Tamil Nadu parties unmoved by plight of Tamils in Malaysia

Church ignores valiant Malaysian Tamils

Church ignores valiant Malaysian Tamils

Tamil Nadu parties are quick to hyperventilate over issues favoured by the Church, such as the alleged atrocities towards Tamils in Sri Lanka, wherein they are trying to force the Government of India to support a UN resolution censuring the island nation on the issue of human rights. The Church hand is visible in the fast by students of the missionary institution, Loyola College, over the issue.

To this day, no politician or political party has questioned why the leadership of the LTTE was Christian unless Tamil Eelam was a Church agenda. Nor have they wondered why Sri Lanka’s Tamil Hindus have not voiced dissatisfaction with their Government after the end of the war. Yet the Dravidian parties obediently follow the Church and assorted Western and West-funded NGOs.

Last year, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa benignly indulged Church backing of the agitation against the Russian-built nuclear plant at Kudankulam, until the crippling power crisis in the State forced a rethink, especially after the Prime Minister personally intervened in the matter. That the agitators were not opposing nuclear power, but only the Russian venture was evident from the posters erected at the site. Now, funding to the tune of Rs 30 lakhs has come from London, to a female activist with a bank balance of Rs 550! Would a woman with a near-zero bank balance have the savvy for internet banking? Obviously someone savvy gave the bank and account details and facilitated the transaction.

The ‘international consciousness’ of our expansive Tamil politicians crumbles and disappears in the face of the Himalayan problems of the Tamil diaspora that went to Malaysia as indentured labour in the colonial era and has since suffered crippling discrimination. Some years ago, the humiliated and persecuted community organised under the banner of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and waged such a valiant struggle that it may change the face of Malaysian politics.

Hindraf was banned in October 2008 for holding a 30,000-strong rally in Kuala Lumpur in November 2007 to protest the marginalisation of Indian Malaysians. The ban was lifted only in January 2013, and the party is now seriously trying to make a debut in Parliament in the forthcoming 13th general elections. Strange that there is not even a whisper of excitement or encouragement in India, especially in Tamil Nadu, their natal land.

It would be relevant to mention that this could be because the Malaysian diaspora is mainly Hindu, and devotedly loyal to the clan gods and Hindu deities and faith that their forefathers took with them to the new land. Hindraf, in fact, garnered much of its initial following for opposing the destruction of clan temples by the regime. Obviously, the Church will have no truck with such a body.

Of course, it is still an uphill struggle. Talks with the Pakatan Rakyat Opposition combine have not yielded an electoral pact despite six high-0level meetings between Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy, and over a dozen informal meetings. Pakatan has refused to endorse Hindraf’s five-year blueprint to include the Indian poor in mainstream development, in writing, as demanded by the organisation.

The Hindraf blueprint includes six demands: stop displacing Indian plantation workers and provide reasonable compensation as well as offer skills training to them; resolve Indian stateless issue; provide equal education opportunities to all Indian students via meritocracy; provide equal job and business opportunities to Indians; stop police brutality and death in custody and set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC); and stop institutionalised racism and ratify the United Nations convention against racial discrimination.

It also wants a Minority Affairs Ministry to be set up after the general election and for Hindraf to be given the ministry. Pakatan ally Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) had endorsed the blueprint as well as the demand for a Minority Affairs Ministry.

Hindraf swung the Indian votes in the 2008 general election and caused the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition to lose its two-thirds majority for the first time since 1973; it enabled the Opposition to win five states. But this time, it is going to be cautious, as it has suffered enough of Umno BN racism but is unwilling to be used by the opposition which has not openly declared its plans for the Indian community if it comes to power.

Hindraf and Human Rights Party (HRP) leader P Uthayakumar is planning to contest the Kota Raja parliamentary seat and Sri Andalas state seat that are currently held by Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud of PAS and Dr Xavier Jeyakumar of PKR respectively.

It also plans to contest in at least seven Parliamentary seats and 14 State Assembly seats where Indians comprise 28 per cent to 33 per cent of the voters. In all, Malaysian Indians comprise about 1.9 million (7.3 per cent) of the country’s 28 million population.

The big issue Hindraf is fighting for is the stateless Indians, a cause that brought the leaders to India for the Pravasi Bharat annual jamboree for a couple of years before they realised that their mother country had neither love nor empathy for their sufferings. There are around 450,000 Indians denied legal documents, who are thus rendered stateless and denied admission to schools, and thus deprived of the avenues of decent living and employment.

