10 facts about the Ram Setu row

10 facts about the Ram Setu row
1. The UPA Government announced the launch of the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SCCP) in 2005 to create a shipping channel between the Palk Bay and the Gulf on Mannar...

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10 facts about the Ram Setu row1. The UPA Government announced the launch of the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SCCP) in 2005 to create a shipping channel between the Palk Bay and the Gulf on Mannar between India and Sri Lanka.

2. The project would include dredging across the Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge, believed by Hindus to be a bridge built by Lord Ram to journey to Lanka. This bridge is said to be one of the most important religious sites for Hindus, and plays a significant role in the Ramayana.

3. The Supreme Court had, in 2007, restrained the UPA Government from going ahead with the project, and suggested that the Government examine an alternative route that does not dredge the Ram Setu.

4. The shipping channel is proposed to be 30 metres wide, 12 metres deep and 167 kilometres long.

5. Janata Party President Subramaniam Swamy had called for the Ram Setu to be conferred the status of national monument. Swamy also contended that the demolition of Ram Setu will amount to a criminal offence under section 295 IPC.

6. The Sethusamudram project drew the ire of Hindus across the country, who see it as a disrespect to Hindu religious beliefs.

7. Following national outrage over the project, Hindu groups formed the ‘Save Ram Sethu’ campaign in 2007 to create awareness, and to stop the Government from continuing the project.

8. The Sethusamudram project has also drawn widespread opposition from environmental activists, who argue that it will cause a great deal of damage to local habitation and marine life.

9. Besides environmental hazards, the SCCP was found to be economically unviable, as suggested by a report prepared by environmentalist RK Pachauri. The recommendation was rejected by the Government.

10. The BJP has warned the UPA Government against the demolition of Ram Setu, and said that it will not tolerate any tampering with the historical bridge.

  • punit dubey

    awesome style,you guys hav got.”10 facts about…”.really very informative.

  • bhismah

    I like the way you guys present ..10 Facts All the Important point mentioned and Reader never losses focus….NITI a long way to go…With Ram Setu Religious sentiments of Hindus are attached..breaking this bridge means you are directly hurting Sentiments of Hindus and doing Environmental exploitation

  • Rajalakshmi

    “Hurting the sentiments of Hindus” is a gross understatement by BJP.

    Sri.Ram is for REAL. So is His Ramar Palam ( Adam’s Bridge) where even a squirrel contributed towards construction. It is certainly not the mission of us Hindus to clear the doubts of our detractors , atheists & agnostics.

    The entire project was mooted to appease DMK’s T.R.Balu so that he & his family could make money.Incidentally T.R.Balu also contemptuously remarked he felt “ashamed to call himself a hindu”.

    Be it any movie and/or cartoons the whole world stands petrified making amends should any muslim feel offended. Whereas for HINDUS’ Ramar Paalam many Indians muslims & converted christians included are pro Sethusamudram Project justifying on specious grounds that it would “generate employment & contribute to development of India”.

    For them it is nothing but sand , stones & mud. This is EXACTLY the reason I PRAY Sri.Ram should send in more tsunamis & earthquakes. If Earth & Water are inert according to anti Ram anti Hindu Indians why panic when the same Earth erupts & the same Water punishes ??

  • Murthy

    The real ‘sethu’ worked on here is between the DMK and UPA – for the survival of the UPA. You have this and the 2G ‘tamasha’ as part of that effort.

    The talk in Tamil Nadu is that DMK men and women get about 20% of every government project – flyovers, highways, not to speak of this large scale project which also involves continuous public monies spent on maintaining the depth of the canal as sand fills it up periodically.

    So the ‘earnings’ will be continuous and lucrative!!

    Even international media had said that the project would NOT be economically sound for India, unless the proposed charges levied on ships could be HALVED.

    In other words, India would have to SUBSIDISE ships using this canal.

    Of course, the UPA is used to such absurdities.

