5 great hypocrisies of Congress

5 great hypocrisies of Congress

There was a very famous song in south India in 1985, “Heluvudu ondu, maaduvudu innondu”.

Jwaalamukhi- Heluvudu ondu maaduvudu innondu

It was a beautiful song about hypocrisy in life, literally meaning ‘Telling one thing, doing another thing’. This song came to my mind immediately when counting the recent cases of hypocrisy involving Congress. In fact, it is a perfect song for this party.

Read on. You will know why, if there’s any doubt at all.

5 great hypocrisies of CongressHypocrisy 1: Being against corruption and divisive communal politics

In April 2012, Sonia Gandhi said in Karnataka: “People want a change from the political corruption and the corruption of the BJP. And they want a change from the divisive communal politics of the BJP.”

Fast forward to 2013. Her statement about political corruption received a big hit when the High Court issued her a notice for virtually selling Congress election tickets. And her statement about divisive communal politics got exposed when the UPA Government tried to create a separate university for Muslims.


“Karnataka High Court on Monday ordered issue of emergent notices to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and state PCC chief G Parameshwara on a petition seeking a probe into alleged collection of funds from party members seeking tickets for the May 5 State Assembly polls. Justice Abdul Nazeer ordered issue of notices also to the Election Commission and State Chief Electoral Officer on the plea by V Shashidhar, who, claiming to be a Congress worker and a ticket aspirant, alleged Rs 10,000 each had been collected from such aspirants.”

(Source: India Today)

Divisive communal politics:

UPA Government’s plan to create a university in Tipu Sultan’s name has a long list of problems for true secularism. The key ones being – it creates pillars of separatism, creates wrong icons, gives more importance to religion, discourages students of other religions from attending a ghetto university, constitutionally wrong as per experts, exposes the politics of backwardness, glorifies the faulty concept of ‘minority’, is against liberal democratic values, not a right role for the State, and most importantly, is against the Indian ethos of respect for all.

Understanding the mindset behind separate Muslim universities

And talking specifically of Tipu Sultan, the recent debates in Karnataka have clearly shown his tyrant side. There is a lot of authentic historical evidence dug out by Dr Chidananda Murthy, Dr SL Bhyrappa, Francois Gautier and many other knowledgeable folks. Francois’s latest article titled the The Tyrant Diaries gives the blatant anti-Hindu and anti-Christian face of the so-called ‘secular’ Tipu Sultan. Why would a self-professed anti-communal party support such a blatant communal move?

5 great hypocrisies of CongressHypocrisy 2: Congress is secular

During March 2013, news came that — “Averring that the Congress was committed to secularism, party chief Sonia Gandhi on Saturday called for an all-out struggle against ‘communal forces and ideologies‘”

Secularism is the most abused word by those who are not even remotely secular in the true sense. While trumpeting their secular credentials, what Congress folks actually do is anything but secular.

Talking of Muslims:

In April 2013, a Supreme Court notice came through — “Supreme Court on Tuesday issued notice to Congress MP and industrialist Naveen Jindal and the Centre on a PIL seeking a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry into demolition of a 400-year-old mosque. The mosque was laid in the mining lease area of the Jindal company in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.”

So while preaching secularism, it was very obvious that Congress, which was supposed to protect Babri Masjid earlier as a ruling party at the Centre, had not only failed there, but also allowed its MP’s mining deal demolish a 400-year-old Qualandari Mosque in Rajasthan. Worse, the same mining deal has allegedly gobbled a Muslim graveyard too.

Coming to Hindus:

In August 2012, a Congress Minister in Andhra Pradesh broke rules and attacked a temple’s premises with his gang.

“The Banjara Hills police on Thursday lodged cases against Minister Danam Nagender and four of his sidekicks after he became embroiled in a public spat with police officials and functionaries of the Swayambhu Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Banjara Hills. Throwing his weight about, he locked up the main gate of the temple, and abused the on-duty sub-inspector. “

Asked about the spat, Nagender said, “I won’t hesitate to break the rules for the sake of the people.”

