Bharat Nirman: False claims and sad reality

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11 Jun 2013

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One finds himself surrounded with Bharat Nirman ads. Too many of them. Somewhere between the ‘orange’ national flag that was smeared green and the realisation that Congress actually spent Rs 180 crore on this campaign, a sort of Bharat Nirman blindness starts to set in and one become oblivious to any more lies Sonia and Manmohan might choose to tell you through television spots and hoardings.

And then news comes in that a tribal man in Congress-ruled Kerala carried his pregnant wife on his shoulders to a hospital 40 kilometres away because he had no means of transportation available to him. His seven-months-pregnant wife survived the journey, but the doctors couldn’t save the foetus.

Bharat Nirman: False claims and sad reality

We have said a lot about how the Bharat Nirman campaign is ill-conceived, insulting, and manipulative. But every once in a while, there comes a story like Ayyappan’s and his wife Sudha’s that reminds us that the Government’s disconnect with our ground realities is nothing to laugh about. It is a matter of life and death.

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2 Nirman: False claims and sad reality&id=nc

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  • umesh

    This is the level of this gov. foolishness. If there is so much falseness even in advertising of a scheme, how fraudulent would the implementation be ?

    In an embarrassing admission of negligence, the state government on Thursday ordered a probe into the use of a missing Pakistani girl’s photograph to advertise for nearly two years its flagship schemes to protect the girl child.

    The Directorate of Information and Public Relations has also drafted out a notification asking all government departments to strictly use photos taken by their own photographers or by the directorate and refrain from picking pictures from the Internet without verifying its authenticity.

    The move came after a leading vernacular daily reported the use of a missing Pakistani girl’s photo to advertise schemes to protect the girl child — such as ‘Betiyan Anmol Hain’ — through hoardings across the state. The photo was also used in the May edition of DIPR’s monthly magazine, Sujas.

    The report claimed that the photo used is that of a Pakistani Hindu girl who went missing three years ago; her picture was circulated as part of a missing report and is available on the Internet

  • indiastani

    what a dumb article! In that case, what about India shining? Boss, use your skills, if any, towards uplift of humanity. not to play politics. applies to dimwits like congress and you.

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