NDTV’s Ishrat Jahan narrative

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2 Jul 2013

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NDTV's Ishrat Jahan narrative

The investigation into the alleged ‘fake’ encounter of Ishrat Jahan could have taken the following two routes:

1. Accept the version that Ishrat was an LeT operative and yet the encounter was fake.

2. Prove that not only was Ishrat not an LeT operative, but that she was an innocent female murdered in a fake encounter.

Of course there is a third angle as well — that Ishrat was indeed a LeT operative and the encounter was genuine too. But let us leave aside this possibility for the moment and take on face value the contention of activists that the encounter was fake. In a democracy governed by the rule of law, fake encounters, even of terrorists, is considered abhorrent. So even if Ishrat was an LeT operative (case 1),  killing her in a fake encounter will fall foul as per law. Why is it then that a whole mythology has been sought to be built that Ishrat was innocent too?

Evidence against Ishrat

Consider first the evidence that would support the thesis that Ishrat was indeed an LeT operative:

1) In 2004, IB recorded various conversations between Pakistani handlers and their operatives in Indian soil, who were also killed in the same encounter as Ishrat, which clearly pointed out to a conspiracy to kill top Indian politicians including Narendra Modi and LK Advani. Headlines Today recently ran a story on these tapes.

2) Soon after Ishrat and her associates were killed in the encounter in 2004, LeT, on its official website, declared the four of them, including Ishrat, as martyrs. Later, in an apparent tactical move, LeT retracted this ‘confession’. This now forms one of the basis of defence of Ishrat’s lawyers, who are willing to give credence to LeT’s word but not to our own agencies!

3) In 2006, the Union Home Ministry , then headed by Shivraj Patil of the Congress, cleared an affidavit at the level of Home Secretary VK Duggal, that Ishrat and her friends were indeed LeT operatives. The said affidavit was finally filed in Gujarat High Court in August 2009, when Home Ministry was headed by P Chidambaram of Congress and Home secretary was GK Pillai.

4) NIA in 2010, then under Home Minister P Chidambaram of Congress, interrogated David C Headley, another LeT operative involved in 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. In its interrogation report, the NIA quoted Headley as confirming that Ishrat was indeed an LeT operative.

5) Then Union Home Secretary G K Pillai, is on camera confirming that Ishrat and her associates were LeT operatives.

6. In February 2013, Intelligence Bureau Chief, Asif Ibrahim wrote a strongly worded letter to CBI where he backed up the IB’s claim that Ishrat was an LeT operative. Indeed, Ibrahim was so convinced about the case he had, that when CBI did not desist even after his letter, he escalated the matter to Home Ministry and even PMO level.

Chhota mota blasts

Now consider this video aired on Congress-friendly channel NDTV on June 27, 2013. Sreenivasan Jain, who is the anchor of the show, makes a startling claim between 4:35 and 5:00 minute mark on the show — that Ishrat and her accomplices were indeed terrorists, that they had gone to Gujarat do some “chhota mota blasts” but not to kill Modi. Who gave this information to Jain — “CBI sources”. Quite apart from the absurdity of the assertion that “chhota mota blasts” make terrorists relatively innocent, there are some other pertinent questions that arise.

NDTV video on Ishrat Jahan Case: Host Sreenivasan Jain

A) CBI has been the primary source of all the news breaks in in recent times in Ishrat case, for both Left-Wing Tehelka and Congress-friendly NDTV. When and at what time did CBI sources give this information to NDTV about Ishrat’s “chhota mota blast” intentions? If NDTV had this information from before, why has it become a willing participant in the propagation of the theory that Ishrat was innocent?

B) Is it possible that CBI sources leaked this “chhota mota blasts” intentions of Ishrat to only Congress-friendly NDTV and not to Left-Wing Tehelka? How is it possible that the same agency, which has been credited as source of breaking news by both these media houses, and whose stories are similar in most other aspects, differ on this? Rana Ayyub of Tehelka has, among many other startling things, claimed in her Twitter feed that Ishrat was innocent?

