No plan to reduce age of juveniles: Government

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Niticentral Staff27 Feb 2013

2 plan to reduce age of juveniles: Government&id=nc

No plan to reduce age of juveniles: GovtWomen and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath on Wednesday said that the Government has decided against lowering the age of juveniles under the Juvenile Justice Act.

While replying to a question in Rajya Sabha on suggestions for amending the Act she said, “We are not yet ready to reduce the age of juveniles.”

She said in a meeting held by the Ministry of Home Affairs with Chief Secretaries of State Governments and Directors General of Police on January 4 a suggestion was made regarding lowering of age of juveniles from 18 years to 16 in the wake of the Delhi gang-rape case in which a juvenile is an accused.

“However, the Committee on Amendments to Criminal Law under the Chairmanship of Justice J S Verma (Retd), in its recommendations submitted on 23.1.2013, has not supported the suggestion regarding reduction of the age of the child in conflict with law.

“Accordingly, the Ministry of Women and Child Development is not considering any amendment to lower the age of children in conflict with law under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000,” she said.

To a supplementary by Jai Prakash Narayan Singh (BJP) on how much time will it take to include other suggestions on the issue, the Minister said, “These suggestions are under consideration of the Ministry.”

She said those juveniles who have committed serious crimes are put in different juvenile homes and are kept there for three years, where training is given to them to help make them good citizens.

“We want to keep children close to our hearts and help them become good citizens,” Tirath said.

In reply to another supplementary by Avtar Singh Karimpuri (BSP), she said, “The smaller amendments proposed are being considered and if need be amendments will be made in the Act after consultations. It will take some more time.”

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2 plan to reduce age of juveniles: Government&id=nc

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  • malavika

    I hope BJP takes up this serious issue and make it a poll issue in Delhi and other places.

    Adult crimes like rape, gang rape, murder deserve adult punishment. Congress ke Hath Bhrashtachar ke sath.

  • Brahma

    Perhaps someone should point out to the Congress that those below 18 cannot vote. No vote bank to be won here!

    Ohh wait! How naive of me! The Congress party, hands down, is the most visionary party in Indian politics today. Pandering to vote banks is passe, its time to think out of the box. Create a whole new vote bank! Look out for a reduction in the age of those who can vote from 18 to 16. Master stroke!

    Jokes apart, this government has been hijacked by a whole spectrum of groups- human rights groups, women rights groups, child rights groups, anti-Modi groups, groups advocating right to secession, so on so forth. Hence, the status quo.

    However, it would be unfair to the Congress party to give all the credit to the said organisations. One must also acknowledge Congress’ firm resolve and unwavering determination to not budge come what may. The party always manages to “stay put”. What inspiring tenacity!