A capturing tale of a thug

A capturing tale of a thug Confessions Of A Thug — written by Philip Meadows Taylor, is about the exciting life of a thug who is caught by the serving officer of the British army, Philip Taylor. As the title of the book says– it is truly a bone chilling confession of Ameer Ali.

The book captures your mind so much that you do not feel like putting it down. The more you read, the more you get lost in it.

The novel, is intricately woven and imparts information about the way the crimes are committed. In fact, they even appear in your dreams, such is the power of thugs. Like prostitution is one of the oldest trade in the world same is thugee.

A thug is not a petty thief, he has a cult with strong moral codes and the most important one is: when you kill your victim no blood should be shed. This implies that a thug has a great understanding of the human body’s anatomy. The victim is killed mostly by a angocha, which is still used in north India especially in Uttar Pradesh where you see men on motorbikes covering their faces with the white cloth.

The protagonist, Ameer Ali is the character, which will grow on you. The book explains how he masters the art of killing. The cleverness by which he hides the body of his victims by digging earth and then covering it with keekar. Every small detail of Ameer’s life is very normal but yet it has Dr Lector of Hannibal in him.

In the book, Ameer Ali has mentioned that he was involved in murdering seven hundred and nineteen persons. He tells Philip Meadows Taylor, the author of Confessions of a Thug, ‘Ah! Sir, if I had not been in prison twelve years, the number would have been a thousand!’

Like a few things stay with you always at the back of your mind, Confessions of a Thug is the book you would like to keep and then after reading it you would like to flaunt in parties about your knowledge of India’s thugs.

Confessions of a Thug has a direction of its own and keeps you hooked.


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