C) Is it possible that both Congress-friendly NDTV and Left-Wing Tehelka were aware in advance, and as indeed most others are convinced, that Ishrat was indeed an LeT operative but did not reveal this information as it would hamper the narrative?

The narrative

On the one side there is this enormous evidence, each backed up by officers at different times, testifying to the fact that Ishrat was indeed an LeT operative.

On the other hand, ace scriptwriter Javed Akhtar (the dialogues of the famous water tank scene in Sholay - he wrote that in a jiffy while climbing the stairs to board a plane), has conjured up this theory as to how Ishrat could be innocent.

NDTV's Ishrat Jahan narrative

Journalists of Left-Wing publications like Tehelka, who have been following up the case, have alluded to the role of then head of Gujarat unit of IB, Rajinder Kumar, as that of one of the prime conspirators in the case, who not only fabricated evidence but even allegedly supervised the encounter.

Now even if Rajender Kumar was conceivably a ‘fascist’ (as has been suggested by Left-Wing journalists) and worked to frame an innocent girl, it defies reason as to why successive officers of high integrity would continue to back his claims? Why would then Home Secretary of India come on camera and sully his image by associating with the claims of  a “fascist” IB officer? Why would the present IB chief risk his well-deserved name by continuing to back such an officer even going to the level of escalating the matter to Prime Minister level? Why would a Home Ministry under the Congress regime file a sworn affidavit that Ishrat was indeed an LeT operative? Suggestions have been made that Rajender Kumar has always been close to Modi and thus he fabricated the evidence to somehow help Modi in a twisted way. But are all those backing Rajinder Kumar also close to Modi, as that would seem to be the logical conclusion?

MHA not convinced CBI has proof against IB Officer

The real goal

If the aim had only been to prove that Ishrat encounter was fake none of this elaborate charade would have been needed. As has been pointed out before, her terror antecedents would be immaterial in punishing the people involved if the encounter was indeed fake. If the aim was not merely to prove that the encounter was fake, then what was it?

Consider the following two headlines in selective newspapers:

A) “Modi Government killed an LeT terrorist in fake encounter”

B) “Modi Government killed an innocent Muslim girl in a fake encounter”

As has been conclusively argued by many legal experts, the only evidence CBI has against Modi is of this type: X told CBI that he heard Y telling Z that A and B had given the green signal. Even those whose only knowledge of the law is based on reading John Grisham would laugh at the absurdity of this double hearsay. If there is no legal case against Modi, then how does one fix him? Simple! Create a media case. Read the prospective headlines quoted above again. Which one looks more damning against Modi?

This is 2013 and not 2004. In post 26/11 world, despite Digvijay Singh’s best efforts in releasing books that claim that 26/11 was an RSS operation, no one sane has anything good to think about LeT. How would the normal populace react in the eventuality that judiciary gives the stamp that encounter was fake but the operative killed was an LeT terrorist? That is why, for project 2014, it is important to prove that Ishrat was innocent too.

For many, it is understandable that CBI is playing their masters game. After all, the previous chief of the CBI is now an honourable Governor of a State. But why are certain sections of the media playing their masters game too? As the managing editor of Times of India argues in a recent column, it’s the economy (read Bharat Nirman Ads) stupid ! Meanwhile, in an unrelated news, Mint has reported that NDTV has failed to pay their lawyers in the United States who have now sued them. Who fails to pay their lawyers?

If only Sreenivasan Jain, in the ‘heat of the moment’, had not outed the “chhota mota blast” angle.

BJP condemns CBI for framing Modi in Ishrat Jahan Case

Economically Right, Politically BJP.

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http://www.niticentral.com/emailshare/emailshare.php?pid=98148&url=http://www.niticentral.com/2013/07/02/ndtvs-ishrat-jahan-narrative-98148.html&title=NDTV’s Ishrat Jahan narrative&id=nc

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  • Murthy

    It is sad that there is NO SUBJECT or AREA of public life in India that has NOT BEEN politicised by the congress party and her leftwing allies in the main stream media.

    A clear case, supported by good evidence, should be dragged through the courts, with conspiracy theorists such as Javed Akhtar (he who excels in fictional cinema themes), jumping in, is a sad commentary on our country.

