This day in history: April 17

Niticentral Staff | Apr 17, 2013

This day in history: April 171864 – American Civil War: The Battle of Plymouth begins – Confederate forces attack Plymouth, North Carolina.

1941 – World War II: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany.

1942 – French prisoner of war General Henri Giraud escapes from his castle prison in Festung Königstein.

1945 – Brazilian forces liberate the town of Montese, Italy, from German Nazi forces.

1946 – Syria obtains its Independence from the French occupation.

1964 – Jerrie Mock becomes the first woman to circumnavigate the world by air.

1969 – Sirhan Sirhan is convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy.

1971 – The People’s Republic of Bangladesh forms, under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Mujibnagor.

1978 – Mir Akbar Khyber is assassinated, provoking a communist coup d’état in Afghanistan.

1986 – The Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years’ War between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly ends.

2006 – Sami Hammad, a Palestinian suicide bomber, detonates an explosive device in Tel Aviv, killing 11 people and injuring 70.

Source: Wikipedia


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