NDTV promotes abusive Congress trolls on prime time TV

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Suresh Nakhua9 Jul 2013

http://www.niticentral.com/emailshare/emailshare.php?pid=101684&url=http://www.niticentral.com/2013/07/09/ndtv-promotes-abusive-congress-trolls-on-prime-time-tv-101684.html&title=NDTV promotes abusive Congress trolls on prime time TV&id=nc

NDTV promotes abusive Congress trolls on prime time TVNDTV is on a mission to legitimise Congress’s Rs-100-crore social media operation, something popularly known as ‘TwitterNREGA’ and ‘e-NREGA’ in social media circles.

All this started after the hashtag #PappuCII trended on Twitter when Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed a CII conclave on April 8, 2013. The Congress’s ‘TwitterNREGA’ group tried to trend a rival trend a couple of days later on April 10, 2013 when Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was interacting with women entrepreneurs at a FICCI conclave, but much to their dismay, it was trendjacked (that’s Twitter speak for taking someone else’s hashtag and using it for a different purpose altogether).

Within a couple of days, two other English channels — Headlines Today and CNN-IBN — had conducted shows on this Twitter war. One more channel, Times Now, was coming up with a new weekend show on similar lines where this writer was a participant. NDTV therefore, desperately wanted to do a show on this Twitter war.

So NDTV started inviting people from both sides for their two shows, ‘Truth vs Hype’ (conducted by Sreenivasan Jain) and ‘Big Fight’ (conducted by Vikram Chandra). But much to the dismay of NDTV, tweeple from the online Right were denying their requests to appear on their shows, citing the credibility deficit of NDTV. The whole story is documented here. CREDIBILITY! Does it matter? Yes it does Mr @vikramchandra cc @ndtv.

The modus operandi employed by NDTV is quite interesting. The people invited from Congress’s social media team included the serial abuser Amaresh Misra. His exploits have been well documented. Here is a post by Sunanda VashishtWhen it comes to online abuse, some victims don’t matter to BBC! and a story by myself #AbusiveCongress tweets with contents (the whole encyclopedia of abuses by Misra) Abusive Tweet Encyclopedia by Amaresh Misra — Volumes I & Vol II)

As feared, Sreenivasan Jain provided a platform to serial abusers on his show and it was telecast on April 13 and April 14, 2013. The video was uploaded on NDTV’s website. After a hue and cry over the justification of abusive Congress members by NDTV on its platform, Sreenivasan Jain played his usual card and deleted the part which featured Misra. Fortunately, this had already been downloaded and was hence uploaded to the web by Suresh N.

Amaresh Misra part that NDTV chopped on Truth vs Hype

On July 5, 2013, NDTV telecast Followers: mass produced, not mass? to legitimise another serial abuser from the Congress ranks, Suryanarayan Ganesh — @gsurya on Twitter — who is infamous for his abusive language.

Here is a screenshot of one of his the most recent abusive tweets.


NDTV promotes abusive Congress trolls on prime time TV

The twin objective of this Mission Legitimacy by NDTV is…

» To provide legitimacy to Congress’s social media effort, run mostly on paid basis as per a recent article.

And If that doesn’t succeed;

» By encouraging and providing a platform to serial abusers, to vilify social media itself (Twitter and Facebook) so that they lose credibility in the eyes of TV-watchers.

What does this say about NDTV?

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http://www.niticentral.com/emailshare/emailshare.php?pid=101684&url=http://www.niticentral.com/2013/07/09/ndtv-promotes-abusive-congress-trolls-on-prime-time-tv-101684.html&title=NDTV promotes abusive Congress trolls on prime time TV&id=nc

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  • http://twitter.com/AnupamkPandey अनुपम पाण्डेय

    Brilliant Suresh Bhai Ji :) NDTV is always on wrong side of News, even tweet by Mr Ravish last year says “Main Paid Media Hoon, Yahin Hoon” .. !! What to say more about this Nehru Dynasty TV.

