Sonia’s, Rahul’s attendance in Parliament among lowest

Sonia, Rahul perform poorly

The following analysis, done by PRS Legislative Research, compares the Parliamentary performance of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi:

Sonia, Rahul perform poorly

Between the dates of June 4 and April 30, Rahul Gandhi’s attendance in Parliament stood at a mere 43 per cent even as the national average for the same was 77 per cent and the State average was 80 per cent.

Rahul has attended only one Parliamentary debate. The national average for the same is 33.2 and the State average is 38.2.

The Congress MP from UP has asked no questions in the Lok Sabha. This absence of initiative in the Parliament stands in stark contrast against a national average of 261 and a State average of 221.

Sonia Gandhi:

Sonia, Rahul perform poorly


Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s Parliament attendance percentage stands at only slightly over her son’s — 48 per cent. She has participated in only one debate in the period between June 4 and April 30. Like her son Rahul, Sonia hasn’t asked a single question in the Parliament either.


Vijayendra Mohanty

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