Ram Setu in danger!

Ram Setu in danger!

Ram Setu in danger!

The Ram Setu, a land bridge between our southeastern coast in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, and a valuable civilisational heritage, is being endangered by the UPA coalition, which, frightened by Andimuthu Raja’s move to testify before the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the 2G spectrum scam, has revived the Setusamudram Shipping Canal Project to appease its DMK ally.

Indians who pretend that the Setu’s sacredness is a figment of the political imagination of a segment of society may note that the structure has fascinated non-Hindus for centuries. Al-Beruni in the 11th century noted, “Setubandha means bridge of the ocean. It is the dike of Ram, the son of Dasarath, which he built from the continent to the castle Lanka. At present it consists of isolated mountains between which the ocean flows.” The 13th century Venetian adventurer, Marco Polo, mentions ‘Setabund Rameshwara’, a bridge related to Ram.

Early European travellers have recorded that a few hundred years ago, at low tide, the Ram Setu still served as a land bridge to Sri Lanka. Temple epigraphs and travelogues recorded in the Madras Presidency Gazetteer of 1893 state that this was possible up to 1799, after which the choppy waters and changing tide patterns rendered it difficult. A 16th-17th century map shows a land-link between India and Sri Lanka.

In the 18th century, Sir William Jones observed that the Devanagri script held sway “from the borders of Cashgar and Khoten, to Rama’s Bridge, and from the Sindhu to the river of Siam…” Speaking of Rama and his quest to rescue his wife from the clutches of Ravana, Jones added, “He soon raised a bridge of rocks over the sea, part of which, say the Hindus, yet remains; and it is probably the series of rocks to which the Muselmans or the Portuguese have given the foolish name of Adam’s (it should be called Rama’s) bridge” (Discourses delivered before the Asiatic society)

Interestingly, the Sinhala people have always believed that king Ashoka’s son Mahinda and daughter Sanghamitra came over the bridge. Hence Colombo’s puissant struggle to save it.

NASA satellite images clearly show a broken bridge on the ocean floor with unique curvature and composition that reveals it to be man-made, about 1,750,000 years old. Archeological studies confirm that the first signs of human habitation in Sri Lanka date back to about 1,750,000 years ago, and that the bridge’s age is almost equivalent. In March 2012, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa urged the Prime Minister to declare the Setu a national monument on account of its “immeasurable historical, archaeological and heritage value”.

The idea of a shipping channel across the Palk Strait was first mooted in the British in 1860 as a short-cut for ocean-going ships sailing between the west and east coast of India. From 1956, the Government of India set up several committees to examine its feasibility. The Setusamudram project was formally launched in 2005; dredging began in 2006. The same year, Hindu leaders met the President of India to protest destruction of the Ram Setu.

Ram Setu falls within the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere; an international campaign to save this unique and fragile ecology readily included the Setu as a cultural heritage of mankind. The RK Pachauri committee appointed to study the issue in 2012 noted that shipping lanes in the Gulf of Mannar could cause oil spills and marine pollution, and ravage the rare soft-coral reefs, marine turtles, and rare endangered sea animals such as Dugongs and Green Turtles, besides adversely affecting the livelihoods of fishermen. (The report was summarily rejected when it found the project economically and ecologically unsound).

In 1989, the Government of India established the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere as South Asia’s largest protected marine ecosystem. It has 3,600 species of plants and animals, including sperm whales and dolphins, 117 species of corals (in Indian territorial waters alone), besides many varieties of fish and crustaceans. Any damage to these violates India’s commitments under the UN Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bonn Convention).

The marine life on the Sri Lankan side, which is better protected, is even richer. The Bar Reef off the Kalpitiya peninsular alone has 156 species of coral and 283 of fish; there are two other coral reef systems around Mannar and Jaffna. There are extensive banks of oysters, as well as Indian Chank and Sea Cucumbers, especially in the seas adjacent to Mannar.

The ocean floor between India and Sri Lanka is too shallow for ships, so vessels sailing from India’s west and heading to Bangladesh or Indian ports on the east coast have to go around Sri Lanka. It was thought that a channel at Mannar would save nearly 780 km of sailing distance and 30 hours of sailing time for ships, and benefit the Indian Navy and Coast Guard.

