RSS wants to make India a Hindu nation: Urdu daily Munsif

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Niticentral Staff6 Mar 2013

3 wants to make India a Hindu nation: Urdu daily Munsif&id=nc

RSS wants to make India a Hindu nation: Urdu daily MunsifAn article written by Maulana Hamid Naumani in the Urdu daily Munsif on December 23, 2012, alleges that the RSS is expanding its reach in different areas very swiftly. Some of its organisations are trying to divert attention of the people from its anti-national and anti-Muslim activities in a planned manner. So, the RSS is able to work peacefully. Officials with RSS-like ideology are spread across the country and in every department.

The writer claimed that it is clear from the analysis of the recent conventions of the organisation in Chennai that it wants to make India a Hindu nation.

(Source: India Policy Foundation)

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3 wants to make India a Hindu nation: Urdu daily Munsif&id=nc

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  • Prithvi Raj

    What is wrong if RSS wants to make India a Hindu Country. There are more than one hundred countries in the world which are officially ‘Chfristian’. There are more than fifity countries which are officially ‘ Islamic’ There is not even a single country in this word which is ‘Hindu’

    All need to understand that HINDUISM IS THE ONLY RELEGION (DHARM) in this world which is TRUELY SECULAR.Don’t raise your eye brows.Read the points stated below

    1. Nowhere in any Hindu Texts mentioned that other faiths are not good or
    need to be terminated. In Islam and Christianity, it is clearly stated that ‘all other faiths need to be terminated, their places of worship need to be destroyed,and even to kill the believers, to spread their own relegion

    2. Hindu Prayes ‘OM SANTI’ (Let the whole world be peacefull) & ‘LOKA SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTO’ ( Let the whole world be happy).

    3. Hinduism is not a relegion- It is a way of life, which any body can practice to enable a peaceful society,and protection of environment etc

    This is a very brief way of presentation. All the Muslims and Christian in India are converted to their respective relegions, so many generations before. Days will come when all of them will reconvert to the Bharatiya way of Dharma.

    • SportyHarry

      Prithvi, your comments are indeed right – but no need to be so soft on these “laato ke bhoot” who can understand only a tough and stern message. let us tell these Muzzies, that this is a pre-dominantly a Hindu nation – and we will claim it post 2014 when this bas*ard of MF corrupt Congress Govt. is permanently thrown into dustbin and BJP would rule this country for 20 to 330 years – bringing back our Hindu culture and traditions. muzzies & christians who feel they don’t like or fit into our scheme of things – pls. feel free to leave and settle anywhere U want. We (Govt. of India) will revoke your passport and give you a one-way ticket to whichever country you want absolutely free.

  • H Rao

    India is already a Hindu rashtra…. dont want any1′s F***** permission…. its only a matter to cleaning the garbage once and for all

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