    Ah, finally, both the DMK and the UPA got one more chance to attack Hindu beliefs, not merely in their political speeches but also in the affidavits the UPA submitted in the Indian Supreme Court.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=521882700 Hitesh Rangra

    Just to ADD few more -:)

    • The Sethusamudram project is ill conceived. Whoever conceived this project without adequate studies should be punished.
    • It was more of a project to show the secular credentials of Sonia Gandhi and her “not so bright” son Rahul Gandhi.
    • Secular credentials means Hindu bashing ( 900 million on this planet ) , and cultivating crypto Hindus like YSR, Ambika Soni and their ilk, who are hell bent on proving that the BIG Bang happened in 4004 BC– as per the Bible is correct.
    • Vedanta has been proved right, in the last two decades. Vedanta is the soul of India. Ram Sethu indeed exists and it was built 6300 years ago.
    • You dont need to ask NASA for this. We Indians are good enough.
    • There is hardly any economical advantage by building the Sethusamudram canal.
    • Foreign shipping is not gonna use it. They dont need to, as almost all of the foreign ships coast south of Sri Lanka and go via the Malacca strait.
    • You cant go full speed through the canal due to the squat effect. During 5 months of SW monsoon, the swell will cause pounding / pitching, and deep drafted ships cant go through.
    • This means only coastal Indian traffic will use this canal. But they will NOT be able to afford the fees. Does anybody know, what it takes to keep a canal open, round the clock?
    • Dont ask the landlubbing seamen in MMD and DG shipping. They have forgotten what sea spray tastes like.
    • If I were an Indian shipowner, I will NOT send my foreign and coastal ships through this canal. There will be no savings in time nor fuel. Only a fool and his money are soon parted.
    • Sethusamudram canal will require extensive dredging , to keep it open. The canal revenues must be self-sustaining. That much revenue will never be milked from throughfare traffic.
    • This canal is NOT conducive for our coastal defence. It can be used by our enemies too. The desh-drohi foreign funded NGOs have been working overtime to get this Sethusamudran canal dug.
    • For the Coast Guard muffs who keep saying that they can move faster from one side of India to the other, I will tell them this ” This is why we have a Eastern and Western command. The canal can be easily mined , and you will be sitting ducks while in transit ”
    • With the next Tsunami we will lose a big percentage of our THORIUM–and this is what Rothschild Zionists want.
    • Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible .
    • It is found along with actinides Uranium and Plutonium in the Periodic table. Since Thorium is only slightly radio active , it is clean with no burden of nuclear waste disposal.
    • The SW Kerala Monazite sand beaches have Thorium–the world’s No1 reserves, for Nuclear energy..

    The beaches of Kanyakumari Manavalakurichi , Tirunelveli districts of TamilNadu and Orissa ( within Vedanta University ) are also Thorium rich.

    These Thorium areas are being targetted for illegal mining ( stealing of national wealth ) and Christian conversions, by foreign funded missionaries, all encouraged by our pseudo secular government..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1297931613 Ramesh Prabhu


  • Anita

    While you have listed some points , you have completely missed the most important point ie This CANAL will not bring about any time or cost savings for the shipping industry(the primary purpose for which it is built)

    Please see below comment by a gentleman from Chennai)

    Sir, I regret to state that the media has been concentrating on ‘irrelevant aspects’ regarding the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SSCP).’FAITH’ has taken pride of place. Followed by ecology, fishing etal. In the process, the USP of the SSCP has been given the go-by !! To rejig the memory of the media, UPA-1 approved the SSCP on the basis of the following nautical factors :
    (a) – The SSCP reduces the voyage distances for ships on passage from the East to West Coasts of India and vice versa;
    (b) – This reduction in voyage distances leads to a shortening of voyage time;
    (c) – This reduction in voyage time leads to fuel savings for ships;
    (d) – This savings in fuel leads to profits for the concerned shipping company;
    (e) – For good measure, the USP also stated that the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Corporation, the Special Purpose Veichle, created for this project would also be profitable.

