Ludhiana: Four men beat up woman in public

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Niticentral Staff17 Apr 2013

1 Four men beat up woman in public&id=nc

In a shocking incident, a woman was brutally beaten up by four men publically with iron rods in broad daylight in Ludhiana,, when she allegedly asked one of the accused Manoj to return her Rupees twenty thousand which she had lent him. Police have registered an FIR against the accused. Ironically the bystanders registered their presence as mute spectators, watching the woman being thrashed. Adding to the victim’s woes, one of the accused also recorded the video clip of the incident.

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1 Four men beat up woman in public&id=nc

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  • Truth Speaks

    Shame on me, us, our society, Punjab and India. Another form of atrocity against women. All the four culprits should be punished severely for this attempted murder since there is clear evidence. Also, the poor woman victim should be compensated by collecting the fines from these four men. The government should help her with counseling and medical treatment.

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