But Sri Lanka’s National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency noted that this would increase the water flow from the Bay of Bengal to the Gulf of Mannar, disturbing the inland water balance and Mannar eco-systems. It would hurt fishermen, who are vociferously resisting the project as shipping and fishing cannot coexist in that narrow waterway.

Moreover, cyclone data from 1860 to 2000 shows that cyclones cross the region and its neighborhood once every four years and severely erode the coast. Tsunamis can be even more lethal; the 2004 tsunami has not even been factored in.

The project has failed to study the sedimentation pattern of Palk Bay, which would quantify how much sediment would need to be removed each season, which impacts feasibility. The Information Memorandum of UTI Bank (now Axis Bank) pegged dredging costs at Rs 200 million in the first year. Experts say it will be higher as the open sea constantly brings sand, which could keep the channel effectively closed much of the year. The Suez Canal was cut through land, but needs to be annually desilted.

Experts feel the channel will be unviable as it will involve reducing speed, switching fuels, and extra costs like canal charges and pilot navigation assistance to negotiate it. Also, for security reasons ships must keep a distance of 200 nautical miles from the Sri Lankan coast; the channel does not address this concern.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the matter and may be our last hope.

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  • Rajalakshmi

    This is PRECISELY the reason I PRAY CHINA attacks Indians pronto.
    I have been praying for very long. Indians are pseudo pious.

    So what if British mooted this idea ? Trust them to do so. Whatever happened to HINDUS? During the heated debates during Viswaroopam movie controversy a MUSLIM rightly pointed out to HINDUS

    “….it is YOUR duty to uphold whatever is SACRED for you. Don’t pass on that burden on us “.

    That MUSLIM was absolutely right as hindus were justifying ludicrously “MF.Hussein did blah blah so kamalhassan’s blahblah cancels it out”.

    WRONG. Lots of crypto christians , leftists , converted christians , hindus lots of them DO NOT CARE at all. They imagine like perfectly dangerous IDIOTS one fine day MahaVishnu will appear on white horse & establish peace.

    An extremely stirring traditional DEVOTIONAL HYMN on Lord Muruga sung by K.B.Sundharambal in Thiruvilaiyaadal ( A.P.Nagarajan) has been ridiculed with unseemly levity by none other than HINDU actresses Lakshmi ( urvashi award winner sanctimonious tambram) & Aishwarya Rai set to such ridiculous music by A.R.Rehman. In the movie Jeans financed by debauched Indians & shot in America etc. TOTALLY worthless movie. Dialogues written by tambram IIT EVM inventor Sujatha.

    Hindus relished that blasphemous parody & the entire movie.Including many Puttaparthi SaiBaba devotees ALSO.

    That is why bomb blasts, accidents, tsunamis , dengue, drought, power crisis , famine—-are JUST DESSERTS served by the Very SAME LORD SRI.RAM.

  • http://twitter.com/pvnatarajan pvnatarajan

    Mr. M. Karunanidhi, DMK chief has said a in a public statement , that NDA approved the same alignment cutting across Ram sethu. BJP is yet to repudiate it. Hence, it is clear , though BJP is opposing now, they only started all these. What happened to the sacredness in 2004?

    Hence, BJP is not the hope. Even the SC intervention was due to Jayalalitha & Swamy. Where was BJP even at that time. BJP is nothing but B team of 10, Janpath. Don’t believe them

    any how, don’t lose hope. As long as Jaya is ruling T. nadu, the project can never be revived. She is the only hope.

  • http://nil chandramoulee

    IT is nothing short of criminal to destroy Ram Setu. It is obvious why the UPA Government is bent upon breaking it down at this present juncture-as Sandhya Jain has set out.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Thank God Smt.Jayalalithaa is calling the shots in Tamil Nadu.

    She is inherently & consistently been good.Never wore masks as that goes against the grain of her very nature.

    BJP I know also gave a nod for this project. BUT do remember one thing.Lots of wishy washy hindus have always been in BJP including Vajpayee, Advani etc. Hence let us not go euphoric crying BJP is same same as congress. NOT in the LEAST.

    Lots of devout HINDUS are there worldwide.Lots of devout MUSLIMS are also there spread worldwide who have NEVER wanted to harm Ram’s Sethu.

    Sri.Dawood Ibrahims & Musharrafs & lots of Taleban Mujahideens etc NEVER pranced around with pelvic thrusts inside Hindu Temples. Never looted a single paisa also.