    As a former mariner, I had produced a 10 Part research on the SSCP, IN 2007/2008. My research was purely from a nautical standpoint. I had plotted various voyages on a navigational chart, through the SSCP and circumnavigating Sri Lanka, as at present. By calculating the voyage times and thus the fuel costs and adding ‘possible tariffs’ that could be levied for transitting through the SSCP, I concluded – “THE SSCP MADE NO NAUTICAL SENSE”.I also found that the SSCP was economically unviable. My study is now with the Supreme Court. It was also given to the Pachauri Committee. Also, the dredged depth of the SSCP is limited to 12 meters. In such a scenario, only 30,000 DWT vessels can use the SSCP. World shipping, however, is trending to large vessels – like 70,000 DWT Bulk carriers, and 2 lakh DWT and above crude oil carriers. None of them can use the SSCP !! So, my plea to the media – stop publishing the ‘sensational and Controversial aspects’ of the SSCP. Lets forget for the moment whether “Rama was an Engineer” or ” Which Engineering College did Rama study in ?” or “Rama was a drunkard”. Please concentrate on the nautical aspects. Remember the SSCP is a “SHIPPING CHANNEL” !! Despite all these facts,IF the UPA-2 goes ahead with the Project, get set for ‘ONE MORE SCAM’ !!

    Also the canal will need constant dredging to maintain its 12m depth…This dredging contract has been “won” by some DMK fella…so that explains DMK’s interest in this.

  • Rajalakshmi

    At least NOW Hindus should wake up & notice with alarm the jeopardy we are in because of the ill understood word “secular” inserted in hurriedly by wily , cunning , crafty Indira Gandhi who is no Gandhi but out & out MUSLIM. Her two husbands were muslims. This is an open secret.

    Often Hindus proudly beam , contentedly proclaiming to the world how accommodative Hindus of Bharath have always been embracing various inimical creeds as different paths/ways of reaching GOD. V.S.Naipaul got it right. The advent of ISLAM & CHURCHIANITY wrought nothing short of holocaust of Hindus. It was certainly no cultural/interfaith soirees in salons & durbars.

    Call it Stockholm syndrome. Hindus are so broken down sheepishly call it “tolerance” of Hinduism & Hindus.I am quite tired of hearing the cliched parsis integrating like sugar dissolved in milk as they were fleeing persecution & sought refuge in Bharath. Fali.S.Nariman is one Parsi.

    “Anti-Hindu Sonia-Congress Party and the equally anti-Hindu and atheistic DMK Party are working together to destroy the sacred Rama Sethu bridge in Rameshwaram using the political umbrella of Sethu-Samudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP). Both Sonia Gandhi and Karunanidhi are totally committed to the political marginalisation of Hindus, social debasement of Hindus, cultural devaluation of Hindus, religious decimation of Hindus and above all to the national de-recognition of Hindus as the main pith and core of our nation.

    This patent fact has now become very clear because of the hardened criminal fashion in which the anti-national and anti-Hindu Sonia-directed UPA Government, filled with Sonia-chosen nincompoops, have been presenting the Rama-Sethu case of the government of India, not in a District Munsif’s Court, but in the Supreme Court of India. The recent stellar performance of Fali Nariman, the Chief Counsel for the government of India, would make any third grade mofussil lawyer in a District Munsif’s Court laugh with unconcealed contempt! Nariman stated that Lord Rama himself destroyed the Rama-Sethu Bridge and therefore the question of Government of India destroying it cannot arise. As an international authority of Tamil and Sanskrit Literature (apart from law!), he was quoting from Kamba Ramayana and Padma Puranam. He also arrogated to himself the Supreme legal wisdom and authority to question the timeless faith of more than 800 millions of Hindus of India in the timeless sacredness and sanctity of Rama Sethu. When he was reading out certain portions from an affidavit relating to Rama Sethu which was earlier filed in September 2007 by the government of India and which was later withdrawn by Gopal Subramaniam, the counsel for government of India, the Supreme Court Judges asked Fali Nariman as to whether he was stating the same facts from the same affidavit which was withdrawn earlier, Fali Nariman replied ‘Yes’. Government of India has somersaulted as many times as the Rama Sethu case has come up before the Supreme Court so far!

    ” The UPA is hell bent on hurting Hindu religious feelings. As part of its political deal to win the confidence vote with the help of the DMK Party, the UPA within 24 hours of winning the sham confidence vote, told the Supreme Court through its Special Counsel Nariman that Shri Ram himself destroyed the Sethu and therefore the broken Sethu has no spiritual sanctity and therefore there is no harm in demolishing it to complete the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP).

