Delhi HC asks for removal of ‘anti-Islam’ videos from Youtube

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Niticentral Staff15 Mar 2013

1 HC asks for removal of ‘anti-Islam’ videos from Youtube&id=nc

Delhi HC asks for removal of 'anti-Islam' videos from YoutubeIn its February 8, 2013 issue, Urdu daily Dainik Inquilab reported that the Delhi High Court ruled that anti-Islamic material must be removed from YouTube. Jamiat Ulema general secretary Mehmood Madani had filed a petition in Delhi High Court demanding a ban on uploading anti-Islamic films on YouTube and Google as it hurts Muslim sentiments.

The report said that the High Court instructed the Government and the police to remove all anti-Islamic material from YouTube and Google and take action against those who indulges in such activities.

(Source: India Policy Foundation)

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1 HC asks for removal of ‘anti-Islam’ videos from Youtube&id=nc

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  • Rajalakshmi

    At last one BELATED sensible move from useless indiAAA.

    I completely support this.ISLAM is very good. There is nothing bad about ISLAM. And malicious mendacious propaganda like the evangelicals’ Aryan versus Dravidian wreaks incalculable harm.

    This also OUGHT to be thrashed outright. Not by consulting scum like barkha dutts , rajdeep sardesais , jennifer aruls & pintos. I wonder if hindus have it in them. I have more trust in MUSLIMS in pulverizing these TOXIC evangelicals ubiquitous all over as nurses , secretaries , teachers blah blah. The converted indian christians & the crypto christians & the convent educated yuppies hindoos are the WORSTESTEST.

    CHINA & PAKISTAN alone can effortlessly get rid of them. Send them to their Maker. Including N.Ram of hindu & several in DMK, DK & bollykollywood.

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