Aware of the importance of the Indian vote, Pakatan is trying to accommodate the issues raised in the Hindraf blueprint, such as the stateless Malaysian Indians and the welfare of displaced plantation workers, which it supports in principle. But it has not mentioned them in its election manifesto which was released in February 2013.

Why are Indians, particularly Tamils, turning their backs of this valiant community?

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  • Rajalakshmi

    Churchianity is very well entrenched within Tamil Nadu and Sow.Jayalalithaa is NOT the cause of it. DMK & DK with their following of selective atheism & generous feeding of the people of Tamil Nadu with useless kitschy movies have rendered them secular idiots & rationalists , the pc word for anti Vedic. With the connivance of congress thus have long enjoyed total monopoly over Hindu Temples & control of their Finances including Rituals.
    The same Hinduism deriding politicians call the shots in Rituals within most Hindu Temples. Hindus have further contributed to the mess by promoting various charlatans.

    Now that crypto christians have tasted money power by systematic looting of various Hindu Temples including Tirupathi, Andhra’s crypto christian YSR family has made the same noise that it will NOT join “communal” BJP.

    Central government entered into this contract with Russia much before Jayalalithaa’s party came to power. Those converted christians who routinely fulminate at Brahmins & Hindus suddenly started appealing to them to support them in this Koodankulam agitation. The christians of Kerala also were instigating them including the political class.

    Hence SMART HINDUS ought to support The ITALIAN MARINES. Do NOT make the mistake of wearing solidarity hat HINDUS BEWARE ! Hindus are IDIOTS reconverting them with ghar vapasi charades. They embraced churchianity for monetary gains & various inducements. When they go through alleged hardships why do HINDUS like perfectly dangerous suckers idiots rush to their aid & succour? They are also the ones who are pro Ram Sethu along with TR.Balu etc.

    HINDUS , NEVER trust the treacherous converted christians of India. They have sole proprietorship over not only OUR HINDU TEMPLES but also over all churches that are sprouting very fast all over India. When newspapers scream about the alleged plight of “christians in Pakistan” at once like IDIOTS Hindus of India OUGHT not to blame Pakistan & ISLAM.

    Churchianity is one big insidious threat. All Indian media ndtv , sun tv cnn ibn , the convent educated almost all are seculars & anti Vedic.
    In Kuwait also lots of Tamilians of Tamil Nadu live floating lots of organizations. They NEVER sing the praise of traditional Hindu Gods opening with Invocation to Lord Vinayaka. They are all DMK & DK followers.
    They sing some thamizhthai vaazhthu. Those who are NOT pro DMK but allegedly pious are followers of various hindu charlatans. After & before the charade of their mandatory satsangs & pujas they are all worshippers of kollybolly filmstars & cricket.

    They hurriedly memorise Vivekananda’s quotes , some couplets of Thiruvalluvar , some slokas from Bhagavad Geetha as they are seized by identity crisis NOT owing to any genuine SEEKING. From a distance it is very easy to support & rally for hindus. On taking a closer look any SANE DEVOUT HINDU would recoil.


      Keep your Aryan propaganda in your own border as it does not represent or reflects the religion of Tamils(HINDU).Hinduism is not all about vedas,uphanishads and various other Sanskrit literary works.Tamil Hinduism is mainly based on their Bhakti Movement and literature produced as the result of this movement.Now Tamils were free to choose what religion they want to follow as they in ancient times.For your info Vedic Hinduism only brings sufferings to Tamils such as woman slavery, formation of caste and discriminations through it,drop in literated population as education is only for higher caste people and a lot other unproductive based on their unfounded religion based legistlations which were UNLIKE current Bhakti Saivism and Bhakti Vaishnavism of Tamils which made the CASTE system unpowerful but again Caste regains it power through British and current Politicians.

      • Murthy


        Malaysian Tamils and their problems are, as the author says, ignored by the DMK and the newspapers, such as ‘The Hindu’ that support them.

        Second, Christian churches in Tamil Nadu are very powerful in politics and are very CASTE MINDED. Dalit Christians will give you details if you care to talk to them.

        Third, it is clear that the Koodankulam agitation is fully supported by Christian churches in TNadu and it is also now clear that the agitators were PAID daily ‘bata’ (allowance) by these ‘Christian workers’.

        Church bells were rung as a signal to get the agitators to come out in strength. It was also clearly a communal agitation for ULTERIOR MOTIVES.

