Rahul can’t lead Congress to victory

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10 Mar 2013

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Rahul can't lead Congress to victory

It was a good week for the Congress. Good? Because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his number two boss, Rahul Gandhi, both sphinx-like characters, at long last opened their mouths. Even if what they said was far from convincing, and left everyone dumb-founded, the fact that they spoke was enough to excite the Family faithful.

First, the stray thoughts of the Gandhi scion. The burden of his chat with the journos and the fawning crowd of Congressmen in the Central Hall of Parliament was that he was far from keen to ascend the prime ministerial gaddi. Very good, then. But, pray, tell us why did you then allow them to anoint you the unquestioned Number Two in the Congress at the recent Chintan Shivir in Jaipur. Indeed, the sole purpose of the Jaipur meet was to formalise the succession plan in the Grand Old Party. The import of the entire paraphernalia of a full-scale coronation of a young prince with bands and fireworks and singing of hallelujahs by the sycophantic lot could not have been missed by anyone but the purblind.

If you believe Rahul, his all-consuming passion is to empower each and every Congressman and Congresswoman. Tell that to the birds. Come on! If you believe that you will believe that I am Mukesh Ambani. No one should get fooled by such silly claims. Given that he is the Chosen One to succeed his mother Sonia Gandhi, he cannot be unaware that the Family has a vice-like grip over the party. Nothing moves in the Congress, and the Government-headed by it, without the express and/or tacit approval of the Family. If the Family sheds control, if it ceases to play the role of the sole arbiter, Congressmen will feel orphaned.

For, in the past four decades since the forcible grab of the once-great Congress by Indira Gandhi, she and her direct descendants have treated party men as truant children, to be rewarded with toffees and trinkets of patronage sometimes and to be punished and put aside on other times. The worth of every important Congress leader is in direct proportion to his proximity to the 10 Janpath Establishment.

Because the Family has the final word in every important matter, if the Congress now finds itself in dire straits it tells a lot about its leadership and its intellectual abilities. Mrs Gandhi was thoroughly Machiavellian in the late 60s when she outmaneuvered the party’s Old Guard which had supped almost on equal terms with her father, J L Nehru. She was wholly unscrupulous in her conduct. And she went on to become the one-woman Congress High Command.

But for Rahul Gandhi what his grandmother did was right. And yet he rails against the high command culture. Failing to realize any contradiction in criticizing the high command culture in his own party while being a foremost member of the same high command is clearly a reflection of his warped thinking. As for his claim that he was not keen to become prime minister, one may then ask why then did he become the Congress’s Number Two? His disinterest in that high constitutional office clearly stems from the cold realisation that ab dilli door ast.

Let us now turn to Manmohan Singh’s bravado while replying to the debate on the President’s Address. He claimed that the lamb that he was supposed to be had got the better of the Iron Man L K Advani in the 2009 Lok Sabha poll. Well, that is far from true. For, this lamb had even refused to enter the race, keen to stay in Parliament using the indirect route — of getting elected from faraway Assam to the Rajya Sabha even though he belongs to Chandigarh. Once the voters in the capital’s politically-conscious South Delhi rejected his bid to enter the Lok Sabha, Singh seemed to have decided not to face the people again. Staying in political purdah becomes him, too, for his appointers give him so much leeway and no further. Is it not a rather poor comment on the world’s largest democracy that its prime minister has not had the good sense to seek election to the House of the People?

As for the growth figures he quoted, it ought to be understood that the spadework for putting the economy on the seven-percent growth path was done in the previous six years of the Vajpayee Government. The economy reaped huge gains due to the novel infrastructure projects of linking the four corners of the country through road and rail corridors, through express highways and toll roads and through the proposed freight corridors. Since the advent of the UPA, commission has prevailed over the mission of nation-building. If you do not find it credible, go and ask why in the UPA I and II highway projects and environmental clearances had suddenly become so hazardous. It was because under the benign leadership of the Prime Minister key economic ministers felt free to extract huge sums in baksheesh.

The Prime Minister claimed that the UPA would return to power after the next election. Of course, his own party men are worried stiff at their reelection prospects, such being the ill-wind flowing fast and furious for the Congress throughout the country. A collapsing economy, failing law and order, a rising and unending tide of corruption scams and, above all, back-breaking consumer price inflation is hardly reassuring for ordinary Congressmen who, unlike the PM, have to go back go the people for re-election. But, Singh can dream of a third term as PM. Especially now that the young Gandhi scion seems unready to shoulder that onerous responsibility for fear of being exposed as thoroughly incompetent and worse.

