Muslims burn down Hindu homes after maulvi’s murder

Riots erupt in Bengal

Riots erupt in Bengal

Amidst a near-complete media blackout and distressing silence from statutory bodies like the National Human Rights Commission, a serious communal flare up has taken place in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, with more than 200 Hindu homes torched and looted in four villages — Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra, in the Canning police station area, from the wee hours of February 19. Almost two dozen Hindu shops were fully damaged and looted in Joynagar police station area; many shopkeepers have fled and members of the besieged community have begun to send their womenfolk away.

Although triggered by a purely local incident, the looming Panchayat elections in the State seem to have given vested interests an opportunity for a show of strength. Competitive communalism is in the air, with the two major political formations fighting to capture the huge Muslim vote in the State.

By all accounts, the trouble began late in the night of February 18-19 when Maulvi Rohul Kuddus (resident of Ghutiyari Shariff, South 24 Parganas) and Abdul Wahab (resident of village Moujpur, Joynagar) were returning from Jaamtala Haat in Kultali after attending a religious congregation. Maulvi Kuddus was driving a motorcycle when the duo was attacked by unidentified culprits on the Naliakhali main road. Maulvi Rohul Kuddus was shot dead and his aide Abdul Wahab, injured.

The motive for the murder is unclear. Reports in a prominent newspaper however, claim that the Maulvi was carrying Rs 11.5 lakhs, which was taken away by the assailants. Other sources say that huge unaccounted funds are circulating in the region and are being used to buy unlicensed firearms and ammunition, under the patronage of political parties.

Bus driver Samir Sen, coming to Canning from the Golabari terminal, spotted the body at around 4:25 am on February 19. He stopped and found that the Maulvi was already dead. His motorcycle was lying on the side of the road. Sen reported the crime to the police at Canning, as did other bus drivers who came that way, but the police were tardy in arriving at the scene and picking up the body. The injured Abdul Wahab escaped and contacted other people.

As rumours spread, large numbers of Muslims began to descend upon the area in trucks. The headmaster of a local school reportedly incited the mob, and soon Hindu homes began to be attacked from the early hours of February 19. The violence quickly escalated with the police and administration initially at a loss. According to local reports, police officers Anup Samaddar and Anup Ghoash of the Canning police station were seriously injured and two police vehicles torched in the turmoil. The unrest has spread to Sandeshkhali area of North 24 Parganas.

Hindu Samhati leader Tapan Ghosh, who is monitoring the situation with volunteers, told a local television channel that after the Maulvi’s body was found, Naliakhali village, which was closest to the site of the crime, was attacked and looted, the village temple damaged, and five women molested. As the police party was initially outnumbered, the mob torched homes with impunity, pouring petrol and setting them ablaze in a three hour rampage. Naliakhali villagers claimed they had no knowledge about the murder and the reasons for the attack on them until the police arrived.

Neighbouring villages were also attacked, Hindus beaten and their shops destroyed. The mob set up roadblocks at several places such as Natunhat, Priyor More (Joynagar ps), Bhangankhali, Hospital More (Basanti ps).

As the violence escalated, the administration rushed battalions of Combat Force and Rapid Action Force to bring the situation under control. Police from Bidhannagar and Howrah were also deployed with water cannons. But the peace is still fragile as several dozen truckloads of people from various parts of Kolkata such as Park Circus, Rajabazar, Metiaburz and Garden Reach, are heading towards Canning subdivision.

The forthcoming Panchayat elections in the State seem to be the backdrop for both the murder and the violence. Both the CPM and the Trinamool Congress are determined to monopolise the Muslim vote. Muslims comprise nearly 30 per cent of the population of the State according to official statistics, though informed sources put the actual figure much higher on account of the ceaseless infiltration from Bangladesh.

