The ‘secular’ Ostrich

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18 Mar 2013

3 ‘secular’ Ostrich&id=nc

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3 ‘secular’ Ostrich&id=nc

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  • Abhishek

    absolutely correct,to the point.

  • Shivaji

    Secularism in our country is sacrificing the majority tolerant community to vote bank politics.This was done deliberately by dividing people caste,religion and region. Wishful thinking is had not the freedom fighters been side lined by the freedom pleaders things would have been different.The likes of Tilak,Subhash,RajGuru,Bhagat and others remain vividly in the minds of people who know the real history of our country.

  • P Sastry

    Now Mr Shimde has come out with separate courts for ‘Muslims’. Does this idiot know hwant happened in 1945 and prior to that with separate lectorates. Direct Action leading to partition. Mr Shinde do not be foolish to repeat the mistake of your congress elders. After all Ganghiji is candid in admitting’I am a failure’ after partition. Only Danda neeti pays with muslim community. Pleaase read the pages of history and draw proper lessons if you are capable.

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