        PLEASE let us have your views on these and other related points.

        It is not clear to me why you have jumped on ‘Aryan’ and ‘Vedic Hinduism’, which have nothing to do with the main points the author is making.

        Since you have made this long tour of distraction, may I say that there is not any fundamental differences between HINDUISM IN TAMIL NADU AND THE REST OF INDIA.

        Only for political reasons Reverend Caldwell and other Christian missionaries, who are the real IDEOLOGUES of the Dravidian Movement, instructed some Tamils the wrong kind of ‘Divide and Rule’ history.

        It is a shame you would listen to ‘white aryans’ to run down ‘brown aryans’ your neighbours to the north.

        Incidentally, ‘Pandithar’ is a Sanskrit derivation from the word ‘Pandit’. How about ‘Aringnar’, although there too many Tamils with that title, unfortunately?

        Pandit was one who knew his or her VEDAS and UPANISHADS.
        Early Indian history has become

        • Rajalakshmi

          Good you exposed this fanatic calling himself PANDITHAR.

          As Kaanchi Paramacharya points out these anti Vedic anti Sanskrit “dravidian” fanatics CANNOT claim anything as their OWN or bishop caldwell’s. The expletive frequently used by them ‘kasmAlam’ is ALSO from SANSKRIT ‘Kashmalam’.

        • Journal

          See… Kooodankulam agitation was more secular.. but later when church got actively involved they sidelined the hindu saiva mutt leaders and hindu leaders as most meetings were held in churches nad they were also accompanied by a brother/ father ‘s gospel meetings…. this rendering the original genuinemovement in the handso c church folks… These folks sold tehir souls for a few hundred / thousand dollars thus making it an agitation aginst anti-aemricanism.. any loss of business to americans is unwelcome.. and mainly russian nucler reactors have this… nto hte uk/us /dutch corporations….

      • Rajalakshmi

        One more victim of Aryan Dravidian gobbledygook. Exactly like DMK & several such fanatics.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Hindus sharpen your brains. The ORIGINALS like Americans , Germans , Australains are different from the “converted christians” of India.

    Without WHIPPING up & ENGENDERING INDELIBLE HATRED towards Hindus , Vedas & Hinduism they cannot & do not embrace churchainity. To dupe us idiot HINDUS further they sport hindu names , bindi , wear bangles , have Jesus Christ in lotus pose with kamandalu & with such insidious inculturation have yesu bhagavatham blah blah also. They are EXTREMELY untrustworthy. Do not get carried away by the same skin colour , ethnicity & shared cuisine. They have already STOLEN quite considerably from us HINDUS. Better we join hands with MUSLIMS of India & MUSLIMS of PAKISTAN in this matter. And ITALIAN MARINES.

    NO ghar vapasi for them.

  • Rajalakshmi

    ISLAM does not advocate hedonism.

    Good for nothing hindus were sucking up to kamalhassans & manirathnams to their OWN DETRIMENT. Thank God for the masterly stroke from a few MUSLIMS of Tamil Nadu who effectively pulverized that megalomaniac’s clout. Now his daughters are busy “reinventing” themselves as what else but “activists” joining some NGO to raise environmental awareness :-((

    The environment of the entire Universe stands to benefit immensely only when these kollybolly rotten scum get exterminated for good. Not “reinvented & reformed”. As the same fan club of kamalhassan were busy breaking coconuts as expiation for that scoundrel’s unpardonable acts.

  • Rajesh

    Christian conversions are the biggest threat to hindus

  • Rajalakshmi

    What do these converted christians of India actually DO ?

    They become personal secretaries , receptionists, telephone operators , nurses & teachers mostly.

    In corporate offices apart from the usual routine filing typing which through practice can be done autopilotingly they shamelessly indulge in extra marital promiscuous torrid affairs. They have no qualms at all as “confessions” to a padre on Sundays & some water sprinkling condones all such immoral acts & they resume.

    Victor Banerjee tried his best in invoking our sympathy for them through his movie. But ground realities are different.Married or unmarried they stand to benefit by offering sexual favours like promotions , increments, leave sanctions etc etc. Their own husbands encourage as they do the same in their respective offices. Hindu men irrespective of sacred thread or not spend a huge chunk of their time in their offices. They all end up as “depression patients” on holidays & after retirement. As their whole identity revolves around their designations. While introducing themselves their names follow their designations always I have observed.

    ” You know I am the MD . CFO , CEO , SFA , Management blah blah , Planning blah blah…..development & design blah blah….with a monthly salary of blah blah & perks blah blah….” this is their identity.