According to the Census 2001, the district-wise population of Muslims in West Bengal is Murshidabad (63.67 per cent); Malda(49.72 per cent); North Dinajpur (47.36 per cent); Birbhum (35.08 per cent); South 24 Parganas (33.34 per cent); Nadia (25.41 per cent); Howrah(24.44 per cent); Cooch Behar (24.24 per cent); North 24 Parganas(24.22 per cent); South Dinajpur (24.01 per cent); Kolkata (20.27 per cent);Bardhaman (19.78 per cent); Hooghly (15.14 per cent); Midnapore(11.32 per cent); Jalpaiguri (10.78 per cent); Bankura (7.51 per cent); Purulia(7.12 per cent) and Darjeeling (5.31 per cent).

The infiltrators appear to be organising themselves and ganging up with local co-religionists to challenge the majority community and change the demography of some target districts.

Should Hindu families feel compelled to retreat from the area, an Assam-like situation could develop in Bengal as well, as illegal Bangladeshis align with native elements and to swamp the State with the benign connivance of political parties.

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  • AAtish Jadhav

    This is been very terrible and worst situation in India. Why peoples are fighting with each others? Or This is happening only because of 2013 election?

    • kirjnk

      Google its written in the book to do so, watch this video
      and know whats called Taqiyyah. Nothing new its all written in book and they are just executing.
      its going to be even worst.

  • kp

    Not a single word of this on any newspaper online edition as of now-Times of India, Hindu, ndtv, indiatimes..none of them.
    Shame on all these traitors. Just because it is hindus who are being subjected to violence and muslims perpetrating it!!- the time has indeed arrived to overturn the whole political order that has connived and still does, to suppress Hindus. Time and the angst of Hindus,will not forgive any of these silent perpetrators of crime.

    It would be disgraceful if Hindus still do not see what a state-sponsored conspiracy is being hatched against us. Down with the Congress, down with the Gandhi family. Getting Narendra modi to power is not a favour being done on BJP. if India is not to be doomed, it is a necessity. if he is not brought to power, he has nothing to lose- an honest person never loses, it is we, as Indians, if we indeed deserve prosperity, that need to ANOINT him to power.
    No point staying in India if congress comes to power in the next elections. I would be ashamed to call myself an Indian then and Indians would have gotten their just desserts if they vote congress back to power. It would become a grave-yard. Wake up fellow Indians, wake up!

    • Raghu

      Well said KP. don’t understand why hindus vote for hindu hating parties like Italian congress communists

  • Krishnabaalu Baalu

    Thanks for this unraveling of truth!Not a single news paper reported this incident elsewhere, but wonder how long this MSM can keep censoring riots of Muslims, and keep spreading the false image of peace under this communal UPA? Not long!

  • Upananda Brahmachari

    What is your “Niti”? Why you have used a 0ld 2009 pic with this “Canning Riot” report? This picture relates to Islamists protesting against Statesman in Kolkata. 08-02-2009.

    You can post current pictures from my site at in its specific link at or many sites like Haindava Keralam, Hindu Samhati or Hindu Janjagruti Samiti.

    That would be right as I think.


    Upananda Brahmachari, Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.

  • Dabangg Hindu

    Hindus are unsafe in West Bengal now. The infiltration of BD Muslims in WB has increased Muslim population considerably.Now WB is sitting on a volcano when the state would be spewing lava.Muslims have hijacked political patronage by their vote bank.Now no hindu is safe in WB.Unless a Hindu govt comes to power in WB and Centre no hindu can remain safe and they must fled WB before it is too late

  • Ron

    Army at bengal border is a bunch of goons.
    Why don’t they remove bangladeshi infiltrators?

  • kanuraj anand

    hindus are being killed everywhere and modi will be next PM if all hindus vote for him.

  • g k agarwal

    The Congress regime at the centre and states is concerned only with vote bank politics and scams .They are not serious on integrity of the country.It is high time that the all concerned Indians should give serious thought and change the Govt.

  • db

    how this muslim community getting money and can buy firearms openly?

    it is time now give firearms every one. if government fail to protecting citizen it is right of citizen to protect by them self.

  • sanjay gupta

    Where there r muslims…there r bom wil be weekly bom blast in india..when muslims wil b majority..