    Fali S.Nariman quoted the scriptures of Padma Puranam and Kambha Ramayanam to show how Shri Rama himself destroyed the Sethu to ensure nobody else would cross over to Sri Lanka. He said, ‘we are not destroying any bridge, as there is no bridge. We believe it was not a man-made structure. It was a super man-made structure, which was broken by Lord Ram himself. If it was something that was destroyed by the same man who built it, we are dealing with only a belief’. In order to counter the arguments of Nariman, the petitioners quoted from another scripture, Skanda Puranam, in point of time anterior to the Padma Puranam and the Kambha Ramayanam. There is no reference to the destruction of Sethu by Sri Rama in Skanda Puranam.”

    “The VHP General Secretary Pravin Togadia has rightly said: ‘The Centre’s affidavit in the Supreme Court is the result of a trade-off between Sonia Gandhi and Karunanidhi as part of which the latter agreed to support the confidence vote sought by Manmohan Singh (on 22 July, 2008) on the condition that the UPA government will ensure that the Rama Setu is brought down. The centre’s stand before the apex court is fraught with dangerous consequences for the country… The same people (the centre) who first questioned the very existence of Ramayana, Lord Ram and Ram Setu are now invoking Kamba Ramayana and Padma Purana to say that Lord Rama destroyed the Rama Setu, but are not willing to look at the original Valmiki Ramayana, which has no such mention. It is a clear case of conspiracy to divide the nation, which will go up in flames and Sonia Gandhi will be responsible for it. The VHP would launch a nation-wide protest against the ‘conspiracy’ to destroy the Ram Setu’.


      The Ariyan invaders, destroyed the original religion of India (son of the soil) and made their own religion(Hindu) and imposed on our forefathers cunningly with selfish intention…by not understandable mantaras..? now small brother killing the big brother in the name of religion in India.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Excerpts taken from the following brilliant articles worth reading by all Hindus.



    I certainly am not referring to vikram chandras , barkha dutts & rajdeep sardesais by the word HINDUS.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Presuming/Assuming there is lot of thorium , SO WHAT ??

    The various marauders who invaded our country pillaged & looted OUR HINDU TEMPLES for exactly the same reasons. Lots of gold , diamonds , jewellery , cash collections……

    During war of 1962 , the same congress gorement of India looted Guruvayurappan Temple confiscating Lord Krishna’s WEALTH that included a lot of GOLD.

    What if there are rich deposits of thorium & similar precious stuff under Rashtrapathi Bhavan , (WITHIN also we all know part of which was looted by Pratibha Patil) lots of rich goodies in the custody of Sonia dynasty…lots of amassed riches in the possession of prannoy roys & sagarika ghoses , n.rams & jennifer aruls along with thorium deposits beneath their houses & workplaces , tv studios????

    How about harnessing them first for the “development of India”.

    A very good thought worth pondering over & working on. The God they do not believe in would be mighty pleased.


      Who assited to loot India, Ariyans…now sheding crocoddle tears? Shit.

  • KK

    The facts you present are not the important facts, if you see from UPA’s angle.

    UPA is taking a key scientific step in completing the work begun by McCaulay, which is to erase a nation’s history, erase a nation’s sense of self. How else to erase a nation ? (A nation is not its resources or its people but its collective consciousness…. only after erasing which it can be plundered at will with absolute zero resistance).

  • v.l. narasimhan, chennai – 61

    Once again if ramar sethu project work is commenced you take it for granted that dmk will not win in loksabha election even single seat. since because of the project is commenced by the insistance of dmk, dmk last the power in tamilnadu, even they last the status of opposition party. If they proceed it is for sure that their party will be ruined by the bows of lord Rama in the form of votes.


      Is he a God? Ram doubted his own? wife purity, tested her, then accepted her, a headless human only accept him as God?

      • Vineet Menon

        Still better than a medieval cult leader followers of whom burn women at stake.

  • Raj

    US Senator seeks Pachauri’s resignation
    Washington, Feb 9, (PTI):
    A Republican Senator has asked Rajendra K Pachauri, Chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to resign after revelations of alleged ongoing scientific fraud under him.