In Kerala, Narendra Modi rejects political untouchability

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Niticentral Staff24 Apr 2013

4 Kerala, Narendra Modi rejects political untouchability&id=nc

LIVE! Narendra Modi at Sivagiri Mutt

“Political untouchability is increasing in society though this great evil had been eradicated in social life to a great extent by works of spiritual leaders and reformers,” Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said inaugurating the golden jubilee of Sree Narayana Dharma Meemamsa Parishad at Sivagiri Mutt at Varkala, 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday evening visited Sree Narayana Mutt at Sivagiri in Kerala for an event. Modi’s five-hour visit to the State came in the backdrop of the Left attacking the authorities of the Mutt, which is dedicated to the ideals of 20th century saint-reformer Sree Naryana Guru who preached the message of unity of humanity, for inviting him to an important function.

The BJP leader was invited for the inauguration of the golden jubilee of the Sree Narayana Dharma Meemamsa Parishad. Ignoring the multi-layer security at the airport earlier, Modi walked to BJP workers who had converged in large numbers and greeted them.

Modi devoted most of his speech to the role played by spiritual leaders like Sree Narayana Guru in preparing the ground for the national movement and freedom struggle, saying if their ideals had been fully carried out, many problems faced by the country now could have been resolved.

Stating that India today is a “youthful” country where 65 per cent of the population is aged under 35, he said this factor is the nation’s biggest asset for it to forge ahead.

However, uplift of women, depressed and suppressed classes and skill development are some vital areas that needed greater attention to achieve the goals before the nation.

He described Sree Narayana Guru as one who had been a far-sighted spiritual leader, saying his message of “one caste, one religion and one God for men” would provide a solution to problems faced by the present day world, including the scourge of terrorism and global warming.

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4 Kerala, Narendra Modi rejects political untouchability&id=nc

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  • Sidd

    Sir, the live updates are very slow

  • Kaushik

    I just saw a ‘news headline’ by z-news stating that Modi said that he was proud to be associated with RSS. This was taken out of context and twisted. What he actually said was that he has been fortunate to be associated with RSS since childhood that taught him saying his morning prayers in which saints such as Narayana are remembered. Thanks for showing this live, which lets people see what he actually said.

  • Naresh

    I am baffled. What am I missing? I do not think he was talking about ‘political untouchability’, in the sense you seem to imply/understand. Why can’t the media (unfortunately including you)not report things accurately? I listened to his entire talk. Here is your own excerpt copied from your own website. I believe he was referring to ‘vote bank’ politics in an indirect way.

    6:59 pm: The oppressed members of society have always been paid attention to by social movements that rose from within Indian society. But when politics starts to raise its head in the midst of such social movements things go awry. Social change should happen, but not at the cost of integrity of our society. Sri Narayanguru brought together social change and peace.

  • Raju

    Modijis visit enthrald us in Kerala.But fail to understand why Modiji fails to say Bharat Mathaki Jai before his speech.

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