  • sanjay gupta

    Wer thr r muslims…thr r bom blast…it wil hapn weekly bom blast in india wen muslim wil b majority..


    After cleansing the Hindus in Kashmir,the Islamic theo fascism has mustered the courage to change the demographic profile of West Bengal.One is reminded of the negative role which the media played in 1990 when Hindus in Kashmir were being persecuted and ultimately made refugees in thier own country and the nation as the so called mainstream media never brought it to the notice of the nation.Thanks to the internet revolution at lest the genocide of Hindus is being brought to the notice.Really disgusting that how the original inhabitants of the Indian nation are being persecuted from Kashmir to Bengal.Nation has to wake up and face the challenge head on to uphold the Indian nationhood.

  • Shiv Kumar

    The question is why is the Hindu leadership silent? Political and religious.

  • Shivram

    Are Hindu men in Bengal wearing bangles. It seems so.

  • Agni shiva

    No Hindu leaders are there? Since almost all the major political parties are boot lickers of muslim community, what happened to BJP and other Hindu organisations? Why they not bring this shocking incident to public domain? What are the steps the so called human rights commission have taken in order to protect the Hindus?

  • Bapty.s

    Well. What does. Our learned ex judge. KATJU have to say now? He is capable of even saying. Shri. Modiji. Went to Bengal. And incited these. Muslims. So. Calling ourselves. An inter national power. ,inviting. Cameron. U.k p.m. ,dining and wining with him in Delhi. ,our Delhi DURBAR. Madam, MAUN. Mms. Or. Their home minister. ,have little idea. Of all this going on. In Bengal, since. DIDI MAMATA. Has openly ditched congress. ,so. Bangladesh will be. Aided by. Delhi to swallow. Our Bengal. ,by infiltrating. With All their Muslim. Citizens .



  • K

    Shouldn’t Press Council of India (Katju) investigate the reason for the mainstream media’s silence and cover up of this incident ? Online media critics like and (HOOT) should investigate the why and how of the cover up.

  • kunal

    no discussion on any channel or news paper. where is javed akhtar, teesta setelwad, burkha dutt etc..

    they go on bashing modi. but where are they now?


    Mr kunal, this does not merit their time.they have been invited to dine & wine with VVIPs in delhi from abroad, or have flown out to bangladesh by private carriers, god knows what for.

    bengal is not the priority for delhi durbar nor hyderabad, its their own govt IN HYD ,& blasts in HYD IS ROUTINE COMMON AFFAIR, FOR DELHIIITES. ALSO FOR MSM & ALL TV CHANNELS THESE ARE SMALL REGIONAL ISSUES.

    KATJU is taking rest after his ANTI SHRI MODIJI CAMPAIGN.

  • Arish Sahani

    Our Hindu convert to islam who daily bow to saudi aberia 5 times a day should try to get a work visa and plan to live and work their for life . These hindu convert to islam should ever try to think of marring a saudi girl. Imagine being dead and want to get buried in saudi arebia. THese answers each convert should try to find out himself and herself and see how much saudis love them and want them. Converts are used by saudis and book is designed just to conquer in each nation , you poor , you uneducated and with criminal mind by their so called teachers mullahs on of you but head slave for saudis to work for them as remote control human bomb to destroy your own nation, birthplace and kill all other human being and animals and burn the are of your brothers, keep you convert busy in fighting so you remain poor for many generations.
    Wake up Hindu and Hindu convert and try to get in your head discuss this point sauadi just want you all converts keeping fighting and die as poor without enjoying the real earthly gifts .While saudi all them self enjoying their life fullest .
    Can any Hindu after reading this can teach or guide the convert what he is getting after fighting in his neighborhood.

  • sidharan

    unless the modern day goebbels and the kooni from italy is driven away from india the hindus will be exterminated .

  • Brahma

    As per Hindustan Times (, 3 lakh rupees announced as compensation to the family of the killed Maulvi while only 10000 rupees to each of the displaced families. The maulvi was looted and killed by unidentified assailants while the families were displaced by a communal backlash that followed.

