Sadhvi Pragya denied bail, allowed to attend father’s funeral

Sadhvi Pragya denied bail, allowed to attend father's funeral

Sadhvi Pragya denied bail, allowed to attend father's funeralAmidst a veil of secrecy and tight security, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur attended her father’s funeral on Monday and promptly set off for jail in Bhopal. The Special Judge (NIA) Bhopal, Vijay Kumar Pandey, on March 3, 2013, gave special permission to Sadhvi Pragya to attend her father’s funeral on March 4, and ordered her to return to jail on March 5.

Ayurvedic doctor Chandrapal Singh died on March 2, 2013, in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. His family immediately declared that the funeral would not be held until the Sadhvi gets bail. They took the body to their native village, Lahar, Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh, for the last rites. Bail is normally granted to undertrials and even convicts to attend family funerals and weddings. In fact, on October 19, 2012, Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir headed the Bench that granted bail to journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi who was arrested on March 6, 2012 for alleged involvement in the Israeli diplomat car attack case, on grounds that bail is a right.

Advocate Ganesh Sovani on Sunday, March 3, 2013, submitted an application for grant of interim bail so that she could attend the funeral on March 4, and observe the 13-day mourning period with her family. As it was a holiday, he contacted special public prosecutor Rohini Salian and requested her presence before the Special MCOC & NIA judge on Monday, March 4. But during the hearing, Salian sought two days time to get instructions from NIA higher-ups in Delhi to respond to her interim bail plea. The Special National Investigating Agency (NIA) and Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) Court will now hear the interim bail plea to enable the Sadhvi to observe the remaining mourning period with her family only on March 6.

However, as Sadhvi Pragya is currently lodged at the District Jail, Bhopal, MP, on account of being an accused in the Sunil Joshi Murder case, a separate application was also moved by her local lawyers before the Special NIA Judge, Bhopal, MP. Accordingly, Mr. Vijay Kumar Pandey granted special permission to attend the funeral at Bhind, and so she took a nine-hour journey by train and two-hour road drive to reach Lahar. After attending the funeral, she took the return journey and is expected back in Bhopal District Jail on the evening of March 5.

It bears recalling that a benevolent Indian judiciary permitted Italian marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone to fly home for Christmas last December despite being arrested for the murder of two Indian fishermen off Alapuzha coast on February 15, 2012.

But different standards have always been applied in the case of Sadhvi Pragya, who has been denied bail persistently for five years despite suffering from cancer. More pertinently, Sadhvi Pragya has been languishing in jail despite the police or intelligence agencies failing to frame charges against her in the 2008 Malegaon blasts. When she developed cancer in jail and experienced ill-treatment in custody, she informed the Registrar (Judicial), Mumbai High Court, in January 2013 that she would not take medical treatment for her malady unless released on bail. Despite the poignancy of the situation, the National Investigation Agency again opposed Sadhvi Pragya’s bail application in February 2013; it offered to get her admitted to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, which she declined.

Now, despite the death of her father, the judiciary does not seem inclined to give her bail, hence the surreptitious permission to attend the cremation ceremony.

To briefly recapitulate the travails of Sadhvi Pragya, she was accused of plotting the September 29, 2008, bomb blasts in Malegaon (Maharashtra) and Modasa (Gujarat), in which six Muslims died. Thereafter, a spectre of ‘Hindu terror’ equaling, or equalising, Islamic jihad, was raised.

Despite the complete absence of any evidence – primary, circumstantial, corroborative, forensic, or even contrived through facilities like brain-mapping and lie detector tests during prolonged police custody – the myth was assiduously maintained with help from an obliging media which reported all leaks as gospel truth and a judiciary that refused bail and gave the Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad excessive leeway in its fishing expedition.

There have, of course, been stories galore, such as alleged ‘eyewitnesses’ who ‘heard’ both sides of a conversation between principal accused Ramji Kalsagre and Pragya Singh Thakur, wherein Ramji told Pragya her motorcycle was used in the Malegaon blasts and assured her that it would not be traced to her.

Then, Ajay Eknath Rahirkar was said to have financed the conspiracy, and had coordinated with Jagdish Chintamani Mhatre and Rakesh Dattaram Dhawade to purchase arms. But since no guns were used in the attack, citizens can only wonder at the quality of our investigating agencies.

It bears mention that in the 2006 Malegaon blasts, the ATS concluded that the blasts were the handiwork of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). But this time it was not willing to look at that organisation, which is currently being linked to the twin blasts in Hyderabad on February 21, 2013.

Despite five years of failing to frame a charge sheet against Sadhvi Pragya, the case continues under the stringent MCOCA. This is truly diabolical as that the Congress-dominated UPA had revoked POTA on coming to power, claiming that such stiff laws were not needed to tackle terrorism. Indeed, that is why Abu Salem, extradited from Portugal, was exempted from MCOCA coverage!

The flip side is that even the investigating officers find it difficult to keep track of their ‘stories’. Hence, the sleazy photographs of women, once ‘found’ on the computer of Varanasi sanyasi Dayanand Pande, have quietly disappeared.

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  • Dabangg Hindu

    By not filing charge sheet against sadhvi Pragya singh by NIA and ATS Mumbai the justice is deraile in india.the SC has role to player arbitrator in such case.If any agency wilfully doesnot file charge sheet and keep the accused in jail beyond the specified period of six months it is a crime on humanity.If the NIA and ATS has any evidence against her they should file charge sheet and commence trial of the case on fast tarck courts to complete the process of law and punish the accused if proved guilty.It is totally against our constitution to detain any person without substantial evidence submission of chargesheet within specified period.SC must do justice to the accused and instruct the agencies to submit Chargesheet and process the trial on fast track to punish the accused if evidence prove their gulit.