    Let us not give excessive importance to any political party be it BJP or congress. With useless flotsam & jetsam fumigated the world will always exist & survive.

    Nobody really talks BJP nowadays. But Narendra Modi. That is another silver lining.As in this recent phone tapping of Arun Jaitley also I read certain bjp people were also there. Treachery comes very naturally to many Indians. Hindus are no exceptions to this flaw in character be they in bjp or congress.

    Gujrals & Yash Chopras died. Has the Sun stopped shining? Have we become miserable?

    Or did shah rukh khans become heartbroken enough to commit suicide?

  • Rajalakshmi

    Lots of people are crying for “development””employment” “gas cylinders” & so forth.

    Only cretinous IDIOTS would think of making money & generating “development & jobs” by attacking Sacred Pilgrimage Kshetras.

    Commonsense dictates fumigation of India of barkha dutts , teestas , yechurys , bardhans , kollybolly rotten scoundrels would effortlessly solve all peoblems of scarcity.

    BLESSED CHINA had long offered with laudable gumption :-

    ” Should you require any assistance in dealing with communists/leftists in your country WE ARE EVER READY “.

    And BLESSED DENGUE MOSQUITOES also joining in would make it a cakewalk.

  • Sayan Sen

    Hand over the leadership of the protest movement to “secular” (my second favourite word after tolerance :) ) environmental groups. Supreme Court judges are highly learned to differentiate between fact (history) and fiction (mythology. They can be better convinced through ecological arguments. What will Hindutvavadis say if judges quote Karunanidhi “So you say Lord Ram built the bridge?From which college did he pass engineering?” :) What will internet Hindus reply? “Vashistha Engineering College” :)? (FYI, Maharshi Vashistha was the guru of Ikshaku/Raghu dynasty where Maryada-Purushottam was born). Some people have made Lord Ram as the No. 1 litigant in India, first in Ayodhya and now Ram Setu. What can you expect of those people who have deleted the name of Allah (Ishwar Allah tere naam) from Gandhiji’s favourite Ram-Dhun? All glories unto Maryada-Purushottam Sri Ramachandra!! Jai Shree Ram!!! :)

    • Es

      Mr Sayan Sen,

      Seems like you are hiding your true identity.

  • MJoshi

    Excellent article with historical and political facts. Hope SC can stop this crusade or madness by UPA to dredge billion plus Hindus and their sentiments into pavitra sands of Ramasetu.

  • Vinod

    My own objection is that the Channel would allow all countries and navies, including those inimical to India to use the new channel that would be created.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1287795381 Shirish Dave

    Why the hell Ram Setu Canal Project is needed for India at all?
    Why the hell should we use our western ports for import/export of goods from/to Eastern countries? We can use our eastern port for export import from/to eastern countries.
    Similarly we can use our western ports for import/export of goods from/to western countries. Ram Setu is not coming in picture at all. Ram Setu Canal Project is not needed at all.
    If we want to provide monitory benefit to Eastern and western countries to facilitate their export/import via Ram Setu as a shorter route, then only Ram Setu Canal project is useful and that too them only.
    Why should we bother ourselves for benefitting others at our cost and to harm our resources?

  • SM Dave

    Why the hell Ramsetu Canal Project is needed for India at all?
    Why the hell should we use our western ports for import/export of goods from/to Eastern countries? We can use our eastern port for export import from/to eastern countries. Similarly we can use our western ports for import/export of goods from/to western countries. Ram Setu is not coming in picture at all. Ram Setu Canal Project is not needed at all.
    If we want to provide monetary benefit to Eastern and western countries to facilitate their export/import via Ram Setu as a shorter route, then only Ram Setu Canal project is useful and that too them only.
    Why should we bother ourselves for benefitting others at our cost and to harm our resources?

  • Akaula

    I am a supporter of preserving Rama Setu. But your 1.75 million year man made comment takes away the credibility. After all modern man, is at most 150K to 200K old. At least references would be nice to for such a claim.

  • Kumar

    Forget Ramsethu as a Religious symbol. Studies have shown the non viability of the project as only smaller ships could pass, that too waiting in Q for being piloted causing delays of days together. So time saved in didstance is nullified.

    The channel will be used only by ships taking Tuticorin Chennai/ Vizag.route, as all ships towards Calcutta or Malacca straits / Singapore from West would circle around Srilanka.

