Advani faults BJP for its handling of Karnataka affairs

People 'somewhat disillusioned' with BJP: Advani

Underling that the mood of the people is against the Congress, veteran BJP leader LK Advani on Saturday also faulted the BJP for its handling of the Karnataka affairs and said people are simultaneously disillusioned with his party.

“In the last few years, I have been feeling distressed to find that while the current mood of the people is against the present ruling party, they are simultaneously disillusioned with even the BJP,” Advani told The Week in an interview.

Emphasising that BJP is “expected to have zero tolerance towards corruption”, the former Deputy Prime Minister said, “The manner in which we actually wrangled in Karnataka disappointed me.”

He did not elaborate but was clearly referring to the dilly-dallying by the party top brass on removing Yeddyurappa after the corruption allegations against him cropped up.

Yeddyurappa, whose Government was the first by BJP in any southern State, was finally forced to quit as Chief Minister months after the allegations against him surfaced.

Advani said he had “become very emotional” and was “sad” at the public disillusionment with his party.

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