  • Amit

    Indian judiciary is always like rubber stamp. Judges work as rubber stamp and post retirement gets lucrative post in judicial commissions….Common people suffer.

    • Badari Narayanan

      Well said. Ours is a banana country with judiciary having least accountability.

  • g k agarwal

    Campaign need to be launched for release/bail of Sadhvi Pragya as the judiciary has even granted bail to Obessi against whom their are serious charges and even to Italians,when they murdered the Indian fisherman but Sadhvi is being held for last 5 years only because it is alleged that the scooter which she had sold 5 years back has been used in the alleged conspiracy

  • Bapty.s



  • Rajalakshmi

    The case of the two ITALIAN MARINES is totally different.

    I know congress party & Sonia Gandhi etc etc.

    YET those Italian MARINES were NOT guilty AT ALL.

    This was pointed out by many HINDUS , Christians , secularists , agnostics, atheists , buddhists of KERALA & INDIA. The relatives of the dead pocketed HEAVY amounts of money as compensation.Unlike Bhopal & churhat lottery gotala SCAMSTER chief minister of Madhya Pradesh , ITALIAN government DID hand over a whopping amount of money to that allegedly bereaved family.Many keralite converted christian ( NO NO NOT HONOURABLE RATZINGER of VATICAN) padres & politicians wanted to draw political electoral mileage. All of which astute Sandhya Jain must be acutely aware of.

    Even from the indooos karmic angle the fisherman’s death has to be accepted stoically.

    Nowadays I have REALLY started respecting Ratzinger of Vatican. Seriously.
    All said & done He did not advocate immorality. How could He be blamed for others’ errors of commission and/or omission ?

    All Gods are same. All values are same. Hindus are notorious in this art of blaming all misfortunes on Lord Krishna/Rama/Shiva’s alleged “cruelty”.
    But all pleasant tidings they accept as their well earned dues paid very very belatedly by the same “cruel sleeping snoring apathetic blind lackadaisical Krishna/Rama/Shiva/Durga/saraswathi/Lakshmi. “Having no IIT degree EVEN”.

    • Rajeev

      This is one of the most ridiculous comments ever seen. It is just spewing venom against Hindus and Hindu Gods. Whatever Hindus think does not concern you. For your information, Hindus do not blame Gods for the misfortune. No one is commenting on your christians so be civilised enough to leave Hindus alone. Sadhvi Pragya has already suffered but she is not expected to get justice while Abu Salem is not charged under MCOCA and has got liberal conditions on his sentencing imposed by YOUR CHRISTIAN PORTUGAL GOVT. SO PLEASE LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF BEFORE COMMENTING ON THE RELIGIOUS FAITH OF HINDUS WHO HAVE ONLY SUFFERED UNDER CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM HEGEMONY.

    • Rajalakshmi

      @Sandhya Jain ,

      It is more than patent my comments are NOT on Sadhvi’s case but the two Italian Marines whose case has been raised here.

      I was pointing out the sheer impertinence of this comparison. That way which case in India has been handled fairly , honestly & with optimum transparency in this anarchic India?

      Take the case of Nupur Talwar. Lots of people were feralessly supplying facts that it was a cold blooded murder by her OWN dentist parents. And that swapping of partners for kinky sex & promiscuity have become the norm in many places in India including Delhi.

      Way back in New Central Jute Mills also I heard my own mother telling someone else very casually “wife swapping was routinely done during Christmas parties & New Year’s Eve in Budge Budge as fun”. Sorry to disappoint lurkers and anti Western Indians. As by then all English & Europeans had left Jute Mills. All filled with bengali (a)bhadraloks , tamil , telugu, punjabis , marwaris , jains etc.

      I am eclipsing some more facts here as they are irrelevant right now.

      The dentist fraternity , the allopaths fraternity & surgeons rallied behind the murderous parents.This would never have happened in America, Europe & Britain. When such cruel parents were taken to task at once holier than thou SM Krishnas & jingoistic Indians etc cried:-

      “hindu culture approves of such cruelty , sexual abuses etc….this is the norm…repatriate….apologise…”.

      Another hindu male brat in USA spied on some other American student invading his boundaries driving him to commit suicide. Rajeev Srinivasan (shadow warrior) & his band of sycophants approved of such prurient spying calling it harmless ragging & branded America “racist”.

      What is it if not HUBRIS.

      • mayank

        the church
        1. responsible for killing women for centuries in their witch hunting projects.
        2. ethnic cleansing in europe, north america , africa to name a few in the name of biblical myths and capitalistic propoganda. the churches were always very supportive of these actiokns in the name of civilizing those people.

        but still u “have REALLY started respecting Ratzinger of Vatican” because you or someone else on your behalf sold your soul to the soul cultivators .

        as per your balderdash about wife swapping , u are with inept references and out of context.

      • mayank

        What ? I haven’t even started . A cat caught your tounge ?

  • Anil Singh

    The Sadhvi should immediately brace Islam. No sooner than she has done it, her case shall be taken up by the Human Rights and Minority Commissions. NGOs owned by Teesta Setalwad and Kuldip Nayyar will get interested, and she will be released.
    There seems to be no other way out for her.

  • H.L.Parthasarathy

    It is a travesty of justice.

  • Virat Bharat

    I am in tears after reading this, Pragyaji your sacrifice will not go in vein. Justice will prevail & those who mistreated will be punished.

    Even after these many years Govt agencies not able to find one evidence against Saffron terror, Swami Aseemanand’s was based on confession & not based on evidence. We all know very well how under trails are made to confess.

    As Bhagav Shri Krishna said:
    paritranaya sadhunam
    vinasaya ca duskrtam
    sambhavami yuge yuge

    hang on Sadhviji, don’t stop fighting; You will be freed from these miseries and so is our Bharat