By the way, if Rahul Gandhi genuinely wants to shun power, why wouldn’t he get out of the family business. The family has had a long innings running the Congress. For the true inner democracy to flower, for Congressmen to discover their vertebrae, for them to decide the course of the party’s destiny rather than for it to be decided by the mother-son duo, Rahul should consider political sanyas. Since the family has not known any productive and lucrative work for at least four generations, it can always live a princely life on the spoils of the last four decades.

Incidentally, Rahul should feel inspired by the example of Narendra Modi. Born poor, Modi today seems to have become a thorn in the side of the Family. All because Modi has worked his way from the grassroots up to lead the charge of the principal Opposition party against a decaying and demoralised Congress. Where are the Narendra Modis in the Congress? As the great Socialist Ram Manohar Lohia had said of the Nehru-Gandhi family, it is like the palm tree under which not even a blade of grass grows. You can get an idea of the degeneration of the family-centric Congress when an intellectual like Mani Shankar Aiyar — he got nominated to the Rajya Sabha on that ground, didn’t he? — feels obliged to do verbal calisthenics to defend the indefensible money-making rackets of Robert Vadra!

Virendra Kapoor, a freelance columnist and commentator on current affairs, is a former editor of Free Press Journal, Mumbai. He was also a senior editor of Indian Express, Delhi.

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http://www.niticentral.com/emailshare/emailshare.php?pid=53705&url=http://www.niticentral.com/2013/03/10/rahul-cant-lead-congress-to-victory-53705.html&title=Rahul can’t lead Congress to victory&id=nc

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  • Sayan Sen

    Rahul Gandhi is not a yogi. He is a bhogi who pretends to be a yogi. A man who is afraid to take any responsibility whether it be marriage or leadership. He loved his videshi girlfriend and he said so in the media. He left her for fear of videshi issue which haunts his mother till now. Now Rahul says he loves India and all Indians. Sooner or later he will leave us in the same manner in which he left his girlfriend. Can we elect a leader who could not fight for his own love? How can we expect him to fight for us? At the first opportunity he will escape from the battlefield. Nehru, Indira and Rajiv had many bad qualities. But they always stood for something, some ideal both in their public and private lives. What does Rahul stand for? Feudalism in the name of democracy? Crony capitalism that benefits his brother-in-law? Partying with SRK? Enjoying good life? Rahulji, the youths of this country demand an answer.

  • http://twitter.com/mbhagawat Dabangg Hindu

    There is stark similarity between Indira Gandhi and Narendra modi as both are highly nationalist and patriotic and both have to fight with their party leaders at the start of their political career with the syndicate types.India had to fight her war with a syndicate aptly named and break congress to form away her Indira Congress.She won by massive majority and ruled with iron hand.In 1971 war she demonstrated that she fearless and actually described as DURGA by Vajpayee.In Khalistan movement she delayed action on Khalistan and ISI operatives for which she had to send army to flush out the terrorists named BLUESTAR OPS.She had to give his life for that OPS.Rajiv Gandhi was also a good PM but he was overpowered by his wife who ruined his career for her greed and selfish interests.She brought Quottrochi and earned huge commission on BOFORS deal and was instrumental on his defeat and death.Now Narendra modi is just like Indira Gandhi. He has enough stamina to bear all insults humiliations heaped on him by the MSM,Lalu,Mullayam,Sonia Mainos dirty trick deptt and Commies.But he is not cared of all these obstacles.He has told many times that he has created steps out of all bricks stones thrown on him.Now his speeches are identical of that of Indira Gandhi,same eloquence same strength.One speech by Indira Gandhi at that time gave us immense strength and happiness.Now speech of Narendra Modi has same strength and happiness.After 1984 death of Indira Gandhi we are getting a strong leader at Centre who will create a niche for himself and also strengthen India who thinks the motto of BJP.Nation first,Party second,Religion third and self last.

  • http://dharmic-aryan.blogspot.co.uk/ Jayeshji

    If Antonia can win so can son of Roberto, Rahul, the Indian voters do not all read English so arguments presented here are for the westernised elite minority(non voters). Majority of villagers are too consumed with survival to read all this or understand it all they see is Antonia as a Gandhi and a Bharat Maa, not a xian or Italian. I was in Gujarat last month and managed to have 10 minute meeting with Shri Modi a basic introduction only, but I wanted to tell him the fight is in the Villages at mass rallies not on social or internet media which is only for the rich. The fight for the next election should begin in the villages. My driver I hired for 3 months was a card carrying Congresi, after some days with me, he said our whole village votes for Congress , a family tradition since Independence, and none of what I told him was know by his Congress villagers. He is now BJP.