    With more and more larger ships launched for containers, the channel cannot expect revenue even to meet the expenses to run the establishment and reaching break even levels would be a dream with additional delays and costs in desilting frequently.

    A more viable alternative would be to run container Railways from Tuticorin to Chennai, reachable within 12 hours and Vizag in another day.

  • Raman

    Reading between the lines, Sandhya Jain appears to be more Sri Lankan nationalist than the Sinhalese are! Her article is less to do with Indian national interest and more to prevent Indian efforts to build a channel that can undermine Sri Lanka’s naval interests!

    Sandhya claims that Sri Lankan tradition has it that ‘Mahinda and Sanghamitta had come to Sri Lanka by walking over the Sethu bridge’. That’s not our history at all. The Arhat Mahinda reportedly traveled by air using his iddhis or yogic powers while Sanghamitta landed by sea on the north coast. That is anyway pious Buddhist legend.

    Sandhya Jain then claims that Colombo had ‘puissant struggle to save the bridge’. Wrong again. Vast tracks of the northern Sri Lankan waters have been leased out to the Chinese for oil exploration and eventual off-shore oil rigs. Its a different story that no oil has been found to date.

    Sri Lanka’s reluctance to endorse the channel is only intended to keep Indian commerce away from its shores – particularly its northern shores!

    Sandhya then quotes the National Aquatic Research Development Agency of Sri Lanka. So who is she routing for – India or Sri Lanka?

    The Sethu Samudram was an artery of naval commerce in bygone ages as illustrated by the archeological evidence of Tamil Sri Lanka. The likes of her should not comment on things she knows little about! A channel between Bombay and Madras, one that safeguards the integrity of the Sethu bridge is needed to protect Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil interests.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Myself & my son were “learning” driving of both scooter (two wheel) & car (four wheel) from that dubious Raghavendra Driving school of Coimbatore owned by Brahmin hating DUBIOUS CHEATS.

    One of their female instructors was one insolent converted christian girl with bindi, holy ash , flowers in hair , bangles clad sometimes in simmmple looking salwar kameezes & suddenly in expensive Kanjeevaram Silk sarees. Who even before marriage was merrily having premarital “relationship” with another converted christian who called himself !!!!!!! *thirunavukkarasu*.

    Their entire family was more than affluent with CASH , WHITE GOODS & various FREE luxuries including a FREE HOUSE , FREE vehicles handed over FREE by christian missionaries.

    She tormented me to no end.Purposely came very late and / or absented herself. Would NEVER inform me at all.

    While riding one useless scooty belonging to that DACOITS infested Raghavendra Driving School she NEVER would let me balance or even help me in achieving balance.I know no cycling. (My father working in Jute Mills could not afford to buy a single bicycle. Other children of D.Gupta & one Dolly Pujari or Tijari , Sinhal , Mulesh Jain , Dikshits etc were always riding bicycles in those verdant lawns of Budge Budge New Central Jute Mills).

    This converted christian INSOLENT LYING CHEAT tamilian instructor PURPOSELY always held on to my scooty for that designated 30 mins ONLY so that they could protract on & on thus making FILTHY LUCRE.

    One day she turned up five hours late in that SaiBaba colony flat. I asked her reasons for non punctuality. At once she threw a WILD TRANTRUM SCREAMING & CRYING :-
    ( SIC)
    ” This upper caste BRAHMIN woman coming from Gulf country whose ancestors practised untouchability (peppered with routine aryan dravidian diatribe) is so arrogant, treating me disrespectfully….” went on & on.

    Not a single person despite knowing facts stood up for me.Including the brahmin RICH landlords & landladies.

    Serendipitously, one day she was accosted by her converted christian boyfriend while “teaching” me , she left me alone. At that time someone who has been watching this charade of “scooty learning” who was professional coconuts picker atop a coconut tree in that area tersely gave me verbal instructions on the secret of achieving balance. I did & suddenly to my delight was merrily riding all over making turns & twists.

    At once she came RUNNING & UPBRAIDED me insultingly with her menacing paramour shouting:-

    ” Who asked you to ride? How dare you ride ?? How dare you get balance without my permission & certifying “.

    And snatched the scooty & zipped away with that paramour.

    ALL the petrol cost , mobile grease etc etc were all BILLED to me. She always had a gala time with her boyfriend tirunavukkarasu in that scooty BUT BILLED everything to ME Justifying with CRIMINAL AUDACITY I ought not to object as I spent some years in Kuwait & I am a BRAHMIN.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1287795381 Shirish Dave

    I have shared the aforesaid information given by Rajalakshmi on my facebook

    • Rajalakshmi

      Thank you very much !

