Rahul-centric media sees no substance in Narendra Modi’s speech

Rahul-centric media sees no substance in Narendra Modi’s speech

Rahul-centric media sees no substance in Narendra Modi’s speech

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi gave a nearly one hour speech at the Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi on Wednesday. Formerly national bureau chief of CNN-IBN and currently with DNA, expert analyst Diptosh Majumdar analysed the speech in a few tweets. The analysis included the following:

Modi’s speech did not have much substance but it was politically influential – the young people lapped it up

Modi’s speech at #SRCC was without much substance because except for Vivekananda’s vision, he had not much to offer.

The wretched trolls on twitter started bombarding him primarily one query – how come he didn’t find any substance in the speech? To which, he bombarded them back with the same query:

Rahul-centric media sees no substance in Narendra Modi’s speech

The wretched trolls went on to give him examples of ‘substance’ in the speech, to which he replies to one:

never once referred to 2002. U haven’t yet told me what outside Gujarat achievements is substance in that #SRCC speech?

And despite such prodding, Diptosh has not bothered to enlighten us with what ‘substance’ he was looking for. Instead he set a new barometer of judging a speech – discussing achievements don’t count towards ‘substance’ in speech!

So was there any substance in the speech then? To answer this question, let’s not rely on the wretched trolls. CNN-IBN’s deputy editor Sagarika Ghose said this:

 At SRCC, we have heard Modi speak about cotton, salt, bananas, ayurveda, teachers: but his big ideas on challenges facing India?

Cotton, salt: He spoke about agriculture revival in Gujarat (from 12th minute here), in which he detailed many innovations – from soil health cards to water management to integrated approach. In the course of this speech, he mentioned how cotton production increased in his State and how a value-addition to this production, that will benefit the cotton farmer, was developed through a new textile policy – Farm to Fibre; Fibre to Fabric: Fabric to Fashion; Fashion to Foreign!

Bananas: He offered a very interesting anecdote involving farmers from a tribal belt who approached him for high quality roads so that their bananas that get exported to Finland don’t get smashed on their way! Modi pointed out (from 19:20 onwards) that such aspirations among tribal farmers are what drive the country ahead.

Ayurveda: While speaking of the service sector and industrial development, Modi mentioned the need for better branding and packaging to popularize India’s native traditions of medicine. He also cited many examples to make his point, including a report by Hathi commission on Ayurveda. (from 38:20 onwards)

Teachers: From the 28th minute, Modi spoke about the role and importance of teachers in shaping the society and how he recognised the need for better teachers and therefore set up the first teaching university in India.

Merely by looking at the four points that Sagarika Ghose mentioned in her tweet, it turns out that there is indeed a lot of ‘substance’ in the speech. Modi even talked about ‘India’s development through Gujarat’s development’. But Sagarika Ghose remained unimpressed. These, according to her, don’t count as “big ideas on challenges facing India”.

Agriculture, law and order (Modi went into some of his Government’s police reform-related work), better teachers, better infrastructure, better ideas, better implementation, better growth, better hope – these were all things Modi spoke of in his speech. Modi described the challenge and then went on to describe how his Government either overcame or was trying to overcome those challenges, not by relying on rhetoric, but by citing specific examples. But hey – these are not “big ideas” and nor do they count for ‘substance’!

Not to be left far behind, Bhupendra Chaube of CNN-IBN did a two-minute report on this speech in which he said Modi made political references to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi! He is perhaps the only person who thinks a reference was made to Sonia Gandhi in the speech! This video report is all the more surprising because on twitter he said this:

 U gotta give it to @narendramodi . Orator par excellence. Very very convincing arguments. Always speaks logically and rationally

None of Modi’s “convincing”, “rational” and “logical” arguments made it to his report though!

No discussion on Modi and media is complete without mentioning Mr. Nikhil Wagle. He has a single point agenda – “Modi should apologise for 2002”. Whatever the context – that’s his only demand. It was pointed out to him many times that if he believes Modi is guilty of murder, he should demand punishment according to the law and not a mere apology but that’s beside the point. This speech bothered him so much that he went a step further and said this:

Most of middle class is hypocritical. They voted for BT after riots n probably will vote for modi. They want dev even if its on dead bodies!