  • Kruti

    Rahul Gandhi Bloopers

    India is bigger than Europe & USA put together (Yeah …. Rightttt …. LoL)

    Politics is in your pants & shirt (WTF !!)

    India is going to be 21st century’s Saudi Arabia ( yeah …. You would wish that, wouldn’t you?)

    Hindu terrorism is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism (Abey Pappu, how many hindus have gone and bombed in India and the world over? Can you give us one example of hindu terrorism in the world?)

    8 out of 10 youths in punjab are drug addicts (Pappu, are you smoking weed?)

    Whilst addressing students of Darbhanga (bihar), RaGa starts talking about gujarat instead of bihar. Students heckled him, threw chairs on him and he had to apologize & run away, leaving his speech MIDWAY

    In his bizzare speech at CII, Rahul Gandhi talks about a building painter – Girish, whom he met in a train. Within minutes, he calls Girish as Girish the carpenter. How did girish the painter turn into girish the carpenter in the same dumb speech ??

    In CII speech, Rahul Gandhi talks about Rani ki Jhansi !! What the hell is Rani ki Jhansi, Pappuji??

    In the same speech, Pappu says – India is called elephant but India is not elephant, India is actually a Beehive. (WTF !!)

    In his bizzare CII speech, he utters names of so many animals … horse, elephant, dragon, honeybees etc. Did Pappu mistake CII for a ZOO & thought that he was giving speech in a Zoo??

    RaGa : My family divided Pakistan. (Dear Pappu, your family divided India into India – paki. Your family divided India’s kashmir, too, into 3 parts, Moron)

    RaGa : There are burnt bodies beneath the mounds of ash found in the villages of Bhatta and Parsaul. (Pappu didnt find any burnt bodies there but he did burn his fingers with that moronic blooper)

    RaGa : The Babri Masjid would have been saved had my family been in power.
    (Pagal Pappu, sikhs could not be saved in 1984, kashmiri hindu pandits could not be saved in 1989-90, muslims could not be saved in 1989 in bhagalpur, bihar & 1983 Nellie, assam when your family was in power in the center as well as all these states. Smoking weed again??)
    When asked a question on how he will tackle the water scarcity and waste water management, Pappu’s reply included system, structure, china, dragon, elephant, beehive, his marriage, Montek, system, structure, dalits etc. Not one word on water!! BIZARRE!

    At CII speech, RaGa says that prime minister Manmohan Singh cannot solve your problems (WTF ….. is MMS, the PM of this nation or just another Pappu??)

    When I went to university in 1991, nobody knew India.
    (Pappuji, your family ruled India before 1991. Are you saying that they [nehru, indira, rajiv] did such a bad job of leading/managing India that our nation failed to make a name for herself? Shame on your family)

    Finally, my personal favourite Pappu line : “I HAVE LOST IT NOW” confesses Pappu, when he fumbled with his speech papers at CII…..

  • Mo

    British Raj did not aollow Rajah’s throne to pass to adopted or illegitimate son.
    So Why Congress is making Rahul life time Shahjadeh?
    His father was not Rajiv but Quotrocchi insiders say.
    Please let an illegitimate son of Italian Mafia who hates Hindus,Sikhs and Jain and Bhuddhists not be life time PM.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    Very well written !

    “But for Rahul Gandhi what his grandmother did was right. And yet he
    rails against the high command culture. Failing to realize any
    contradiction in criticizing the high command culture in his own party
    while being a foremost member of the same high command is clearly a
    reflection of his warped thinking”.


    ” As for the growth figures he quoted, it ought to be understood that the
    spadework for putting the economy on the seven-percent growth path was
    done in the previous six years of the Vajpayee Government. The economy
    reaped huge gains due to the novel infrastructure projects of linking
    the four corners of the country through road and rail corridors, through
    express highways and toll roads and through the proposed freight

    Not just that. I remember even the huge profits made by The Indian Railways was purely owing to BJP’s policies. But laloo yadav the CHEAT took all credit for himself.
    And got invited to Harvard where he made some Americans wear marigold garlands spouting cringe inducing drivel.

    Between Manmohan Singh & Rahul it is the former who is more sphinx like.

    Rahul likes entering into various huts eating the “poor” inmates’ dry rotis with dal , jaggery & thus claiming to ” have discovered India”. So let him focus on this. Learn to build a hut ; learn to make dry rotis , thin daal . And like Nutan in Saudagar learn to make best quality jaggery. I know he will botch up first like Padma Khanna in Saudagar.

    WHY NOT ??

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