Congress plays dirty politics in terror moments

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Niticentral Staff17 Apr 2013

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As has been the usual tendencies of Congress to bring down grave terror activities onto petty political levels, hours after bomb blast outside the BJP office in Bangalore, Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad sparked a row by tweeting that the blast will help the BJP during the ensuing Assembly election.

Shakeel Ahmad tweeted:

Shakeel Ahmad sparks row, says Bangalore blast will help BJP politically

BJP has strongly reacted to Ahmad’s comment in its Karnataka unit’s tweeter handled.

BJP Karnataka handle tweeted:

Shakeel Ahmad sparks row, says Bangalore blast will help BJP politically

At least 16 people, including 11 policemen, were injured in a bomb blast apparently targeting the Karnataka BJP city office ahead of the May five Assembly polls.

Five civilians, including three women, were also injured in the blast, which was described as a “clear act of terror” by Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister R Ashok, saying it was targeted at the party workers and its leaders.

“It is a very clear act of terror… It is targeted at the BJP, our senior leaders and workers”, Ashok said. “100 per cent, it is targeted at BJP workers”.

Meanwhile, the Congress distanced itself from Ahmed’s remarks, claiming that the party does not view the problem of terrorism in terms of political benefit or loss.

“We all know terrorism is a national issue or problem. And not only that to some extent an international problem. We do not view the problem in terms of political benefit or loss,” party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi told reporters.

He said that the problem of terrorism should be a concern for all the citizens and should be faced unitedly.

“Whatever I am saying, I am saying on behalf of the party,” Dwivedi insisted.

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5 plays dirty politics in terror moments&id=nc

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  • Hari Om

    It must remain a matter of shame for Sonia Gandhi’s anti-Hindu Congress that it unleashed Shakeel Ahmed to rub salt on the wounds of people of Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular by tweeting “if the blast near the BJP’s office in Bangalore is a terror attack, it will certainly help the BJP politically on the eve of election”. He virtually tried to create an impression that it was the BJP which caused the terror attack which left at least 16 persons, including 8 police personnel critically injured, with two of them struggling for their life. God, save India from the Congress, a party that appears all out to destroy the nation.


    So insensitive and uncultured. Rather than feeling the pain of the victims and sharing their grief these vultures descend on them for a feast.

  • sngkra

    A day will come where NARENDRA MODI JI will become PM & this congress Thugs will sure may have to repay the Debt & loss they have caused to our Mother Land For the Past 60 Years…………….. i’m sure being Bangalorean Staying in malleshwaram 100 mtrs away form where blast took place all of us we able to here the noice thrice Loudly and clearly ….we were able to see the smoke from being 100 mtrs away from that place from our Balkanis ……….I see no difference between Congressmen & terrorists………….these Congress pigs will even sale their own mothers if some one assures them with big Booty & power…………..

  • R Prasad

    Congress is very good at dirty politics involving Terror Attacks, Tragedies and massacres. They used corpse politics during the death of India Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to win elections based on sentiments not on the performance. Now, they have stooped too low and playing dirty politics on Terror victims on Bangalore. If Congress disagrees with Shakeel Ahmad, then it should sack him. Otherwise people of Karnataka will sack Congress in the Assembly elections.

  • Truth Speaks

    Is Shakeel Ahmad spokesperson of Congress or not? How can Congress distance from his remarks? The purpose of spokesperson is to avoid the personal opinions of the people and represent the party as a whole. If Congress disagrees with its spokesperson, then they should dismiss him immediately. Otherwise people of Karnataka will teach a huge lesson to Congress and its allies in Assembly elections.

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