    First,since when did the state begin to compensate families of people who are killed in a robbery. There are several people who have been killed in robberies but I have never seen the state compensate their families. This is a clear violation of article 14 and article 15 of the constitution of India. Article 14 provides for equal protection of law which means all in similar circumstances be treated similarly. So if the dead maulvi’s family is paid compensation then so should families of several others who are killed in robberies. If the state fails to do so, it would imply discrimination on ground only of religion which is a violation of article 15. Moreover, this money is not West Bengal government’s patrimony which it can choose to squander as it pleases, its the taxpayer’s money.

    Second, it is bewildering that while the victims are being paid a measely sum of 10000 rupees, those who are responsible for the perpetration of violence are being appeased by giving the cleric’s family 3 lakh rupees. Can there be a greater miscarriage of justice?

    Third, more than the media I want to know what the Human Rights Organisations are doing. Do only minorities, Afzal Guru, separatists in Kashmir, rapists who are minors and child soldiers have human rights? It is ironical that those who indulge in the most inhuman activities are the only ones to have the luxury of human rights in this country.

    Self-serving prevarication is the biggest disease of this country.

  • Upananda Brahmachari

    Canning Riot: Protest in front of TMC Office, New Delhi. Deputation to SDO, Canning. WB Human Rights Commission asked report within three weeks, after BJP Team visited the riot affected areas of Canning.

  • Sayan Sen

    A strong Hindu political formation is needed in West Bengal. The BJP has failed miserably to revive the Hindu nationalist culture of Bengal. They have lost the cultural war to the pseudo-secular, pseudo-liberal pro-Bangladeshi pro-leftist dominant culture and as a consequence, they have lost all political battles. BJP leaders in WB are afraid to even utter the word “Hindutva”. Hindu cultural and social organizations like Ramakrishna Math & Mission are bent on preaching “Sarva-Dharma-Sambhava” (aka pseud-secularism) from their pulpits. Only Bharat Sevashram Sangha is a truly militant Hindu religious organization. Kudos to Mr. Upananda Brahmachari, Mr. Tapan Ghosh and other Hindu Samhati leaders. They are like a light of hope amidst the general darkness in Bengal. Bengali Hindus are so stupidly ignorant of their Hindu identity. They are like zombies brainwashed by a pseudo-secular culture. O Mother Goddess, where have all the men gone?? :( :( Thanks Sandhyaji for fighting for us–you are like Queen of Jhansi.!!

  • Bismil

    Only some people has covered the news.
    and Niti Central…

    Total media black out about the issue.
    Only very few are aware of this.

  • Arish Sahani

    Islamic appeasement is costing all nations dearly. Commonsense says. When your poor and your uneducated has been made to bow towards saudi land five times a day and they read Their book for direction which teaches them to kill all who don’t agree with them .THe results are clear they are anti nationals and to be dealt like that. WE need laws who are antinational. If Religions teaching are antinational we should have laws to deal with them.

  • vasanth

    Who need Pakistan when we have so many enemies within in the form of psuedo seculars and the so called intellectuals.being anti Hindu is like a fashion today.we are not far from being a banana republic.Hindus must wake up before its too late.for start we should vote only to those who does not appease muzzies shamlessly .we need to be united.this is going to be long battle.

  • DesiGuru

    I don’t know Why you Hindus are so angry and complaining all the time. The world is a very fair place. And there is no place here for cowards. A cowardly neutered religion – Hinduism is making way for a more courageous and practical religion – Islam. At least in its current form that is an accurate representation of both. Remember what your great Mahatma Gandhi said openly.

    “Hindus are Cowards and Muslims are Bullies”.

    It is a good thing that cowards pay the price. This makes India a more fair country. More Islam is good for India. There is now too much cowardice here.

    • Vashisht

      Hinduism is not a cowardly religion, Rajputs, Marathas prove that. Muslim goons that are causing havoc for innocent Hindus will be sorted out once a state government that isnt obsessed with winning minority votes comes into power. Islamic India would be what Pakistan is today, see how well that ‘practical’ Islamic country is working out? HA! Hindus are the core of India and need to look out for each other, as someone mentioned here, every religion seems to have a central body except Hindus we are too divided.