    Most of them are extremely comfortable with hanky panky sex offered by such secretaries in their offices. For several years in many instances I have heard them offer silly excuses like:-

    ” What is wrong with that…don’t people go for variety…eat outside in restaurants…how can one eat the same home cooked meals…variety is the spice of life….just platonic sort of intimacy….” blah blah.

    As nurses are DIABOLICAL TYRANTS. They PULLED each & every strand of hair of mine SEVERAL TIMES I was thrown by the same philandering faux husband S.N.Ramachandran in various psychiatry hospitals both in India & Kuwait.
    Egyptian nurses also joined in. The keralite , srilankan , goan , Philippines -ALL NURSES are DEMONS.

    When I quoted HINDUS’ Kaanchi Paramacharyar’s AUTHORITATIVE STAND on this WITCHCRAFT called psychiatry all of them screamed:-

    ” NNNO , secoolaar , india is secoolAAAR….no such opinions , beliefs allowed…..indian constitution says secooolAAAR.”

    I mentioned earlier how one MM.Mazumdar of Tara Poly Clinic an uber rich PAUNCHY psychiatrist of Calcutta was HEAVILY donating to missionaries of charities of Teresa The GHOUL Albanian NUN.

    As teachers & headmistresses & Principals they are EQUALLY RUTHLESS , MERCILESS. Compassion & the converted christians are mutually antithetical.

  • Badari Narayanan

    Separate Dravidian identity and Aryan invasion theories were proposed by the British (just like declaring Sikhs and Harijans are not Hindus during census) for various reasons. British rulers took such measures to blunt the Congress during independence struggle while missionaries sought benefit from splitting the people and positioning one group against another to further their evangelical pursuits. ‘Leaders’ such as EVR and M Karunanidhi fell into the well laid trap and have furthered the cause of splitting Hindus and enfeebling the nation. Everyone should read ‘Breaking India’ by Rajeev Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandam to understand how even today, well laid plans are afoot to reap good ‘harvest’ in Asia and Africa. Role of the church in Rwandan genocide is also an eyeopener, gives us insight in their methods to break India by encouraging Harijans vs other caste conflicts for their ulterior ends

  • Rajalakshmi

    Indian legal system also never PUNISHES these converted christians for their crimes including SODOMY & MURDER.

    I have already written in detail about various cases in Tamil Nadu.
    That christian secretary who was one married HINDU man’s paramour & killed his legitimate four year old son after feeding him sambar vadai & watermelon juice.

    ALL the converted christian brigade supported that KILLER. As she said she went to the church & prayed AFTER KILLING.

    The sodomy of Univeristy in Chidambaram ?

    Jesudas of Kerala who bypasses all routine airport checkings ???

    Hindus get SMART. Join hands with MUSLIMS.

  • Ramen

    And I have seen random “intellecuals” ise LTTE as an example of “Hindu Terrorism”

  • Rajalakshmi

    The christian vote bank of India is the most FORMIDABLE FOE of Hindus.

  • Priyadarshi Dutta

    The Dravidian parties in India, Tamils in Sri Lanka and Hindraf in Malaysia – all might be linguistically Tamil but placed in different demographic-political environment they evolved different responses. Trying to interpret one through another would be misleading. All three cases deserve separate attention. The cause actually lies how the non-Tamil population behaved in those countries mentioned by the Columnist. India followed a federal system of government, three-language formula, which explains why Dravida Nadu demand was abandoned by Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu. Sri Lanka followed unitary system, Sinhala alone languge policy, which explains why Tamil separatism reared its head. In Malaysia, the Malays (Muslims) marganizalized the Chinese and Indians (who were a small minority anyway)through bogus majority status which appears a statistical jugglery. Maulana Maudoodi’s hardcore Islam tried to foist itself on Malay model of Islam. In Singapore, Tamils were given fair deal. To blame Church for Tamil insurgency in Sri Lanka appears puerile. Who subscribe to such theories have not really read the history of Sri Lanka. If Tamil Eelam was a Church sponsored project, it would have been conceded in 1948 before British left the island. The Church was far more powerful then. But British actually left the Tamil minority without basic minimum safeguards. Democracy degenerated into a Majority rule of Sinhalas. Unlike the Tamils of Malaysia, the SL Tamils are not recent immigrant. Their history is perhaps as old as the island itself. The Eelam demand was not their before 1976, when it was championed by TULF, an umbrella organization of all Tamil parties. If Church were behind Tamil separatism in SL, then Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is a Christian, should actually have helped it rather than crushing it brutally. So trying to understand a complex ethnic-political 20th century problem merely through lens of religion is puerile. It also rest on the premises that Buddhists can do no wrong.

