment is suicidal neglect.

  • Nagraj

    No hindu organizations, no political party, no human-rights organization coming forward to take-up this issue. And we are celebrating Vivekanand’s birth anniversary, and giving pravachans.

  • indian

    The recent court case on viswaroopam is a clear cut example that indian courts are worse than kangaroo courts.. and this case of sadhvi pragya sing is a vindicative of this..

    The present judiciary is a colonial one, with colonial attire, colonial attitude, and is nothing but a dictatorial oligarchy.. a common citizen is penalised for even petty mistakes like violating traffic, or giving bribe..

    Has any judge been punished for giving wrong judgement taking bribes?

    Its pathetic to see so Called Hindus, upholding their loyalty to the colonial constitution and colonial institutions, which is actually destroying every aspect of our culture and civilization..

    Hindus have to realise that this constitution is NOT for them, but for the British Stooges, who inherited power from the british in 1947..

  • indian

    and i would like to ask this important question..

    what is the Hindu Organisations doing about this? They are tightlipped and has discarded pragya than defending and helping her..

  • Rajesh

    Hindus are taken for granted cause they are too tolerant. No other psuedo secualr media brings out this. congress is anti hindu. Why would any hindu vote for Hindu hating Congress?

  • Ratan Sharda

    Ashamed and embarrassed with humiliating treatment to a lady. Heart wrenching. Feel enraged that society has not helped her. Secularism zindabad! This is a trailer of how Hindus will be treated as they reduce in numbers and lose relevance in electoral battle of this contorted form of secularism.

  • Deepak

    Link to S.Gurumurthy’s “Samjhauta Blast Case: Counter Investigation To NIA Investigation”

  • Rajalakshmi

    That muslim who inserted a rod & raped most sadistically Jyoti in Delhi underwent appendicitis operation soon after this rape.No one could stop it.

    Masochistic Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi turned us Hindus this pusillanimous.
    Whereas muslims have always been consistent in taking an implacable stand in their demands.

    Hindus have always been micromanaged to wear this cumbersome mantle of “tolerance & accommodation” against their will.Such phrases as “multiculti pluralistic melting pot” are crafty ploys to dent our self esteem permanently.

    Hindus living in various Islamic countries HAVE to behave during their fasts.Indian muslims find nothing wrong with that.

    Whereas in our own country even cow slaughter , we are unable to enforce.

    Who are the suckers ?

    The cow slaughterers infested pakistani Malala is being nominated for Peace Prize:-(( She was shot at by Taliban of the same religion.

    Why do non muslims lunge forward bearing the burden of Malalas ? Why can’t let them manage their own affairs when they say they stand for peace.

    Hindus have long forgotten Suryanarayanan an engineer in Afghanistan beheaded by Taliban. And so many of our own Hindu casualties.

    • Ravish Kumar

      Political will is weak. Politicians are who, we chose them. So, Culprit is not the all GOI but we are the main culprit.

  • Abhisek

    Even Babur, Aurangzeb and the Britishers would not have unleashed such terror as the UPA government and especially against a hermit who happens to be a woman. If she is freed the whole UPA propaganda of Hindu terror will come crumbling and hence she is made to rot in a jail.

  • Bapty. S

    All my friends great comments, very passionate about the subject. very humbly may i say i feel comments by RAJALAKSHMI POSTED AT 3.24 PM MADE ON FEB FIRST TAKES THE CAKE.
    when our own govt,our highest court in the country, our high courts,our Home ministry etc are all against its own citizens ,whats the solution? all this JUST to be & retain power by the present govt.
    how about CSR (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY), ALL BIG HOUSES IN INDIA BARRING VERY FEW ARE ALL OWNED BY HINDUS.I am not meaning we shld bring religion into this,(csr) but is it not SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF CORPORATES to safeguard its employees, its share holders & its customers, its suppliers, & most of all SOCIETY AT LARGE.
    CAN they keep their eyes closed to all this,& only bother to pay fabulous amounts to the legal luminaries & keep them engaged in the work concerning their biz deals. is this not dereliction of duty to citizens at large & to a population of close to 900 million HINDU citizens in the country ,(being called terrorists, BY THE HOME MINISTER), holding sadhavis to terror & ransom in police stations, courts, & in investigating agency offices, NO BAIL FOR 5 YRS.
    Have the corporates turned a blind eye to all this?.
    my friends i have just raised a very vital point we shld really ponder about, & discuss since all this is intertwined in our day to day world. thank you.


    Bapty S.

  • Rajalakshmi

    I agree with suggestions of Bapty.S above.

    Hindus face threat from both churchianity & muslims.

    It is the ministers who cannot survive without corporates. Alas , Indian corporates Narayana Murthys to TATAs are not exactly Swami Vivekanandas.
    All bitten by “secular” bug.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Gods will not forgive these sinners for doing this to a Hindu Sadhvi.Their day of judgement is approaching very fast.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Assuming / presuming Dawood Ibrahim is the solitary person responsible for the total chaos in GODFORSAKEN India I have a suggestion.

    Sri.Dawood Ibrahim should be given weapons etc along with opportunity to redeem himself. He alone along with Taleban , Mujahideens etc can execute the much needed fumigation in India with precision & unfettered by any asinine this ism versus that ity.

    It has always been self evident lots & lots of Indians hindus very much included have always been ON SALE.Without covert & overt support from Indians WITHIN ( all religions agnostics , atheists included EXCLUDING animals, birds , insects & amoeba ) Sadhvi would NEVER have gone through this INJUSTICE.

    Hence I PRAY Sri Dawood Ibrahim redeems himself by killing all the guilty involved. Not only in Sadhvi’s case. But also Suryanelli rape case by exterminating all the guilty involved.

    In the event of such fumigation unfolding we the SANE OUGHT NOT to cry (sic) aiyoaiyo…..ISLAM…terrorism….extradite X Y Z…..commission of enquiry needed yada yada.

    Vedas also DECLARE Aathma can nver be cleaved by sword……..

    So kuriens, oomen chandys, N.D.tiwaris, kollybolly rotten scoundrels etc etc only get turned into ashes to ashes & dust to dust. Or facing KARMIC RETRIBUTION …take your pick.

    Those who feel constrained to shed faux tears & write obituaries can feel thankful to the same rotten CONgressi politicians of india for giving us the priceless ” we koondemn the dastardly attacks”.