Let not the mind cling to pain

The Clinging Mind

The Clinging MindMind has a natural tendency to cling. If anything painful happens, the mind clings to it and feels the pain. If anything beautiful happens, mind clings to it and feels the pleasure and joy. It is our clinging that is the bottom line of all pains and pleasures. Even a long practitioner of spirituality can’t get out of this tendency of the mind.

The most powerful practice is how to rise to a state where you no longer cling to any happenings horrible or beautiful, knowing its transitory nature. Your goal is to remain in a non-clinging mode.

You can do it following the path of meditation where you grow into being the witnessing self, then nothing touches you, or you follow the path of love, where you cling to your chosen deity, but with devotional love, the clinging does not result in bondage but releases the grip of the ego for all the worldly attachments and lifts the devotee to a state of mind where he/she sees the beloved as the only reality. Then attachments or aversions gradually dissolve, creating space for ecstatic love for the divine.

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