It’s one thing for you to have strong anti-Modi feelings, but to blame “most of the middle class” who struggle to make ends meet of being hypocritical speaks volumes about the sanity of a person making such vile statements. It is no wonder that a speech filled with substance and big ideas has disturbed Mr. Nikhil Wagle so much!

So was there nothing in this event that satisfied this ilk? Turns out that there was one thing indeed:

Nikhil Wagle: I appreciate left student unions who protested against @narendramodi in delhi yesterday. They proved a point of dissent. All r not with modi!

Diptosh: And can you seriously root for a Prime Minister who is shown black flags wherever he goes outside Gujarat #SRCC #Modi

The Hindu had a full report that concentrated on the travails of the protestors here. A very casual reference to the speech and a very elaborate report on the protests outside! Rajdeep Sardesai wondered why The Hindu didn’t front page this report when other newspapers did. The Hindu’s editor, Siddarth Varadarajan replied thus:

 We refuse to be part of the herd. Every story on our p1 was far more newsworthy than a speech by a CM to a Delhi college.

It is the newspaper’s prerogative to decide what item is ‘newsworthy’ and that prerogative must be respected, but the same tweet also said “we refuse to be part of the herd”. A natural question arises – was the decision not to carry Modi’s speech on page 1 (or anywhere in paper) based on the desire not to be “part of the herd” or was it based on ‘newsworthiness’? In the answer to this question lies the key to media thinking on Modi.

All said and done, no image captures the media bias as superbly as the one below that compares some reactions to Rahul’s rant in Jaipur to Modi’s speech in Delhi (put together by ShivSinghBharat). Like they say – a picture is worth 1000 words!


Rahul-centric media sees no substance in Narendra Modi’s speech

PS: News channels, as always, have had noisy ‘debates’ on the speech – the outcome of course has been nothing.

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  • Hari Haran

    The best Snub to these ar*eh*les would be post 2014, when Mr. Modi is the PM – and none of them are even allowed near the gates of PMO or the venues he & his cabinet visits. Make them report on hearsays and then sue their Papers / channels – for any wrong reportage or even treason if they distort the news.

  • Deepak

    To call these MSM folks fools would be an insult to fools. If there was something like a negative IQ, then these persons would be competing against each other on the negative scale.

    • Rajesh

      I liked Deepak’s suggestion. We can create a Negative IQ scale to measure MSM’s specific “Intelligence”.
      we can also declare annual award based on their annual performance

      SudhirKumar: Think on these lines.


  • gaurav

    Superb article, wish you start a newspaper

  • Arun Kumar

    The MSM media and the TV anchors thereof have been thoroughly exposed. You cant show light to a blind person and play music to the deaf. All of them belong to such physically and intellectually challenged tribe, not that they were blessed with any intelligence. Their hatred will surely consume them.

  • http://ynsaripa.wordpress.com Yoga

    Sagarika Ghose’s tweet seems so brainless. Modi starts his speech on what he thinks is the most significant challenge that India is facing. He says this in reference to conversation with a diplomat. Then he built a good hypothesis, supported with statistics, rational reasoning and gave a powerful message laced with personal experiences, anecdotes, historical references and idioms. He clearly illustrated what economic development is about.

    If Sagarika Ghose thinks he did address the challenges faced by India, she should advise the readers on what she thinks are the challenges and why she considers Modi’s thinking is wrong on that aspect. But being what she is, she can only come up with inane and vacuous statements…

  • Dr. Sadhak Sen

    Indeed this is the problem that most media is controlled by leftist groups and journaists. Many papers depend upon goodwill of government machinery, be it the income tax department or lure of advertisements, that they prostitute their pen. Indeed it is a shame that most inspiring speech by Narendrabhai does not get properly reported. Fortunately the internet these days allows people to view the video on-line. also most non-english papers are still independent to a great extent.