  • Ishant

    People are not fool, stupid congress is so hell bent on appeasing muslims for votes, that it might end up alienating majority of Congress voting Hindus, let the Congress and left wing jhollawala journalists play this story till 2014, it will only harm them not BJP or Modi.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004149727820 Priyadarshi Dutta

    Proposition 1: Ishrat and her companion Javed Sheikh (formerly Pranesh Pillai) were kidnapped by Gujarat police from near Nasik, kept in illegal captivity in a farmhouse near Ahmadabad, and gunned down.

    Proposition 2: They had come to Gujarat to commit ‘Chota Mota blast’ though not to eliminate Modi.

    Do not these propositions seem self-contradictory?

  • Sandhya Jain

    Very fine expose of a very shameless regime

  • http://www.niticentral.com Hari Om

    The single point agenda of the perverted sections of media is to tarnish the image of Narendra Modi and help the Congress of termites and, hence, a shameful act on the part of the NDTV 24X7 to distort facts. It hardly matters. Let them do what they have been doing for years now. Modi is on his job and he will succeed.

  • Sam

    Congress has gone so low that it seems they would not stop until and unless they are taught a good lesson by the people of India. Wherever I go and talk to the people they are in the same chorus- “Congress hatao, Desh bachao”. The amount of corruption and harm that Congress has done is unimaginable. The loot money is taken by Sonia and her chamchas whilst common man is paying the price. Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist. That is a true fact and we are safer now that she has been eliminated. The message to the terrorists should be very clear- Do not try to cause troubles, otherwise you will have same fate like Ishrat and her pakistani gang.

  • baba

    Superb Article. This Dumbo and Scamo gov is digging its own grave.

    And I hate that grin on Sanjay Jha’s face. Who is tht stupid person. Requesting Niti Central to do a case study on him also. How he came out from nowhere ?

  • Malini

    Excellent article. NDTV has been thoroughly exposed. They should be ashamed and apologise to the people of India… Like Arnab says ‘the nation demands an answer’

  • Arun Kumar

    I agree with Baba about the snigger on Sanjay Jha’s face. It needs to be wiped out. It is sheer arrogance.

  • Pranshu

    The article is very good and exposes cong and media’s lies. What I liked even more was u calling tehalka left wing and NDTV cong friendly.sure every one knows it but as u tweeted it is about changing petceptions and narrative. If media can modi communal and decisive w/o proof we must tell truth about self proclaimed neutral

  • CJ

    Excellent research and joining of dots! Why not publish this as an OpEd in a leading daily? Also, translate to other languages and share the truth?

  • RM S

    Chota mota blast planners are not terrorists?

  • Shashi Patil

    Congress’ New Anthem:

    Sare Jahaan Mein Accha
    Ishrat Jehan Hamaara
    Woh terrorist hogi tumko
    Woh “poll saviour” hain hamaara

    Mazhab nahin sikhaata
    Aapas mein bair karna
    Ishrat ka mazhab leke
    Humko hain khel khelna

    Aise chedenge hazaaron
    Stupid issues baar baar
    Janta aapas mein ladlein
    Hum ko to elections jeetna

    Tum honge desh ke bhakt
    Hamein to desh hain lootna
    Media ko hamne kharida
    Karenge woh sach sapna

    Sare jahaan se accha
    Hoga hindustan tumhaara
    Hamein to bas din raat
    Usko kamzor karna

    Sare jahaan se accha
    Hoga hindustan tumhaara

  • Manikant

    I wonder what Ishrat Jahan was doing with Pranesh Pillai, (for her a non mahram man); leave alone the two Pakis, whom jadu implied as may not be travelling with her.

    Had both of them come to Gujarat to participate in the kite festival? It was June and so could not be.

    May be she may have come to participate in some international guli danda tournament to be held in Gujarat?

    Otherwise how come she, being from Maharastra is in Gujarat with a non Mahram man (Pranesh Pillai alias Javed Gulam Sheikh) ?

