Rahul Gandhi is not an option

Rahul Gandhi is not an option

Rahul Gandhi continues to fight shy of donning the crown which fawning courtiers around him believe belongs to the Congress vice president.

In an interaction with select party MPs and journalists, the 42-year-old Nehru-Gandhi family scion said asking him whether he wants to be Prime Minister is a ‘wrong question’.

Given the fact that the chances of Congress coming to power after the next general election look bleak, Rahul Gandhi knows well that he can’t occupy the country’s top seat.

But his statement is an attempt to grab the limelight amid the rising nationwide popularity of BJP’s star performer and Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The Congress Chintan Shivir at Jaipur in January was an attempt to build a political foundation for the 42-year-old leader. He was formally annointed as vice president, the official number-two of the party.

Ever since Rahul took over the reins of the party, Congress has gotten busy wrapping him in glamour. He is being projected as a ‘game changer’. The Congress is sanguine about the fourth generation Gandhi’s potential to bring a ‘refreshing change’ in the party’s working. Rahul on the other hand, promised “drastic and lasting changes” in the working of the party. “The Congress is now my life and people of India are my life,” he said.

A product of pedigree politics, Rahul reached great heights in Congress overnight. But he can’t be Prime Minister simply on the basis of wishes. To do the country’s top job, he needs to prove his abilities. But, does the senior Congress leader exhibit any such qualities at all?

It should not be forgotten that Rahul Gandhi took a lead in Congress’s campaign in the Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Assembly elections. The Congress suffered crushing defeats in all three States.

Rahul Gandhi’s position on the galaxy of problems that face the nation today is not known to us. Having failed to inspire popular confidence time and again, a naive Rahul faces a serious credibility crisis as a politician.

Congress’s ploy to project Rahul Gandhi as a youth icon hasn’t moved many. It is important to mention that more and more young people on social networks support Narendra Modi and any mention of the Congress vice president is negligible.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress know that Modi’s popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds. The party can’t just brush aside the fact that amid rampant corruption, good governance has become a casualty under its decades-long rule. Hence, if BJP projects the Gujarat Chief Minister as its prime ministerial candidate, the party will walk away with a clear-cut majority.

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Saswat Panigrahi

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