Akshay Kumar to star in Gabbar

Akshay Kumar to star in 'Gabbar'Finally there is some news regarding the Hindi remake of Tamil film ‘Ramana’ after much speculation.

As already known by all, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has bought the rights of 2002 Tamil hit film ‘Ramana’ directed by AR Murgadoss. There were rumours doing the rounds that Akshay Kumar would play the main lead in the Hindi version of the film.

The film which has been titled as ‘Gabbar’ will be co-produced by Bhansali along with Shabina Khan.

A Hindustan Times report says that Akshay Kumar will in fact play the hero and his character will be called ‘Gabbar’ too.

The shooting of the movie will commence sometime in mid 2013.


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