    • Mukesh

      following points should be considered,

      1) Ishrat could be a keep of Javed alias Pranesh Pillai, why should a single muslim girl freak out with a non mahram,..does muslim culture allow this kind of relationship. ??

      2) Is killing of innocent people in the name of Jihaad allowed in Islam. ?
      ) Do terrorist deserve human rights after they carry out their cowardly activities, in the name of religion. ?

      4) What about the humanrights of innocentpeople who lost their lives due to terrorism.

      5) Why not follow Saudi-Arabia & Israel to enforce Anti-terrorist Laws in India. ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1248946121 Ssdinesh Gopal

    The Congress govt very well know that they can’t stop the popularity of Modiji spreading all over India and outside.If ever they could make confusion in the people’s mind, they think, it would be an advantage in the 2014 election. But truth will come out and it would be an added advantage for Sri. Narendra Bai modi, because country very badly needed a leader like him….

  • ramcharan

    anti hindu media obsessed with this case only when so many such incidents happen all over the country. Anti hindu media supports muslim terrorists alsoand don’t know why hindus vote anti hindu congress

  • ram

    anti hindu media obsessed with this case only when so many such incidents happen all over the country. Anti hindu media supports muslim terrorists alsoand don’t know why hindus vote anti hindu congress

  • RM S

    NDTV publishes user comments only favorable to them. They don’t accept constructive criticism at all. They are certified seculars.

  • http://vote4modi.org Vote For Modi

    Thank you for relentlessly pursuing the truth despite distortions by the media and the establishment.

  • myikon

    its nothing but congress propaganda created by ahmad patel and his cronies

  • Jesse James

    Tehelka & NDTV are each others tag teams by quoting the each other’s statements as “fact”.

    Ayyub Rana’s (Tehelka) position is even more ridiculous. Especially if you extract their opinions about the CBI investigation capability (in the Arushi case).

  • Ganesh Iyer

    Its shameful to learn the cheap politics of making our nation a laughing stock. how did a girl residing at mumbra studying at matunga college found in car at ahmedabad highway with her muslim converted boyfriend n two dreaded terrorists. Do u want us to believe a patriotic person like Modi came to mumbai n kidnapped this girl for fake encounter ? congress n their stooges in depts. r hell bent on destroying the patriotism of hindus n rewarding those who speaks against those officers who work for the nation. There is no doubt these congress stooges may built memorials for Mohamed Ghazni who attacked Somnath temple 17 times n name roads after these Mughal invaders, plunderers, killers of hindus after streets in India.Vande Mataram.Ganesh iyer.



  • sgp

    This speaks abundantly of the double standards which we have. We have been glorifying police officers as encounter specialists and many of them have hundreds of such encounters to their credit..or should we say discredit. Such encounter specialists have been bestowed with gallantry medals which carry various perks such as medal pay, free rail travel, concessional air travel, free telephone facility, et al. It is surprising that these very officers often meet face to face with criminals and in the so called encounter which ensues with exchange of fire emerge victorious without even a scratch of injury while the persons labled as hardcore criminal or terrorist gets killed invariably. Had these encounters been real, the same would have involved different set of law enforcement teams, different timings and different situations and not the stereotype that gets projected. While such law enforcement officials get recognition without doing any concrete policing, the hardworking personnel who believe in judicious policing get neglected. Unless we stop encouraging such activities we will have not any right to raise finger at any particular encounter. No body had has any right to kill any one. We live in a democracy where only the political party which sits in opposition knows how to run government. Even the almighty god must be feeling helpless.

  • kutty983@gmail.com

    Every single anchor in NDTV has an affection for the congress party. It is very obvious in each of their files. I never watch NDTV. Lately Headlines Today is somewhat credulous


    All major channels are same, as far as sensationalism is concerned, every one has its own favorite party.Allow the law to take its own course.The kangaroo courts will never help, except for “TIME PASS” of the viewers, because they get excited over “NOORA” fights of politicians.

