Controversy rocks IPL again: Sreesanth re-opens Slapgate chapter

Controversy rocks IPL again: Sreesanth re-opens Slapgate chapter After Thursday’s on-field verbal spat between Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli took everyone by surprise during the IPL match at Bengaluru, people started gossiping about the Harbhajan-Sreesanth’s ‘slapgate’ on social networking site ‘Twitter’.

But the comparison did not go well with cricketer S Sreesanth and a hurt former Indian pacer came out to speak about the incident to open a fresh controversy. Sreesanth wrote about the infamous incident on his twitter account and said that people should stop comparing his case with Virat-Gambhir’s exchange of heated conversation.

The cricketer, who was misbehaved by Harbhajan Singh after an IPL match in 2008, went on calling Harbhajan Singh a backstabber.

Sreesanth wrote on Twitter handle on Friday, “Jst read times of india sports page headlines..very very disappointing…yesterday s incident with Gautam Bhai Nd virat ..was compared ??? To me Nd Bhajji pa??really Nd written again about slap gate????enough of this s#%^t..Stop it.. I can’t keep silent Anymore.” (sic)

“(Bhajji Never Slapped me…all I did is play the game the way I had all my life. he lost it badly ..being the captain of MUMBAI he Lost it. He had no control over his anger..,Nd one more thing I wanna clear..he (nanavati sir ) knows the truth and the full ipl..he had lost it,” he said. (sic)

“Everyone blaming me Nd always writing and talking about slap gate??it really s**#s.the truth is in the video ..which is with ipl.. I want the world to c it..Whn I went to shake hands afte the match..he had lost it..he had already planned to hit me(elbow me)all his anger,” he wrote.

Later on, while talking to Times Now on phone the pacer from Kochi said, “There was no ‘slap’ – he elbowed me. I didn’t cry because of what he did. I got emotional only because I was disappointed.”

“People called me crybaby, but why did I cry? I cried because I was like, “Oh my god, he can do this”,” said Sreesanth.

Sreesanth, playing for IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals further wrote:”It’s just tht’s sad to c .the media still talking about it..really feels bad..slap,thappad,,,???’s not wht u all know.”

Sreesanth added: “I was asked to say tht was my fault too..I was asked ..that’s the truth …it was never my’s sad.really sad…

“I ve moved on but whn I keep reading all this bull###*itreallu really does..but that’s enough..anyways thnks to the media. All this 5..6 years ..I was quite..not anymore..thr is much more thn wht u all even know..that’s it,” wrote the Kerala pacer.

Whatever may be the truth but it is for sure that controversy will never leave IPL.


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