Bharat Nirman: False claims and sad reality

One finds himself surrounded with Bharat Nirman ads. Too many of them. Somewhere between the ‘orange’ national flag that was smeared green and the realisation that Congress actually spent Rs 180 crore on this campaign, a sort of Bharat Nirman blindness starts to set in and one become oblivious to any more lies Sonia and Manmohan might choose to tell you through television spots and hoardings.

And then news comes in that a tribal man in Congress-ruled Kerala carried his pregnant wife on his shoulders to a hospital 40 kilometres away because he had no means of transportation available to him. His seven-months-pregnant wife survived the journey, but the doctors couldn’t save the foetus.

Bharat Nirman: False claims and sad reality

We have said a lot about how the Bharat Nirman campaign is ill-conceived, insulting, and manipulative. But every once in a while, there comes a story like Ayyappan’s and his wife Sudha’s that reminds us that the Government’s disconnect with our ground realities is nothing to laugh about. It is a matter of life and death.


Vijayendra Mohanty

Vijayendra Mohanty is a writer and journalist based out of Noida and is Senior Editor at NiTi Central. His interests include storytelling, cultural discourses, religion, and mythology.


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