Another Sri Lankan Buddhist monk assaulted in Chennai

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Niticentral Staff18 Mar 2013

4 Sri Lankan Buddhist monk assaulted in Chennai&id=nc

Another Sri Lankan Buddhist monk assaulted in ChennaiIn a shameful incident, another Sri Lankan Buddhist monk has been beaten up in Tamil Nadu. The incident happened in Chennai, days after the assault on a priest by suspected pro-Tamil men in Thanjavur. The incident happened at the Central Railway Station in Chennai.

Police identified the victim as Bandara (33) and said he was part of a group of Sri Lankan pilgrims, who arrived in Chennai enroute to Colombo after visiting various holy sites including Gaya.

The Buddhist priest in saffron robe was repeatedly assaulted by unknown persons, police said, adding, cases had been filed under different sections of IPC including “voluntarily causing hurt.” he assailants had fled the spot and a hunt has been launched to nab them.

The incident comes in the backdrop of surging emotions in Tamil Nadu over the Sri Lankan Tamils issue following pictures showing slain LTTE chief V Prabakaran’s 12-year-old son allegedly being killed in cold blood.

On Saturday, a Buddhist priest from the island, pursuing archaeological studies in Delhi University, was roughed up by some activists of pro-Tamil outfits at the famous Big Temple in Thanjavur prompting police to arrest 12 persons in connection with the incident.

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4 Sri Lankan Buddhist monk assaulted in Chennai&id=nc

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  • KariDemala

    I think it’s about time India gave these people some education. The SINHALESE BUDDHIST monk didn’t even say one word or lift a finger against the attacker – it shows the difference between the levels of education. These terrorists need to understand that they lost the war and there is nothing they can do about it.

    Hatred wil get you nowhere, see how calm the monk was when he was being attacked (watch a video), he did not even try to hit that sinner.

  • Shehan

    @ KariDhemala, do you think you are educated to use a nick name like that. You doing the same thing as what the guys in India did. Your nick name says it all. Get education 1st. I agree with your statements but not with you illterate and uneducated sounding nick name.

  • SL Tamil

    Thank you for showing the real face of pro LTTE supporters and barking for LTTE. LTTE was a worst terrorist organization.

  • Rama

    All three commentators above are Sinhalese. The first one assumes the name Kari Demala – which translated into English means Black Tamil – or Tamil Nigger! Its a perjorative term.

    Buddhism is violent in Sri Lanka and its karmic retribution – you sow as your reap.

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