Terrorists plan to target US Consulate in Mumbai, warns IB

Niticentral Staff | May 06, 2013

Terrorists plan to target US Consulate in Mumbai, warns IBThe headquarters of Western Naval command has cautioned the Mumbai Police about a possible terror attack on the US consulate in Mumbai on July 21, says a report published in Times of India.

The intelligence was passed by the consulate-general and American Centre in Kolkata after it received an anonymous letter that threatened to attack both the places said the report.

A copy of the letter that has ‘Al-Jihad’- a terrorist organisation- written on top was passed on by Sanjay Kumar, command intelligence officer, western naval command.

The letter warns the officials in the US consulate and told the Americans to vacate the building. The letter further states that the terror outfit will target public places and railway stations of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai in July 2013.

However, the US consulate officials are still unclear why July 21 was chosen but they are not taking it as a hoax letter as several terror groups hide under various names.

The input has also been shared with the Intelligence Bureau headquarters and its wings in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Amitesh Kumar, deputy inspector general of police, ATS, in a two-page alert stated, “In view of the death penalty to Himayat Baig in the German Bakery bomb blast case and the recent blast in Bangalore, retaliation cannot be ruled out. IM can possibly launch a fresh terror strike.”


Niticentral Staff

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