  • Anil

    My comments ae in reply to SGP above. He is right we live in a democracy. But the type of democracy where inteligencia like him feels happy in calling ‘trigger happy policemen” criminals and “criminals who are regularly committing crimes, although unproven as on day are protected by poll bearers of democracy. Many times questions have been asked as to what should a policeman do at bandipura where he is going to be shot by a terrorist, who does not have a dossier as yet. Delhi police also did some encounters and I believe at any time shadows almost 200-300 terrorist on whom they have info and may not be “nailing down” proof of crime. If they dont do this, you and I shall not be safe. What is the prescription for such cases from SPG. Do u think even CIA has evidence before they open fire on criminals firign on people or police, before they collect enough evidence that those firing on them have been proven guilty.SPG I pray for you that you may not loose a sibling to such terrorist. I have and I know the man who planted bomb at Delhi High court was a new one, never seen before terrorist. Police did not track him inspite of info as socio political scene in Delhi post Batala case has turned extra soft on such terrorists doing rounds of our cities. Good luck SPG and such “democrats”

  • SGP

    This is with regard regard to Mr Anils’ comments. It appears that Mr Anil has not understood me correctly. What I have said is about the so called encounter specialists who are being projected as heroes…and the stereotype situations in which such encounters take place. No doubt the police can never be silent spectators and must act firmly and with strong hands as and when required. The problem is with a handful of officers who are being termed as encounter specialists and for whom killing has become a habit. It is almost as if committing encounters (encounters can take place but can never be committed as such) has become the only responsibility assigned to them. My comments are not to any particular case. I am on the point of glorification of such officials and the perks bestowed on them. We have read stories about “ketchup” Colonel wherein even defense service personnel staged encounters in the their pursuit of gallantry awards. My point is that had these encounters been real, the same would have involved different set of law enforcement teams, different timings and different situations and not the stereotype that gets projected. We need to keep our eyes and ears open and not get carried away. The point is that we have always glorified such encounter specialists and hence we have ceased to have a right to condemn them for any particular incident.

  • Anil Gupta

    Dear SPG, I have understood you well. We have to be cleat that just 300 kms from the world’s most hot spot, our police have been able to not only make people live in peace but have allowed ‘independent’ minded, freedom of speech advocaters to bring to public trial some of the real heroes, responsible to make sure they can speak their mind, however impractical it may be. Taliban does not allow that. another democracy China does not and not even best bet democracy USA. U might have not heard of P.N.Agarwal of seen his face. This Jt Commr Special Delhi police is the officer who has kept Delhi safe for years now and have not been seen or discussed in public/TV. May be some of whom you call heroes have done some wrong but they may not be ones who are trigger happy and have grown up the ladder of this ardous task /hazardous job in IB, CBI or Special Police. They must have spent over 10,000 hours in most dangeorus situations facing terror and saving state or country. Now you are leaving behind a most demoralised IB, CBI, Special Cell who will not BOTHER to save another Sarojini Nagar or Delhi High court as shall stand questioned by you and like minded people from Magistrate’s court to Supreme Court for the rest of their professional career. Put yourself in their shoes,stay with them for 24 hours for a day, and see first before exercising your ‘right to freedom of speech’ and freedom to call names to anybody as trigger happy. I agree some of them may be what you say. but with what you say, you will leave the rest of 99% force working against your interest.
    These are ills of our type of democracy where Digvijay now links BJP disassociation with Nitish as causing Gaya Bomb Blasts. Worse is yet to come SPG. This country is going down with too much of freedom of speech with psuedo intelligencia.

  • http://desiherald.wordpress.com Mayura Rao

    I wonder if the same ruckus would be created if a terrorist was killed in encounter for plotting to kill the congress mascot Sonia Gandhi.
    By God’s grace the plot was uncovered and Modi saved, it is shameful and unfortunate that Congress is stooping so low to appease muslims. All these prime channels are sold off to congress or maybe there were formed and instituted by congress.
    it is truth that political parties own up news channels for propagating their motives its time the EC intervened and barred political parties from resorting to paid news promotion.

  • Kamal

    NDTV has been fooling 110 crores for so long!!
    Was it for money to run this sick channel ?
    Do we need any greater reason for banning NDTV ?

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