Should BJP call Nitish Kumar’s bluff and dare him to walk out of NDA?

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Niticentral Staff16 Apr 2013

19 BJP call Nitish Kumar’s bluff and dare him to walk out of NDA?&id=nc

Should BJP call Nitish Kumar’s bluff and dare him to walk out of NDA?


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Should BJP call Nitish Kumar’s bluff and dare him to walk out of NDA?

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19 BJP call Nitish Kumar’s bluff and dare him to walk out of NDA?&id=nc

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  • Dr Parag Sheth

    Nitish Kumar should be allowed to GO !
    The outer orbit electrones does not
    Harm the ATOM called Anti-Congressism !

    • Rajalakshmi

      That is a good one!!

  • bhasker jha

    I think nitish is being supported by elements in BJP….that doesn’t send good message…

  • Mansukh Takodara


  • Siddharth

    BJP needs to be analytical and think of numbers before deciding anything



  • ramana murtyhy

    Yes yes. Dump him already

  • shankar

    If Nitish leaves BJP he will be like Laloo in congress. And he will be chandrababu of Bihar.If a part of the body becomes gangrenous you have to get rid of that. Time BJP took hard decision if they have guts.

  • R Prasad

    In today’s national mood, BJP cannot survive without Modi. And Nitish cannot survive without BJP. In other words, Nitish cannot survive without Modi in BJP. Let Nitish go as soon as possible, BJP will become more stronger in Bihar and India.


    BJP be will fare better without JDU. All the talk about secularism by these parties tantamount to pandering to the whims and fancies of just one community. What is required is treating every citizen of India equally without resorting to appeasement. Appeasement results in resentment in other sections in the society and causes friction. And these so called secularist parties thrive on such friction and divide thinking they can cash on that. It is high time such divisive politics is left behind. Parties should represent every single citizen and not just one section pitting them against the other. Get rid of all such SECULARISTS. These secularists have become a curse on the nation.

  • Rajalakshmi

    I agree with what KSV SUBRAMANIAN says.

    Congress party pampered Nitish Kumar prior to election of President of India.

    It is time BJP under Sri.Narendra Modi does not cave in to blackmailing & arm twisting by Nitish Kumars & certain others whispering about a third front. Whatever progress Nitish Kumar is alleged to have brought in Bihar is only by IMITATING Sri.Narendra Modi. Biharis owe it to Narendra Modi & not to Nitish. It is Sri.Narendra Modi alone who has made the rest give up their complacency & laid back approach.If people of India are looking forward to a resurgent India with rekindled hope the credit belongs to Narendra Modi alone.

  • Antony

    Dissolve NDA. BJP is growing now. Now MOdi is the star of media. All these people using modi to propagate their name. All know now that whoever talks in support or against modi gets media attention. bring new poll alliances were BJP is weak. Nithish wants to get out of NDA. BJP must bring mass movements and protests all over the country against corruption. If BJP gets enough seats all these sickular dogs follow. How much time Hindus and nationalists of this country has to suffer. If BJP couldnt control this anti Hindu wae of this country now. country is going to chaos and parochialism. We need mass movements. without such moements people cant be educated about the goodness of people. Atleast for short time we saw how media had to support his vision due to his growing support. Let modi and Bjp leaders speak on eery problem in eery parts of this country. Dont think that BJP can win using Main stream media. Draw people towards the movements. Supporters of BJP are really trapped in states like kerala and west bengal. they are helpless to raise their voice. Draw them to streets. then Bjp will win all over the country.

  • AAtish Jadhav

    Nice one


    Very nice

  • shyama

    perfect poll question

  • Veer Bothra

    BJP should be cautious. It should not give a wrong message to its alliances as well as the voters.

  • Ravi Patel

    Decrepit and useless Advani is the real menace both to the BJP and indeed to the country. Boot this Congress Jinnha loving trojan horse back to Pakistan. We no longer have to be nice to those who mean harm to our country.

  • Seetharam Naidu

    Nitish Kumar is the meanest and lowliest of the BJP allies. With friends like him one does not need an enemy. Let the BJP for once show him who is the boss. He has no business to be dictating terms to another party-this ungrateful petty minority vote seeker who has blown away all the so called goodwill to the winds. Ultimately how is he different from a rank criminal and a goon and a goonda like Laloo or Paswan. All of them of the same breed. Bihar which had given the nation Bapu Rajendra Prasad and Jayapraksh Narayan has to be content with vultures like Nitish now

  • Giri

    BJP will definitely suffer a short term loss – in Bihar. But I believe in the longer term, it might be a bigger gain. I believe the risk is worth taking. It will show that the smaller parties cannot dictate terms to the Coalition leading party.
    I also saw latest news updates that Nitish is being wooed by Mamta for the 3rd front. Let them try. If they can’t agree to the BJP’s choice, we will have more fun if the crazy 3rd front tries coming up with their leader

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