    • http://twitter.com/sureshnakhua सुरेश नाखुआ

      Thx a lot Anupamji

  • http://www.niticentral.com Hari Om

    What more you expect from the NDTV which, like Times Now and bulk of English media, is a known pro-separatists and anti-national Congress and anti-majority community Congress of “termites”? The nation is watching with vigilance everything that is happening in the country and take it from me that things would certainly improve in the days to come as historical forces beneath and over the surface have become quite active.

  • http://twitter.com/zincoshine Parthasarathy R

    The dates in the article are incorrect. NaMo’s speeches referenced here were in 2013 (and not 2012!).

    • http://twitter.com/sureshnakhua सुरेश नाखुआ

      needful done. thx for pointing out.

  • Ramani.k

    NDTV is so obsessed with Congress. Without doles from Congress it can not breath.

  • RVD

    To be frank, based on what I read, Arun Jaitley of BJP was the one who saved Burkha Dutt of NDTV in Nira Radia scandal by not raising her name in parliament. Isn’t she one of the top (??) TV personalities accused by BJP cadre and supporters of misusing her position to tarnish the image of BJP and Modi and a specific community ?
    How could a top BJP leader could extend helping hand to such persons? What signal these acts send to the party cadre ? They need to introspect and boycott all programs on these abusive media houses. By knowing fully that any comment by BJP leaders would be somehow twisted in favor of congress and against BJP, what is the purpose of attending their programs? BJP won’t be the first one if it does this. TDP is already boycotting SAKSHI media for same reasons but on their party and leaders.
    For disclosure, I’m a strong supporter of BJP and Arun Jaitley and want to see BJP in power at the center in 2014.

  • R Prasad

    Rs-100-crore budget is only on the paper, the real Congress social media budget runs in to thousands of crores. NDTV itself is getting paid hundreds of crores by Congress officially and unofficially together.

    Why such large amounts just for social media campaigns, you might ask? The reason is simple. Narendra Modi is hot favorite of most Twitteratis, FBs, and internet Indians. Congress has already bought TV and print media and they are working together to malign and harass Modi. So, now they want to own and control the social media, but Indians are fighting back and retaliating Congress and MSM.

  • Anil

    Its a shameful act by national media, especially some media channels, whose bosses are begging to ruling govt…shameful..i have lost my trust in NDTV in last few years…
    Hope they wake up soon…else they will need to pay hefty price for that…

  • Som

    On twitter or on other platforms, pls do not leave our “dear” Sanjay jha, self appointed congress spokesperson made to an official one lately! His whole demeanor is so offensive and insulting!
    NDTV is congress mouthpiece and hasno credibility! I wonder why bjp bothers to come to their debates?
    But what about times now n arnab? Frankly arnab has started to bore, his constant interjections and flipflops on steering course of debates irritating!
    And ydy sleaze vs sleaze debate on TN- it was d limit! Oman chandy n solar panel case is financial fraud, not a moral one! To equate it with raghavji case- was it done to lessen the severity?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1755382371 Atul Pandit

    What will happen to these people after 2014 elections

    kapil sibbal
    manish tivari
    beni prasad
    abhishek manu
    salman khurshid

  • http://54FB Priyadarshi Dutta

    Hmm! Amaresh Misra- son in law of R.K. Sharma, IPS, serving life imprisonment in Shivani Bhatnagar murder case? Misra described the 26/11 as handiwork of CIA-Mossad-IB-RSS! Isn’t he unhappy with Congress for hanging Kasab? Should join Taliban!

  • Vikas

    I have disabled below channels from my Dish.
    1. NDTV English
    3. CNN_IBN
    4. IBN7

    I think these channels are highly biased in their reporting.I hope other will do do.


    • RD

      Great, Vikas. I just got couple of my friends do the same!