    • K Murthy

      @ Desiguru, we’ve seen courage of muslims while they shot Malala. We’ve seen their courage while running in terrains of Af-Pak from drones in their shitty salwars. we’ve seen their courage in Gujarat. We’ve seen their courage in Europe. We’ve seen their courage in US immigration.

      It’s only some parts of India where stupid politicians have divided the Hindus why these muslims are even taking breath. Don’t worry, everything will be settled, just wait.

      Another thing, as per your evaluation theory, if Hindus were so weak, they wouldn’t have been more than 1 Billion, despite all killings , stealings, conversions by muslims for more than 700 years!

      Unfortunately, we’ve to tell this repeatedly to the converts whose forefathers were so weak that they couldn’t defend their religion!

  • sidharan

    It is not cowardice but lack of the knowledge among the Hindus that whatever customs, traditions, sampradayas etc they may follow or belong to- when it comes to alien dogmas like islam or christianity if the do not take them on unitedly then they will be gobbled up one by one.

    they have to understand that Islam, christianity and even Buddhism have powerful backings of various countries but Hindu Dharma has none.

    Hindu Dharma has no central church or authority like islam or christianity.

    So they require protection from the government
    But the government sides with the bullies of islam and christianity since they vote as blocks and also have financial clout while the Hindus do not vote as a block.

    The Hindus trusted Gandhi and Nehru blindly.

    But they let down the Hindus very badly.

    Now after losing territory to an alien dogma in pakistan and Bangladesh and after having been driven away from kashmir valley, wiped out in Nagaland , near to extinction in Meghalaya and Mizoram ,being at the receiving end in Assam and Bengal the Hindus, at least a small percentage of them have started realising the dangers awaiting them and are becoming aggressive.

    This has to become a huge tide.
    Wherever the Hindus are they have to be taught to defend their positions even if it means death ( like Rana Pratap) and not run away leaving their homes and hearth wcich will only embolden the marauders.

    At the same time Hindus have to vote as Hindus and drive away the congress and such other parasitical parties

    BJP with Narendramodi is the last hope


  • Pat Balasubramanian

    I endorse, wholeheartedly, the comments made by Shri R. Sridharan. The Hindu society has to organise itself and unitedly rise against the forces inimical to that. Unless we Hindus unite and fight for our cause, no one is going to help us to do that. We have done this in the past and that is why Islam could not conquer the Hindus totally in Bharath, like in countries such as Malaysia. Christianity has done so in the organize, where it was able to subjugate the Islamic forces. Before the Islam came and conquered in the Phillipines, that country was under the influence of the Hindus. While religious tolerance is to be appreciated, there is a limit beyond which, tolerance is not a quality that will have to be observed, when there are forces out there to destroy you. A line will have to be drawn somewhere.

  • kunal

    SC and ST members who convert to other religion should no longer get the perks of reservation. secondly like modi they have to be bought up equal to other hindus so that they do not feel like converting.

    this way we will stop the immediate conversion.

    most importantly we should fist make modi PM so that anti hindu government of congress goes out of power

  • S.Das

    I am very scared. If strong Govt. is not established then Hindus will be perished. But we will fight. The problem is at our every home, with every Hindu parents. Intellectual parents teach their child secularism. I have observed several young boys and girls ridicule Ramayan, Mahabharata, Hindu Dev Devi etc. How can we expect from this generation revival of Hinduism. As per Dr. Athavale of Sanatan Sanstha, Muslims get religious education from Madarasha, Christians from Church and Hindus from nowhere. Polarisation of vote bank is must. But what to expect from BJP? Even their Govt did not support Hindus in Bhojshala issue, one man critically injured by beating of police. WHAT IS THE WAY OUT?

