Sonia’s, Rahul’s attendance in Parliament among lowest

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7 May 2013

6’s, Rahul’s attendance in Parliament among lowest&id=nc

Sonia, Rahul perform poorly

The following analysis, done by PRS Legislative Research, compares the Parliamentary performance of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi:

Sonia, Rahul perform poorly

Between the dates of June 4 and April 30, Rahul Gandhi’s attendance in Parliament stood at a mere 43 per cent even as the national average for the same was 77 per cent and the State average was 80 per cent.

Rahul has attended only one Parliamentary debate. The national average for the same is 33.2 and the State average is 38.2.

The Congress MP from UP has asked no questions in the Lok Sabha. This absence of initiative in the Parliament stands in stark contrast against a national average of 261 and a State average of 221.

Sonia Gandhi:

Sonia, Rahul perform poorly


Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s Parliament attendance percentage stands at only slightly over her son’s — 48 per cent. She has participated in only one debate in the period between June 4 and April 30. Like her son Rahul, Sonia hasn’t asked a single question in the Parliament either.

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6’s, Rahul’s attendance in Parliament among lowest&id=nc

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  • Hari Om

    Why should Sonia and Rahul attend Parliament? They have many cronies and power brokers in the Parliament to speak on their behalf. It is unfortunate that we are living in a country which is abused, ridiculed, insulted and let down almost everyday by Sonia and Rahul and their cronies whose single point agenda is to destroy India. We have a government which lacks nationalist content and which hates and despises the majority community from the core of its heart. However, I would blame the majority community more compared to Sonia and Rahul and their cronies.

  • T90

    Dear Author, please mention the duration in years. Just month is mentioned!

  • Shubho

    In my humble assessment, ‘Green’ is the colour which should have been used in the Chart above instead of ‘Orange’ (not calling it Saffron), to represent their graph.

  • A

    What does their performance in Parliament matter ? Quattarochi got away and got his money as well. Sub-standard Italian Piaggios and Apes have flooded India, Italian exports to India have multiplied manifold, and India is lagging behind economically with an increasing current account deficit.

    On the other hand, Sonia refused to disclose her income in response to an RTI petition, saying that disclosing it could be life threatening to her. What exactly are her income sources ?

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  • A.V.Venkataraman

    Mom son pair in depression.Mom sitting over MMS and son pulling his leg, made Democracy a mockery. Having swindled enquestioned and runing nation blatantly, merrily indulging in conversion, creating communal passion just to stay in power, the pair has to pay even the MPs to tow their way apart from paying media. Rarely attending the session and creating scene in the Parliament is to divert the attention of the members for their poor show, but it so happens that when they come, make themselves fools. For these arrogant duo, the defeat in election has still not sunk in

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