    • Journal

      no dud e church was not as powerful then…. but a moral authority.. but its economical reach and political reach has vastly improved after evangelicals have rushed into this mad rush for harvestign souls…

  • Rajan

    Who said LTTE leadership is Christian? Prabhakaran’s family constructed the big shiva temple in Valvettithurai, his hometown. LTTE are mainly atheist. This author did not do any research in this article.

    • Senthilkumar Veeramani

      Charles Anthony is the name of Prabakaran’s elder son. That doesn’t seem like an atheist name. I would rather say the author has done her reasearch. Majority of the blind folded people of tamilnadu goes behind these crooked politicians in the name of all the faultliness created (“Dalits” & “Dravadians”) for political gain. This doesn’t mean I endorse the attrocities committed by the Srilankan govt.

      • Balamurali

        This is the problem, without knowing the context or history. Starting assuming and creating stories around it.

        Charles antony was the prabhakaran’s friend and he died during the early stages of war in 1980s. Prabhakaran named his son “Charles antony” to remember his friend. This is a known truth, but like the writer, you are also not willing to do any reading or research.

        • Balamurali

          This is like saying, Karunanidhi’s son named stalin.. So karunanidhi must be Russian. What a stupid logic. People give name to their kids for various reasons and religion is one of them.

          Do your research before believing stories.

          • Rajalakshmi

            Yeah , I have heard bollywood’s Kajol telling her father wanted to name her MERCEDES as he was fond of Mercedes car.

            DMK is very anti HINDU , anti Brahmin , anti Sanskrit & pro Bishop Caldwell. Hence named one of his sons Stalin. How many know that Stalin has married a Brahmin woman ? All those leftists who are very anti American, anti English & pro poverty & deprivation have always sent their children to upscale convents & abroad. Listen to crotchety Bardhans , Yechurys , Gurdasguptas , Rajas , Karats etc. All of them speak grammatically propah English. Clad in simmmmple clothes. Even khadi maybe. The leftists of India are the worst hypocrites & anti nationals also.

        • Journal

          chill……. charles antony was friend nad his son wasnamed in the memory of his friend… but most of hte LTTE leadership was christian or crypto.. even a deeply devoted parkbhakara’s family that buil temples eventually moved away tochristianity… most of his funds came fro mmissionary org, mosto f his interlocutors were havign missionary affiliations and many priests visited him and came out safely in jaffan… he SIDELINED and SLOWLY ELIMINATED HINDUS within LTTE and killed all other parties speakign for TAMIL voice to become the sole voice of TAMILS ( funded by missionaries)….
          The genuine greivencesof Tamils were sidelined and subsumed in his TERROR Activities…thisis one hte the key resons hte eastern commander left him to work with sinhalas….now see hte buddhists are nto htting tamils as much a they are hurting the missionary funded NGO’s
          Also, the idea of spreading the tamil fire depe into Tamilnadu was the plan… make the poor folsk fight for a dravida nadu combining partsof sri lanka, TN and Andhra… thus creating a CHRISTIAN dravida nadu….

          Darvida -Aryan divide wasp ropogated by britishers and it has been proved false….. .. its nto possibly genetically to prove Aryanswer a different race … the genes seem common upto millleneals…. science has proven it otherwise.. btu see hwo keeps ths alive here.. .all hte missionary funded (neoconverts from SC/ST/MBC) like Seeman ( samuel Seeman) , Uthayakumar( another crhristian who was funded by baptist church of US and studied in theri colleges ) etc…..and Vaiko( another crypto christian)…e..g Dalit Freedom Network is registered in US and main sponsors are BAPTIST church in US…..

      • Rajan

        SenthilKumar Veeramani,
        Why do you have a pucca tamil name like Veeramani? Are you planning to create a separate Tamil nation? I bet you are plotting to break away Tamil Nadu from India. You traitor and anti-national!

