Sanjay Dutt gets unfair relief

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17 Apr 2013

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Sanjay Dutt gets unfair relief

Today’s Supreme Court order granting four weeks’ reprieve to Boollywood star Sanjay Dutt has made one thing very clear – not all are equal before the law in our country. If the law gives a non-descript person one treatment and a millionaire actor another, though both have been held guilty of the same crime, then there is most definitely something seriously wrong with the way our judiciary imparts justice.

As it is, Sanjay Dutt’s original sentence of six years was reduced to five years on account of his case being removed from under TADA, the provisions of which he was originally booked under. He now stands convicted under only the Arms Act.

53-year-old Dutt, who was directed to surrender by April 18, urged the Apex Court to allow him to finish shooting of his films which, according to the actor, will take at least 196 days. This is a matter of over Rs 278 crore riding on seven movies.

Zaibunissa Kazi, who had also asked for more time before being imprisoned for her role in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, received no such reprieve. The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the appeals of the 70-year-old woman (along with two others).

Curiously enough, the Court said the main reason cited in the petition for extension of time was the crores of rupees involved. The producers whose money this is have been aware of Sanjay Dutt’s run-ins with the law since 2007, when the first court rulings came. Zaibunissa and others however, applied for more time over reasons relating to age and ill health and their petitions were still rejected.

What is more predictable? Investments worth Rs 278 crore; or medical illness?

As we have argued before, an actor’s financials should be of no concern to a system of law that is, by definition, supposed to treat all citizens alike. What’s more? Dutt’s so-called ‘plight’ is by no means comparable to the others who have been held guilty by the law of the land.

Consider, for a moment, the message that is being sent out by the Court; and the inevitable questions that follow: Are the poor less deserving of compassion than the rich? Are actors somehow more important to society than the aam admi? Should we all stop expecting fair treatment from the law of the land?

By going soft on Sanjay Dutt, the Supreme Court has been unfair.

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3 Dutt gets unfair relief&id=nc

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  • Sandhya Jain

    Under the last 2 chief justices, and now under the present one, the Supreme Court has shown an unmistakable bias towards the rich, the corporates with money, and an aversion to the common citizen, unless that persons is from a famed minority.
    This is the most scandalous judicial order in Indian history. The Supreme Court will have a tough time living it down.

  • Hari Om

    By according a preferential treatment to terrorist Sanjay Dutt, who is a pledged Congressman, the Supreme Court today disappointed the entire nation.Who will now believe that the Supreme Court is not committed to the Congress-dominated UPA Government? April 17 will be remembered as a black day in the history of Supreme Court of India.

  • R Prasad

    I fully agree with Supreme Court that Sanjay Dutt is qualified to get relief from punishment for a convicted terrorist. In fact, he has more than one qualification to get relief from punishment, if not cancellation of all punishment.

    1. He is a very rich and can buy all the judges of Supreme Court
    2. He is a Muslim (at least mother side is Muslim)
    3. He belongs to Congress party and close to Sonia Gandhi Family
    4. He is an actor from Bollywood, which is a superior authority than Supreme Court
    5. He is a SECULAR person

    The list is listless. If all qualifications are listed, he will be acquitted without any punishment and even can sue the Supreme Court for exceeding its limits and punishing a Muslim Congress Rich Bollywood actor with SECULAR credentials.

    India’s democracy and judicial system are up for sale for highest bidder with SECULAR credentials and close relationship or recommendation from Sonia Gandhi family.

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