  • Murthy

    I heartily welcome any analysis of India’s ‘main stream’ media. Newspapers like The Hindu and The Hindustan Times have for long peddled a prejudiced, ideologically tailored news reporting. They have never been challenged on their strange logic and prejudices.

    They represent to me, a CONTRARIAN MIND SET, especially prevalent among the educated Hindu elite. As individuals, imo, such Hindus tend to be very intolerant, egotistic and given to enjoying relentless attacks on anything Hindu, not just the religion but culture and the very way of life.

    The Hindu newspaper actively canvasses views and analysis by such contrarian writers as Arundhati Roy and AG Noorani. I do not mind that, provided they publish, on some occasions, the views of writers such as Sri. Kanchan Gupta and others who do not share their entrenched ideology.

    The views of this Majumdhar and Wagle persons will be cast aside in due course by the people of India. They will be quarantined either as spam or trash.

    Sri NaMo is growing in stature and performance despite these dogmatic neo-marxists.

  • Pradeep

    Nice article. Please follow up with all the future Modi speaches. This is the best way to make people understand how serious the anti-modi paid journalists are getting day by day.

  • akshay

    well try … but this article found only tweets from only 4 people… strange..

    • gaurav

      well nothing strange dear, the tweets come from VIPs of two leading media houses – cnn ibn and ndtv , and that forms a major part of the electronic media. If you are interested for more such biased media reporting try DNA’s diptosh majumdar, Dainik Marathi’s Kumar Ketkar, Tehelka’s MD Shoma Choudary, Hindu even thought Modi speech was totally not important so didnt print it.. The list is endless.. I guess nothing Strange eh??

  • Badari Narayanan

    Media’s senseless rants gives us a good laugh. Fear of being bulldozed by the Jaggannath called Modi is driving the media crazy – each rant is becoming shriller and each squeal more meaningless. Very funny

  • Vinod

    I only wonder where these people will hide after 2014 elections…. oops 2013!!

  • killol

    Those who have seen the movie ‘3 idiots’ will recall that professor who asked the definition of machine. Our media persons are like him. If modi had used theoretical language they would have asked ‘ye kehna kya chahta hai?’

  • bharat

    Impressed…the others like sagarika and barkha are paid to sing songs for Rahu…G

  • http://twitter.com/mbhagawat Dabangg Hindu

    In any democratic peoples representative multi party country all media man or journo are independent and free to report what they see and experienced.But India is an exception as its democracy is sham and fake.It is an autocratic country like china Russia where only one party rule going on.Congress is only the ruling party and all others are liquidated.SP BSP NCP are slaves of sewers.We have never expected such rule by congress which brought freedom to India. Now Media man are pimps dallas bastards of latest kind who never see any virtue of Namo but see all virtues in the prince of india.

  • http://www.leftbrainwave.com Dr. Seshadri Kumar

    This was a speech of a lifetime. I think this is the most impressive speech that I have ever heard said by an Indian politician. I have been inspired enough to translate the entire speech into English, for the benefit of the non-Hindi speakers in this country for, this speech deserves to be understood by every Indian! Mr. Modi is a man of great vision. You can see my translation on my website: http://bit.ly/Yr1G1I Hope you like it! Please share!

  • Vinod

    @Dr. Seshadri Kumar: I havent gone through ur link yet, but we all appreciate ur work. Keep it up. When we have anti national helping agents like “BURKHA” datt and co. we have to do our bit in promoting the real facts which these people mask up. Great work cheers. I keep telling this again and again…… Its now or never for NaMo as PM.

  • http://www.nitinalabur.com Nitin

    Wrote a blogpost based on that last image, http://bit.ly/15w4l0C with embedded tweets (feel free to embed those in this article, it’ll make this article more awesome)

    The Rahul-Centric-Media has reached a level of saturation where its like these newscasters are trying to wink while saying anything Pro-Rahul or Anti-Modi!

  • http://modiforpm.org/ vijaysarkar

    . Mr. Modi is known for his conversant skills.

  • http://alvonsius.blogsome.com/2007/10/26/astaga-tokyo-love-story/ expert witness advertising

    Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment
    (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips and hints for first-time blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.