        Note: Dont get wild. I’m just using your brilliant logic in giving religious angles to the name of Prabhakaran’s son :)

  • Balamurali

    Utter non-sense article, imaginations of author. Does not even understand, what is the implications for india’s security after war in srilanka and how much influence china has it over them. This was china’s war and india will be the looser.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Take the case of another filmstar a tambram with good family pedigree.
    A dancer too. She had no problems KISSING kamalhassan on screen & said she “enjoyed it very much…role demanded it…kamalhassan convinced me so well about the necessity of KISSING blah blah…..” cavorted with Prabhudeva for one useless song ” an ant bit me in midnight…” & said ” so what if I am bharathanatyam dancer I ENJOYED doing this item numbers with Prabudeva….& did lot more of cavortings “ENJOYING” with Sathyaraj.

    Later like the rest of them found some bloke in America married & left.Returned soon asking for divorce citing marital discord. It so happened I saw her for the first time in Ramanashramam sans make up crestfallen eating the same breakfast as us. She was quiet. But a lot of people came to my room knocking & asking ” Where is S..any idea we have come to look at S…”.

    This is the big problem wrought by these Indian filmstars.

    Should Meryl Streeps , Julia Roberts Reese Witherspoons come to Hindu Temples they would not vitiate creating any kind of unsavoury disturbances.

    The Indian filmstars successfully achieve that as Indians want to look at the obscenely cavorting INDIANS very closely. Radhika came to do her tv serial shooting. These swollen headed filmstars are no KB.Sundarambals.
    Why can’t they pray in their own homes or in the houses of prabudevas & kamalhassans ?? Why come to HINDUS Temples when all along were worshipping DMK Karunanidhi. Priests also gape at them.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Varsha Bhosle got it right much earlier.

    Without mincing words she said it is NOT MUSLIMS but christians of India that are the cause of all problems including SCARCITY. There is a heavy resource crunch & the first preference & RIGHTS OUGHT to go to HINDUS.

    By land grabbing , schools & colleges grabbing , through pharmaceutical industries as one front , tv puerile talk shows goading impressionables to embrace hedonism & promiscuity they have proliferated in huge numbers. During tsunami INEPT Manmohan Singh spurned aid coming from Westerners boasting we hindus are self sufficient. He chose to become ANGRY at the WRONG time. What happened ? HINDUS’ money in huge amounts in the guise of charlatans like art of living SSSSRavishankars , Ammachis & HINDUS TEMPLES’ collections – in massive amounts got WASTED on the fishermen who have embraced churchianity. This is called secoolarism in India according to its rotten constitution. The non vegetarian christian fishermen were accommodated INSIDE HINDUS’ TEMPLES.They defecated all around & were cooking & eating meat , fish etc with FREE utensils, stoves & provisions provided by HINDUS. This is called ‘manidhaneyam’ in India.

    Admitting they are all sanctimonious seekers of Lord Jesus Christ & Holy Ghost parisuddha aavi they should have been long asked to QUIT India for Vatican , UK , Portugal, America, Australia & New Zealand. For the simple reason the Western countries are focussed on “christians watching” in India , Pakistan etc. To feed them hyperbolical mendacious stories barkha dutts , prannoy roys , shekar guptas , prakash karats , somnath chatterjees , brinda karats , vinod mehta of OUTLOOK , arundathi roys etc etc of course BBC’s L Doucets etc are / were always ready.

    Send ALL of them to those Western countries. They can curtail on air travel. No need to waste so much of aviation fuel. Our televisions can be used to telecast ONLY Prachans on Srimad Bhagavatham , Bhagavad Geetha , Ramayanam , Ashtavakra Samhitha etc etc. There are lots more in our HINDUISM where law of diminishing returns are inoperative. Noise pollution comes down. Those ubiquitous structures called churches within India announcing in sepulchral tones parisuddha aavigalae , hey paapigalae in tandem with anti Vedic anti BRAHMIN propaganda can be converted into pastureland for cows to graze & live happily with their calves. Why go for artificial insemination of cows & selective breeding. We need lots of animals , birds which mean bringing back the greenery & lush forests. Even tigers of Tamil Nadu are so famished they are unable to kill the CORRUPT tehsildars & CRUEL people who they allegedly attack. Instead the tigers , leopards , bears are shot; monkeys trapped & deported to back of beyond , Elephants get electrocuted , squirrels are poached & eaten & dogs are sterilised. Peacocks , pheasants are poisoned & poached.

    In Calcutta once upon a time I have seen some crows , sparrows & mynahs. Fast dwindling. In Tamil Nadu EXTINCT almost.Along with owls , eagles & vultures , dragonflies , lizards , bats. Fish & marine creatures are meant for many birds & bears. Not for manirathnams & crypto christians & converted christian fishermen. Let them go fishing elsewhere QUITTINg BHARATH.

