Niti Central App is here!

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Niticentral Staff9 Feb 2013

7 Central App is here!&id=nc

The beta version of Android app of can be downloaded from here:

This is a beta version of the app for Niti Central users who would like an early look at the app before its release on the Google Play store, and are adventurous enough to be beta testers.

Follow these steps to install the app on your phone:

» First allow your phone to install apps from “Unknown Sources”

» Depending upon the Android version of your phone, follow one of the following paths

»Menu -> Settings -> Applications

» Menu -> Settings -> Security

» And check the box marked “Unknown Sources” (Allow installation of non-Market applications)

» Open the above mentioned URL in your phone’s browser

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7 Central App is here!&id=nc

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  • Virupaksha

    Got the app. Thanks. Was waiting for it. Please model it on the ToI app. It uses the Android features/gestures very extensively. Even the apps from America media houses are not as good as ToI. The beta seems to work like a bookmark store. Need to introduce swipes and other gestures.

  • Anandita

    When is the iPhone app coming?

  • giri

    I can develop iOS APP.

  • What’s in a Name!

    Please release an iOS version too! :)

    Thank you for bringing great news!

  • AAtish Jadhav

    Ohh great..

  • Neelabh Verma

    This is great news. Was waiting for this. Thanks KanchanDa and team.

  • Omprakash Singh

    Indstalled the app. A troublefree install and the app is working fine.

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