  • Sunil Jaggi

    Only few things I want to say here for everyone to remember and follow to put pressure on BJP Leaders to be United and don’t give any chance to their opponents to attack the Party’s member we have already suffered in the Hands of these T.V. + Congress. Likewise Stop Calling all these T.V. Channels National Channels. Infact All the People should boycott their Sponsors what they are giving by Paying the Models+Players+Actors handsome amount for their ads we people by such costly Products. we should go back and buy Indian Products. More over I don’t understand why we believe these Channels will work for we Indian most of them are Foreign Funded. We never heard Media + Ruling Party get along so well. It means there is something fishy going on. Nice to hear People started boycotted these Channels. Which I did Long back.Its Good to hear all the BJP Spokesperson coming prepared with the Topic and addressing aggressively. I still don’t understand why they waited for such a long time come out with the Truth. Yes India was started Shining during the NDA time all the Economic Reports shows that whether it was Job Creation or Connecting Rivers, Building Highways. It was the False Propaganda of These Paid Media+ Congress MouthPiece Channels+ Print Media.

  • Bala

    Omg I can’t believe this! Prime Minister must resign!!

  • Dr Ram Nath Dubey

    Let us counter. Remain unmoved our tradition belongs to nature. All streams have to sooner or later would be destined to merge here.

  • chandrasekar

    NDTV and bullshit go together.

  • H B Jadhav

    Please be united to fight Corrupted, Unrealistic, insecure,looting,non-goveranent Congress party and save the people of India from the clutches of Inflation, insecurity,non governance, looting by all congressmen. Pls tell the plus points of AB Vajpayee Govt. for 5 yrs. Go for better advertising ,High tech poll compaign.

  • V.N.Seetharam

    If the BJP thinks that owning TV channels to propagate and reinforce their views is a serious matter by now they should have owned one. In Tamil Nadu
    there are more than two such called “Jaya” and many by Karunanidhi under the ugly banner “Kalignar” an unpronounceable and utterly vulgar channel along with the actor Vijaykant’s “Captain TV” and PMK’s mouthpiece called “Makkaal” and any number of channels like “Tamilan” and an islamic “WIN” and
    caste based and idiotic channels run by separatists and hate mongers like the present MP Thirumavalavan and many more. Who watches all these rubbish
    one will never know. I assume one would need an enormous amount of money to keep such channels afloat. apparently they have the money if not the clout.
    YSR Redy’s channel must be popular in Andhra with the christian majority and the equally moronish populace there. Perhaps it is time for the BJP to counter such false propaganda by starting a channel of their own as they can’t match Sonia”s bid to own “Times Now” CNN-IBN and NDTV etc. after all she is the world’s richest politician woman. BJP will have to pledge their innerware to compete with such a formidable monolithic broadcasts.

  • http://www.wix.com Baba

    Mere Bharat waasiyon,
    I am a congress party worker and I couldn’t take it anymore. The fake Gandhi’s and congress party servants like NDTV are taking money from foreign powers (I can’t mention their name) to divide India to it’s core so that Congress party and foreign powers can scat freely on our faces as we will be divided among ourselves. I really want some noble people to get rid of the Congress Party as such party was designed by British to wreak havoc on poor Indians. India has developed but Indians are still poor. That is the one and only reason that Congress is still in power. Shame on me and you for let this happen. I did my part, now it’s your turn. Challenge the Government ruthlessly in court. Please do it for your own future…otherwise it might be too late. Long Live Nationalism!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1127929115 Krishnan Hariharan

    The pillar of democracy called 4th Estate has been undermined by termites in the form of pro govt propaganda. This is the single biggest internal threat to the country. Untruthful, crooked, criminal & partial reporting is laughing at our mournful faces &getting away with it. Patriotic elements, pro integration forces, truly spiritual forces, noble well meaning social forces are under systematic attack by these monetarily empowered white collared ignoble criminals (albeit secular tongued ones). The general feeling is that the true inheritors of Bharat will having nothing to be proud of if the country does not vote for an alternative extreme right wing ideology which deals severely with such lumpen media elements. Presently India is hurtling down the path of penury, misery & social destruction much to medias glee. A 180 degree turn to Hindu ideals can only save this sagacious Mother Bharathi who has given every drop her blood to keep every community happy!!

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