    No wonder bandicoots & rats have increased. For which DMK & his followers facilely blame Jayalalithaa. Congress is also allied with DMK let us remember. And congress party . leftists , DMK , DK all are vociferous votaries of COW SLAUGHTER within VEDIC BHARATH.

    • Rajan

      Rajalakshmi: “Priests too gape at them”

      Rajalakshi, this is hilarious hahaha! This is why you should not deny your priests their share of FTV :-)

  • Rajalakshmi

    Typo Correction :

    Our televisions can be used to telecast ONLY Pravachans on Srimad Bhagavatham ….

  • Rajalakshmi

    With BRILLIANT & NO NONSENSE *Ponniyin Selvi Jayalalithaa* calling the shots in Tamil Nadu we can bring back lots of Elephants to assist in ploughing like RajaRaja Chozhan.

    No need for machinery & no more kickbacks.


    With all extinct flora & fauna back we can happily watch gambolling , sprinting & leaping of animals & chirping of birds.

    This way our HEAVY sighs about lack of sporting talent Olympian medals not winning dirges come to a decisive HAPPY END.

    Trust me the undulating posterior of various birds , animals & undulating leaves of PEEPUL trees on full moon nights , rain drenched coconut palms etc etc are breathtakingly fulfilling than shimmying of kollybolly filmstars.

    With OBSCENE shimmying of kollybolly stars EXTINCT , RAPES & MOLESTATIONS would also disappear automatically.

    Insects tootling , birds chirping , frogs croaking , cows mooing , crows cawings are far far far more MELODIOUS than S.Janakis & SPBs of kollywood.

    Those birds,animals & insects WILL NEVER ask for padmashris & bharathratnas.

    Once two MOST TALENTED SINGERS went to Lord Ssiva requesting HIM to listen to their singing. At once Lord Parameshvara converted them into two “குழை தோடு” ( ear studs , ear drops) wearing them in His Ears.
    That is the secret behind His TRANQUIL PEACEFUL FACE.


    British and other political opportunist rigidifies caste system to make Tamils as their slave and now RELIGION(convertion matter and etc) is used to further opress the opressed Tamils who were also actually some sort of Slave both in India and Sri Lanka.Be it Tamil Eelam or anything regarding Tamils, RELIGION does not play any part in it except for caste based riots and etc.Religion is something that is decided by a person freely based on their interest in term of philosophy and no one can deny it.Be it pro and con any political parties it is Tamils own choice what to call them be it Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Baha’i and etc.Tamils were still Tamils unregarding what their religion is,so parties who are trying hard to crush Tamils using this false religion propaganda out there,please abandon your cursed aspirations.

  • Rajesh

    Good Article. My suggestion on HINDRAF — Many HinduSthani Tourist companies take Millions of Hindus to Malaysia as a Tourist destination and in a way contribute ‘Fund’ to strengthen Malaysian Economy which is Tourism dependent. How can we use this phenomenon to ‘check’ the atrocities against Hindus in Malaysia ? Any suggestions ?

  • Rajalakshmi

    How very convenient to blame everything on Britain & long past history:-((

    On the contrary authentic sources reported many Indians ( including overwhelmingly hindus , tamil speaking & the rest) on the pretext of going as tourists or labourers approach certain experts in forgery & frauds (INDIANS again you guessed it right I hope) asking them to facilitate their entry into AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND & from there to CANADA , EUROPE etc etc.
    By granting them “refugee status ” or “humanitarian grounds”.

    Here it is worth quoting Pakistani President Musharraf’s BRILLIANT summing up again:-

    ” Those wanting to go abroad get themselves gang-raped”.

    In the name of feminism/amnesty/ anti Brahminism / anti communalism / leftism many women from INDIA PAKISTAN & BANGLADESH ( and certain other countries) take to this very convenient route as getting entry into Canada entitles them to FREE Canadian Dollars as Social Security.These parasites soon join “hospitality industry ” that is catering & work in restaurants , various kiosks displacing native CANADIANS. No rape victim that too gang rape victim would be able to recall & rewind as if giving out some complicated recipes on television. Armed with forged certificates they even manage to become drivers , nurses ,beauticians , doctors & Professors. Swami Dayananda of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam said one such HINDU woman who had invited Sri.Dayananda for ‘biksha’ told him very proudly:-

    ” You know just by plucking the eyebrows of lot of people in CANADA I have managed to PURCHASE & OWN this big apartment”.