  • S.Das
  • AB

    Read this blog-INDIAN/CHINESE IQ PUZZLE(POST NO 902)

  • N Murthy

    Are we staying in a Hindu country? Are all Hindus dead to the core of their brains and hearts? How long Hindus will play fools of secularism and be killed? How long ?

    Hindus will always see this as a ‘local’ , ‘individual’ incident and take eyes off! Typical hypocrites, cowards, lazy and self-destructive Hindus!

    They’ll cry a river for Gujarat riot even after 11 years, but will conveniently forget the Godhra burning of 65 Hindus which led to the riot!!

  • ajad islam

    Naraya takbir
    Allahu akbar

    Hindu People in india specialy west bengal will be islamic state very soon. Inshallah…Hope allah give them hadayat and make them to be true muslim.amin
    So many my hindu friends convert to islam and make there life beautiful. Alhamdullilah. Time is coming one day no left party in our state and no women will lead our land according to koran and sunnah. India will be islamic state inshallah….

  • Kaulachari

    Bengali Hindus want to eat the mutton but shudder to watch the goat sacrifice. This is the situation. In 1947, we felt “secure” enough in our position as majority in West Bengal that we did not return even 10% of the ferocity of the ethnic cleansing unleashed in East Bengal on Hindus. The majority refugee that entered East Bengal were Urdu-speaking from Bihar, hardly any Bengalis, and if they did, they were mostly voluntary migrants (unlike the gharh-dhakka given to the Hindus arriving the other way). And after formation of Pakistan, the fate of the Hindus on that side was sealed. The 1950, 1964, 1971 massive genocides that make Gujarat look like child’s play, had no response from West Bengal society. I am not recommending riots of any kind. I am recommending Hindu-gorbo. Bengali Hindus are not wearing bangles. My forefathers have the blood of gora firangis on their hands and talk proudly about it. You don’t think the same people of Khudiram, Netaji and onward have the willingness to handle the business? Even the grandmothers and great-grandmothers among Bengali Hindus were freedom fighters. No it is nothing like that. It is just that Bengali Hindus have made a strategic mistake of trusting that there is enough of a strong secular voice among Bengali Muslims to meet us halfway. Sorry, they don’t. We have given them plenty of chance but they simply don’t cut it. It is just that we find it difficult to call for mass slaughter of all these same ethnicity people (mostly poor low-caste origin) converts. The same ferocity that was against the pinkskins is not there against Muslims. I have been to villages in West Bengal where “Muslims” are doing harinam in the mornings. This is the legacy of forced conversion, they remain incomplete. However, although this is the majority case of Islam throughout Bengal and entire subcontinent, these “incomplete” Muslims are also insecure and do not find it within themselves to shout down the rabid fundamentalists giving communal anti-Hindu speeches from the mosques. So neither Hindus are checking the Muslim fundamentalism as they are using the human shield of a largely syncretic Bengali Muslim culture, nor are the secular/syncretic Bengali Muslim majority checking Muslim fundamentalism. Empowerment of secular Bengali Islam is impossible because that means low-caste empowerment, and ironically, the supposed egalitarian religion of Islam will never do that. As Dr Ambedkar pointed out, it will be within the Sanatan Dharmic framework that low-caste empowerment can happen. We need to shed Brahminical Bengali Hinduism of the Kulin Brahmins (I’m Banerjee) and develop an aggressive proselytizing Hindutva. We need a spiritual movement like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s. Integrate the Sufi saints into Hindu pantheon. The incomplete forced low-caste converts (numerical strength of Muslim votebank) need to be returned in this day and age of democracy where numerical strength is all. Prey on the poverty of the Muslims and bring them back into Hinduism. Individual Muslims are afraid of apostasy charges, but if entire villages convert, who will enforce Sharia punishments? This is a way forward for Bengali Hindus to continue to try eating the mutton without having to watch the goat beheading.

    • shuvadip

      u r correct my friend ,only thing is that we need more people like u,basically we lack the guts that is what is our problem.

  • junaid

    Now tell its just a reaction
    Wrong is wrong everywhere.

  • mondal

    Thrash the muslims everywhere at sight