Advani faults BJP for its handling of Karnataka affairs

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Niticentral Staff9 Mar 2013

8 faults BJP for its handling of Karnataka affairs&id=nc

People 'somewhat disillusioned' with BJP: Advani

Underling that the mood of the people is against the Congress, veteran BJP leader LK Advani on Saturday also faulted the BJP for its handling of the Karnataka affairs and said people are simultaneously disillusioned with his party.

“In the last few years, I have been feeling distressed to find that while the current mood of the people is against the present ruling party, they are simultaneously disillusioned with even the BJP,” Advani told The Week in an interview.

Emphasising that BJP is “expected to have zero tolerance towards corruption”, the former Deputy Prime Minister said, “The manner in which we actually wrangled in Karnataka disappointed me.”

He did not elaborate but was clearly referring to the dilly-dallying by the party top brass on removing Yeddyurappa after the corruption allegations against him cropped up.

Yeddyurappa, whose Government was the first by BJP in any southern State, was finally forced to quit as Chief Minister months after the allegations against him surfaced.

Advani said he had “become very emotional” and was “sad” at the public disillusionment with his party.

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8 faults BJP for its handling of Karnataka affairs&id=nc

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  • A

    Personally most people I know don’t think much of Mr. Advani post his “Jinnah-was-secular” speech. This man brought up BJP up from the pits, and should be given credit for that, but made a major mistake, and continues to make them by berating his own party.

  • Brahma

    Even though I have immense respect for Mr. L.K. Advani, I cannot help but be saddened by his statements which in my opinion are extremely motivated.

    This isn’t the first time that Mr. Advani has voiced this sentiment.He had expressed a similar view earlier on his blog. But things have changed since then. People were somewhat disillusioned with the principal opposition party because it offered no viable alternative to the Congress led regime. Dilly dallying over Yedyurappa may have been a factor but hardly a major factor. Not to mention that the BJP ultimately did do away with Yedyurappa even though it may not have been prompt. Also to be noted is the fact that the courts have ultimately ruled in favour of the man.

    Disillusionment largely stemmed from the leadership vacuum in the BJP. People need a face to relate to. They may relate with a particular idealogy but that in itself is not enough to mobilise the masses. Symbolism is imperative. Today, the people at large have found that symbol in Narendra Modi. They may not directly be rooting for the BJP but they are standing right behind Narendra Modi, the benefits of which will accrue to none other than the BJP.

    When someone like Mr. Advani says something like this it is discouraging for people who actually support the BJP and even more so for those who are thinking of siding with the party this time around for reasons that are well known. Not to mention its effect on the rank and file of the party who at this point of time need nothing but motivation.

    Its time for Mr. Advani to let go of his personal inhibitions and bow to the wind. Nobody would like to see a tree so old be unceremoniously uprooted.

  • Abhi

    Expelling Yeddy from BJP was the biggest mistake done by BJP. Modi should try and get him back.

    If BJP wants to beat the congress, it needs grassroots leaders like Yeddy (irrespective of anything else).

  • Sayan Sen

    Yedyurappa is a politician while Advani is a patriot. Without Advani and his Rath Yatra, BJP would never have been a national party. When Advani’s name propped up in Hawala scandal, he resigned from his Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat and contested (and regained) the seat ONLY WHEN he was cleared of all corruption charges. In the meantime, A.B. Vajpayee contested and won in both his traditional Lucknow seat and Advaniji’s vacated Gandhinagar seat. Advaniji has led by example. Compare that with the actions of the likes of Nitin Gadkari who held on to his party presidentship even after being chargesheeted. B.S. Yedyurappa refused to resign from his CM post even after he and his kith and kin were named in several corruption charges. Vajpayee’s son-in-law Ranjan Bhattacharya has been alleged to be an influence-peddler and was conspiring with Niira Radia regarding UPA 2 cabinet formation. For most leaders, their family comes first. For Advaniji, his country comes first and he can sacrifuice his own family for his country. He has even faced sexual assault cases from his estranged daughter-in-law, Gauri Advani only becaus e he refused to put family interests before national interests. Those who criticise Advani should look into their souls if at all they have not yet sold their souls to the Devil of corruption. It is like alcohol accusing Gangajal. :)

  • A

    @Brahma – Agree fully with what you said. Advani’s present statements are serving the Congress and not his own party. He seems to be serving the same anti India forces that he fought most of his life.

  • sridharan

    I cannot understand why advani should highlight his party’s mistake in public. Is it not party indiscipline? he is also responsible for a senior he should have stepped in at the right time. should have had a heart to heart talk with yeddiyurappa and told him” look brother, you have built up the party brick by brick in karnataka, I understand that. But now that the congress with the help of the fraudulent governor Bharadwaj and the congress stooge santosh hegde have hauled you over the coals we have to do something intelligent. Do one thing; step down now. Be quiet, Calmly face the probe . You will surely come out of it unsullied. then we will reinstate you. he should have installed the successor getting an assurance from him that he will again vacate the CMs post if Yeddiyurappa is prove dinnocent. what is the problem in this? any person with even basic intelligence would have done that. Is advani not interested in the overall welfare of his party? compare it with the looters party congress. whatver bad name it gains sonia never give sup. She supports her partymen even if a congressman is caught while stealing or murdering or robbing or chain snatching . there were reports that advani heeds the words of coteries and Anantkumar is one among them. we do not know whether it is true or false. but had he done so the present problem would not have come. Jayalalith is still having a case in court, She even resigned and installed a dummy O.Panneesrselvam when she was found guilty in a case. she did not wail and cry like advani. why did not advani and the BJP leaders have even the intelligent of Jaya or an illiterate Sonia?

    BJP supporters expected a lot from him other than being just an MP. he should have been like a grandfather who does not expect anything from the family but tries his best for the family and always is proud of the family and prays for the family and corrects the erring members.

  • Sayan Sen

    I am really surprised by the comments of the learned readers of Niti Central. Advaniji need not learn anything from BSY who and his family have been accused in massive corruption scandal. Even if the charges are false, BSY should have stepped down himself. (Please read my above comment to find what Advaniji did in similar circumstances) The difference between Advani and Sonia, Jayalalithaa, BSY etc. is that Advaniji has always placed dharma above karma, morality above strategy, ethics above convenience. That makes him a not-so-astute politician but a good human being and great patriot. :)

  • sridharan

    we dont need a mere good human any more. in politics a mere good human that too with so many wolves ready to gobble up Bharat in the garb of Church-china-saudi-paki axis one has to be like Chatrapati Shivaji Mahraj and not like gandhi.Politics is the field of shatriyas. not of brahmins. we need a leader who is good to the people and the good and a demon for the anti-nationals

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