    Evangelicals are after numbers that is called harvesting of “souls”.
    Indians are destined to falter & fail wherever they go not because of BRITAIN & AMERICA . ONLY because of their inherent dishonesty , fraudulent malpractices in short lack of ETHICS. When caught cry “racism”.

    President Musharraf ALSO said something very revelatory to America once.
    He said only those hurriedly migrating by hook or by crook to Western countries like UK , USA , Australia , Europe are unable to integrate & indulge in jihad & bombings. The few urbane & educated WITHIN Pakistan do not do so. They are PRO WEST & PRO AMERICA.

    Musharraf is spot on as I find the same tendency among our own Indians living there. They don’t actually LIKE Americans & the Anglo Saxons. They are there only because of the creature comforts & good governance , good infrastructure etc etc. Periodically quote Swami Vivekananda & we ONLY discovered ZERO yada yada. They also POSTURE & PRETEND to integrate but don’t really owe ALLEGIANCE to them from WITHIN their HEARTS.

  • Rajalakshmi

    A tambram working as freelance journalist hailing from an extremely affluent family “fell in love” with an AUSTRALIAN & married him. That WHITE AUSTRALIAN was duped by her “love”. He had read a lot about India , Hinduism , Aadi Shankara etc & genuinely thought he was marrying the Very Seetha Devi.

    Their marriage went totally awry on the first night itself. He was asking her to tutor him on wearing Sacred Thread & Gayathri Japa ( I have seen various photographs of both ) sincerely wearing a cotton veshti like orthodox Brahmins of Tamil Nadu.

    She had her hair cut short , wore only short skirts wiping off the very kumkum & told him bluntly:- ” I married you as I want to eat hamburgers , beef etc & migrate to Australia”.

    She looks like one of those hideous Keralite pentacostals. No jewellery , no kumkum , no long hair only Western clothes. With a grouchy SCOWL on her face. Once her ailing mother wanted to be taken to a Temple in Tamil Nadu. This daughter escorting her told her mother:-

    ” I will take you but WILL NOT enter , pray , prostrate , accept any kumkum etc as prasadham “.

    EXACTLY like N.Ram Editor of The Hindu. A RABID leftist SELECTIVE atheist related to DMK family & Maran brothers through matrimonial alliances.

    Interesting the SWISS WOMAN who married dropsical ARROGANT N.Ram DIVORCED him soon.

    N.Ram has always been very close to one heavily articulate PEDANTIC Keralite LEFTIST called Sashi Kumar appearing on tv very fond of movies like samaj ko badal dalo / tulabaram & many such tear jerkers that only LEFTISTS savour with insatiable hunger. Again & AGAIN.

  • Rajalakshmi

    While living in Jute Mills Quarters in suburbs of West Bengal thanks to my father who bought a Philips radio & keeping it permanently tuned to Radio Ceylon as both of us were very fond of listening to Tamil film songs of TMS, P.Susheela etc etc & Thiruppugazh of Pithukuli Murugadas I picked up all those songs lyrics & music WITHOUT even writing down anything. No taping facility then.

    We benefitted IMMENSELY only OWING to those Tamilians broadcasting from Ceylon which became Sri Lanka afterwards.We were totally impervious to politics being played out everywhere. Slowly the melodious Tamil songs were getting displaced in the same radio station of Ceylon by christian propaganda in Tamil that I found EXTREMELY BORING. They called themselves Chennai Kirithuva blah blah…( Madras Christian College broadcasting). I am an avid fan of P.Susheela no doubt. However even P.Susheela’s christian song ( AIyaiYaa naan vandhen….aattukkutty) broadcast by them failed to lure me. It was much later I came to know the words used by Christians like flock of sheep etc & their meanings. When I heard Susheela calling herself a lamb in that christian song it sounded ABSURD for me then. All along I have heard far far superior compositions sung by her.

    Whereas in DMK ruled Tamil Nadu Pithukuli Murugadas & His Thiruppugazh were UNAVAILABLE due to anti Vedic dmk. Ditto in West Bengal. My father took great personal effort in collecting each & every record over a long period of time with HIS OWN EARNINGS. For which he was labelled (sic) “mad/God crazy / Thiruppugazh Payithiyam” by phoren New Jersey resident Dr.R.Sivaprasad ( MRCP,A.B.Internist) my mother’s brother & several IDIOTS comprising of relatives & colleagues.