Shashi Tharoor: Third time unlucky with priceless love?

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Niticentral Staff29 Jun 2013

12 Tharoor: Third time unlucky with priceless love?&id=nc

Shashi Tharoor: Third time unlucky with priceless loveSome things were ‘priceless’ taunted Union Minister Shashi Tharoor on Twitter during the October 2012 election campaign in Himachal Pradesh in reference to his wife. The target of that taunt was the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Eight months later, it seems the price of ‘having someone to love’ has become unaffordable for the Minister as rumours begin doing their rounds about cracks in the marriage of Shashi Tharoor and wife Sunanda Pushkar.

All’s not well in the paradise of the couple who got married in August 2010. It is reportedly being said that both have been staying apart for quite some long time now. Although a Mumbai Mirror’s report earlier stated that when we spoke to Sunanda who has just come back to Delhi after a month away in Dubai, she scoffed at the separation rumours insisting that it was first her son’s illness and then her own health malady that was keeping her away from the country.

But till now, silence is what has come from the usually outspoken Shashi Tharoor’s side on the issue.

Although friends say that there was an effort to save the marriage, however, the couple may now have decided that there is no scope to save their ‘priceless love’.

Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar’s marriage visuals 


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12 Tharoor: Third time unlucky with priceless love?&id=nc

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  • Jay

    Dear Niti,
    I follow your need thinking you mean honest news and nothing else.. But I am appalled to see such a gossip piece on your website.. What has Tharoor’s marriage life got to do with you.. Did this article get published just because tharoor had commented on Modi.. ? you owe us an answer..

    • Ashok

      ShashiTharoor Tharoor is snobbish n snooty.

      Yes, he was sarcastic to Modi in reply to his ’50 Cr wife’ jibe.

      He tries to show that he’s holier than thou!

      No harm in enjoying vicariously seeing his haughtiness getting thrashed!

  • Soma Visal

    Feel sorry for Tharoor. Will he try once again with some other priceless one?

  • Priti

    Why are we making this TOI? I would request as a sincere reader and an even sincere and respectable right winger that NITI takes down this piece.

    Nobody’s private life should be of consequence to public until it is a misuse of public money or morals.

    Hoping you would do the right thing.

  • Shriram Ashwathanarayana

    Sweat equity fizzling out eh?!

  • Arun Kumar

    It is a purely private matter, however, it was Tharoor himself who brought it into public domain by issuing petty and avoidable statements. This is the price one has to pay being in public service.

  • Jesse James

    Personal matters like these are best kept for tabloids and out of serious journals like yours.

  • Ssdinesh Gopal

    humbly request niticentral not to bring down standard it is keeps….

  • RS

    NitiCentral…..I will be appreciate if this can be taken off. Doesn’t match high standards you have set. Looks more of gossip. Tharoor will get is due…karma doesnt leave anyone.
    Thank You.

  • Roberto el S

    It was Shashi Tharoor who had brought it into public domain. I see no wrong in giving one back to this guy.

    Roberto el S

  • Ravi Patel

    I thought the sickulars too were allowed four, for services rendered?

  • Shamsher Hans

    These people feed at the public trough (Tax Payer’s sweat) money. Public scrutiny is the price of it.

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