  • http://anupknair.wordpress.com Anup Nair

    I just don’t understand this infatuation/devotion of Hindus like Rajalakshmi to protect inanimate objects such as Ram Temple & Ram Setu citing religious reasons. I don’t know about Rajalakshmi but a majority I have seen of such Hindus shows that they will perpetrate petty and gross acts of violence/injustice/ill treatment to fellow living human beings but when it comes to inanimate objects become models of piety.

    I suppose it is the blind belief that if one propitiates the “Gods” then that’s all there is to matter in the scheme of things. Sad state of affairs.

    • Rajalakshmi

      Why do you bother trying to fathom HINDUS “devotion”.

      Such bleeding hearts like you should QUIT Bharath along with “fellow human beings” that you perceive are being neglected by PIOUS HINDUS.
      Go to Burundi,Somalia, Ethiopia,Timbaktu & do service uplifting the suffering.

      Hindus like us would NEVER EVER miss you or pine for your return after some sudden metamorphosis.

      • http://anupknair.wordpress.com Anup Nair

        I bother because people like you dumb down the discourse around important issues on the basis of your blind religious beliefs & superstitions and in the process keep chained the Indian society to backwardness. You are no different to those converted Christians, Christians, Dalits that you so abhor.

        And what is it with people like you? You hear one note of dissonance and you come up with unsolicited advice to people to leave the country and go elsewhere! Why and what are you so agitated about?

  • Rajalakshmi

    @Sandhya Jain & Shirish Dave,

    Sri.Ram Sethu reminds me of something else which is extremely important.

    NEVER EVER feel sorry for and/ or take pity on the allegedly poor of India who have the penchant of raising dalit card / toiling masses / underprivileged/ marginalised/ illiterate/ aiyopaavam girl gender / aiyopaavam very young age/ & kindred hats they & their champions wear to engender guilt in SANE & NORMAL people of India who have already become the ENDANGERED SPECIES.

    Right now it is trendy to wail excessively over rapes,molestations,women’s rights….triggered by that recent ‘Delhi Rape’. There is another side to it. Only CERTAIN HINDUS of India would even bother to see the link , cogitate & understand.

    Animals , birds , insects , plants & trees -ALL are equally PRECIOUS to Our Maker.” Every ANT’s footsteps are ALSO heard with equal & undivided attention by GOD” says Sri.Ramakrishna Pramahamsar.

    In Ramanashramam Thiruvannamalai (which is quite sprawling & impossible to monitor meticulously) lots of these allegedly poor/dalit/toiling have not only constructed their own homes , shovels , huts etc RIGHT all over the foothills of Annamalaiyar ( Lord Ssiva) but also pluck flowers , pelt stones at various birds & animals. Capture baby monkeys shackling them with iron chains , kill peacocks , torture frogs , butterflies etc etc.They are emboldened ONLY because of political patronage pro dalitism pro toiling massesism ( communists)& so on.

    Allegedly poor & rich and really poor & rich – in BOTH KINDNESS is seldom a GIVEN.I saw one girl called Vasuki whose entire family was sitting INSIDE the KURANGU THOTTAM & eating enormous amounts of food (rice , dal , curries , fried papads , sweets & fruits). They also had plenty of water to drink by their side purified TEAM water.

    Frisky squirrels scamper around trees & their young ones often fall down lying helplessly.One such baby squirrel was picked up by this Vasuki who told me she & her family ROUTINELY EAT THEM after cooking. I could not believe as Ramana Bhagavan & KINDNESS to flora & fauna is LEGENDARY.

    I dwelt at length in Tamil very patiently telling her NOT to torture them thus but leave them there amidst greenery unharmed.She PRETENDED to listen nodding sans any emotion. To ensure that squirrel’s safety I gave her a big packet of biscuits ( foreign & local). At once she went & told her family something. I took that squirrel to Ashramam Office & told them everything.

    When I came back much later to my room in Kurangu Thottam , Vasuki & her mother told me:-

    ” Ours is a huge family. Eating squirrels , rabbits etc we do routinely. You took away our (?) squirrel & hence return it back or supply foreign biscuit packets in large quantities for our entire family. Even if we listen to you & not eat , still we WILL TRAP squirrels , birds & animals as that is FUN for us”. The mother was holding a BIG BROOM with STIFF SPIKY bristles menacingly while arguing with me thus.