5 great hypocrisies of CongressWow! So a Congress MP is blamed for demolishing a 400-year-old mosque while a Congress Minister is blamed for assaulting temple authorities or security. Worse, they are remorseless about the attacks. All that talk of secularism sounds so hollow now.

Hypocrisy 3: Congress empowers youth and women in politics

In February 2013, Rahul Gandhi urges — “If we really want to change politics, then we have to bring youngsters into the political system.”

But in April 2013, the same Rahul Gandhi’s Congress ignores youth big time while giving tickets for Karnataka 2013 election. From the list released so far, only 7 per cent of Congress candidates are under the age of 40. A whopping 64 per cent are above 50. Talk is easy dear Rahul. Comparatively, nearly 80 per cent of the BJP’s first list candidates are around 40 years of age!

Similarly, Congress has given only 6 or 7 tickets out of the first list of 177, to women. That’s less than 4 per cent women’s representation. Women’s empowerment is another slogan which is good only in written speeches of Congress, but not when giving tickets in all-important elections.

Hypocrisy 4: BJP was weak in dealing with plane hijacking

In May 2009, Rahul Gandhi hit out at LK Advani, nicknamed the Loh Purush or the Iron Man — “BJP is projecting him (Advani) as a strong leader but his own government released hardcore terrorists at Kandahar.

Yes. BJP did release terrorists. It was a foreign location where not even a phone was available. It was to save the lives of nearly 150 Indians from hostile radical Islamist groups Taliban and Al Qaida, whose thirst for blood was well-known around the world. And importantly, Congress did not oppose the release of terrorists during the negotiation stages. But they made this an election item later, and kept on telling BJP as to how they are ‘weak’.

But how about Congress’s own track record of dealing with airline hijackers? Page 124 of the book Indian Airports: Shocking Ground Realities, By KR Wadhwaney has everything you want to know.

For the late 1970s hijacking of Calcutta-Lucknow-Delhi flight with 132 passengers, the ‘punishment’ meted out to the hijackers Devendra Nath Pandey and Bhola Nath Pandey, was incredible. The cases against them were withdrawn, and they were both made MLAs on Congress ticket in Uttar Pradesh in 1980. Worse, Devendra went on to become a Minister in Congress government. Even worse, Bhola was given a Lok Sabha ticket in 1999 from Congress! So a party that made a hijacker Minister was preaching to Advani about ‘weakness’ in dealing with an airline hijacking. Can it get any more ironical?

Hypocrisy 5: Making corrupt Ministers resign

During the peak of Karnataka corruption, in December 2010, this was a well-publicised statement — “There should be no tolerance for corruption and we must confront it. We made ministers to resign, can BJP do it?” questioned Sonia Gandhi.

But, if you fast forward, most of those ‘punished’ like Suresh Kalmadi and Vilasrao Deshmukh made their ways back to lucrative positions, thanks to the Congress Government. Many more Ministers charged with corruption are still in the Cabinet. Take for instance April 2013’s case of Andhra Pradesh’s Home Minister from Congress, Sabita Indra Reddy.

“Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy remained unfazed even as his Government landed in an embarrassing position with yet another Minister getting charge-sheeted in the illegal assets case relating to Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

He seems to be in no mood to either make Home Minister Sabita Indra Reddy resign or drop her from the Cabinet despite a vociferous demand by not only Opposition parties but also from a section of the ruling Congress.”

(Source: Deccan Chronicle)

5 great hypocrisies of CongressSabita’s case so serious that she’s not only charge-sheeted in a corruption case, she’s also involved in granting mining leases to Obulapuram Mining Company, the same company owned by the ‘tainted’ Reddy brothers of Karnataka BJP. To make it worse for Congress, other Ministers Kanna Lakshminarayana, Geetha Reddy, and Ponnala Lakshmaiah are also facing CBI enquiry in corruption cases. They were among the six Ministers summoned by the Supreme Court.

How hollow it looks when Sonia Gandhi claims, “We made Ministers resign”, when the Home Minister of a huge State in India is protected even after a charge-sheet in a corruption case.

There are many more instances of hypocrisy, but let’s stop here for now. Does that song “Telling one thing, doing another thing” make better sense now – in the context of Congress’s words and action?


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