Muslim leaders criticise Delhi HCs decision on polygamy

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Niticentral Staff7 Mar 2013

3 leaders criticise Delhi HCs decision on polygamy&id=nc

Muslim leaders criticise Delhi HCs decision on polygamyIn its January 3, 2013 issue, Urdu daily Roznama Rashtriya Sahara said that the comment made by the Delhi High Court on polygamy among Muslims was uncalled for and that no one has the right to interfere into the matters of Sharia. The comment made by the High Court on the Kuran is direct interference into Islamic laws and it should be protested.

Muslim Personal Law Board’s Maulana Mohammad Salim said that Sharia allows Muslims for more than one marriage with the condition that the husband is able to take care of his wives and do justice to them.

“The judge, who ruled that if a person does not have any child then only one can marry again, is not correct as marriage is a need if someone feels that a woman is suitable for him. He can then have three or four wives,” Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind president Arshad Madni said.

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3 leaders criticise Delhi HCs decision on polygamy&id=nc

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  • Arun Kumar

    When will these Mullahs learn. Even in the MENA region second marriage is allowed only with the permission of the first wife. But in India the Muslims think they are above the Law. What may have been relevant in 7th Century is no longer so. It is this mindset which is responsible for the backwardness of the Muslims in India.

    • Basir Ali

      Muslim men are into polygamy is a myth. Several authentic reports have already proved that non-Muslim men keep more wives than their Muslim counterparts. More than 15 years ago SUNDAY magazine (which is defunct now) did a cover story on this subject exposing the myth. I dont think that the situation has reversed in last 15 years.

  • Vijay

    Morden India needs common civil code and secular systum

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