    Let us remember Bhadrachala Ramadasar underwent incarceration & torture for having held a parrot captive in a cage.

    This is EXACTLY the reason I feel NO PITY AT ALL when I read so many perished in fire in a divali crackers making cottage….so & so was kidnapped or missing….fell into a well & died of drowning…parapet wall missing…electrocuted….

    If that Vasuki/ her mother were to be “molested” or died of dengue or cholera or famine or run over by bus I would have felt very GRATIFIED.

    Read what I have written very attentively.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1287795381 Shirish Dave

    It is the Nehruvian party rule who under their so-called atheism and rationalism, have divided India by teaching a wrong history to people of India. Earlier this roll was played by British, then by Nehruvian party. It has also generated similar family lead parties like DMK and ADMK and many others who have under pseudo secularism, neglected the historical facts and philosophy of ancient India. It is the directive principle of our constitution to follow the path of non-violence put forward by Mahatma Gandhi. To eat animals is a crime. A Mahatma Gandhian Governor of Tamil Nadu had refused to serve Non-Veg to the then President in 1978 in Governor house in Chennai.

    Why the mass should remain poor to facilitate the Christian missionary to convert the poor mass, and how DMK leaders have lot money with Hindu names? Despite of this they refuse the existence of Rama as a character of history. Why is the hypocrisy? Is it the fault of God that they are born in India instead of Europe?

    No body has given any reply on my comment on unnecessary Ram Setu Canal project.

  • Rajalakshmi

    @Shirish Dave,

    I fully support your views & stand on Sri.Ram’s Sethu.

    Many in bjp are not truly honest and Rambakthas as we delude ourselves.

    I was struck speechless when one Ganapadigal of Ramanashramam supposedly TEACHER of Vidhyarthis in that Veda Patashala himself tole me with derision once:-
    ” ….as if we are all seeking God…most of us are commercial only Mami…..
    it is money we are seeking ….so many janmas are needed to wash off your sins….you have so much dirt in your mind & why ask about Kaasi’s topography ”

    Not just that. He had LOTS of Athirudra Prasadam lying beside him in that room of his where he often retires to sleep like Deve Gowda.Despite my repeated very polite requests to give me prasadam ( not eatables like laddos etc but Homa Prasadham Holy Ash he stoutly REFUSED to do so.
    His name is Sendhil Ganapadigal. Has a motor cycle & owns lots of money blah blah.

    Kanakammal Ramana Bhagavan’s Devotee last time I met Her advised me:-

    ” Drop this sendhil ganapadigal….forget him…..avoid him…do not go to him”.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Shirish Dave,

    DO NOT get carried away by RSS or any organization for that matter.

    Once while having my lunch at Ramanashramam I cried out:-

    ” Today’s paayasam is very special unlike the usual…very very special…”.

    At once one stranger man sitting beside me shouted at me asking in tamil

    ” What nanna irukku….what what what WHAT is special? Nothing at all.It is very bad because they have cheated us…by mixing yesterday’s laddoos in paayasam to sweeten it. Instead of adding routine sugar like a purist’s recipe…you call this good …”.

    He was one RSS member he introduced himself & said he was one fiery pracharak fluent in tamil , hindi & blah blah.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1287795381 Shirish Dave


    I have nothing to do with RSS or BJP. I support BJP simply because it has worked far better than Nehruvian Congress in Gujarat under the leadership of Narendra Modi, and in India under the leadership of Bajpai. According to Narendra Modi, the cause of every evil in the society is poverty and illiteracy. Illiteracy brings poverty and poverty brings illiteracy. Both can be eliminated if we are committed to development and education.

    Off course I hate the Aryan Invasion Theory and support Saraswati Civilization and Vedas. Yes I agree that some persons have commercialized the religion. But it is a long discussion of minus and plus points. The persons who have to become wealthy would find out the way where they think they would be successful.

    Some join politics where they break laws, cheat mass and spread rumors and make money illegally. Some others in religion would do the same without breaking law.

    The reality of Sanatan Dharma is available in Adwait of Shankaracharya. Please read “Not Even Two, One and only one” at treenetram.wordpress.com and oblige with your valuable comments.