Modi’s Reuters interviewer says media misinterpreted his remarks

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Niticentral Staff13 Jul 2013

7’s Reuters interviewer says media misinterpreted his remarks&id=nc

Modi's Reuters interviewer says media misinterpreted his remarks

After India’s ‘secular’ media went to town with an out-of-context interpretation of the remarks made by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi during an interview he gave to Reuters, Sruthi Gottipati, the interviewer herself, has spoken up against such biased journalism.

In a tweet she posted on Saturday morning, Gottipati said Modi’s remarks had been ‘poorly contextualised’ in TV debates and newspapers.

Modi's Reuters interviewer says media misinterpreted his remarks

Of course, on a slow-news weekend, nothing is easier than making a media mountain out of a molehill. Why explore the nuances of Modi’s remarks when it is far easier to just rake up good old ‘secular’ propaganda and make assumptions about what he meant and how Muslims are not safe in Gujarat (despite Sachar Committee saying that Gujarat is the one State in India where they have best living standards).

Not that Gottipati’s intervention is going to mean a thing. India’s TV media has sunk to lows it may very well be impossible to recover from. In what can only be called a death spiral of politically biased mediocrity, things just keep getting worse.

Update: The tweet (see screenshot above) has since been deleted, most likely by the Gottipati herself. One wonders why.

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7’s Reuters interviewer says media misinterpreted his remarks&id=nc

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  • CS

    Now these pseudo secularists would say MODI asked her to give clarifiacation.On this context i remember a saying “DONT GIVE EXPALNATIONS BECAUSE YOUR FREINDS DONT NEED THEM AND YOUR ENEMIES WONT EVEN TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT

    • DoesItMatter

      But then are people other than friends and enemies. World cannot be viewed with a binary prism. Fence sitters need the nudges.

  • Hari Om

    Indeed, a big slap on the face of perverted secularists in Congress, JDU, SM, CPI, CPI-M and in sections of the media, both print and electronic, who misrepresented Modi’s otherwise unambiguous statements. They were so selective in their approach. Reuters has done well to expose them and their evil intentions. In any case, one thing is clear: More the fierce attack on Modi, more and more popular he will become.

  • A
  • Happy

    It is payback time for all medias to their master Sonia who supported medias thru large sums if money in form of advertisement. This will go on till next election. If congi loose next election then these medias have no other choice but wind up their business and declare bankrupt.

  • Praful

    I wonder why BJP has not thought of having its own News channel? It would be easier to beat the medie hypes at their own game

    • Ssdinesh Gopal

      Yes. Surely there should be a TV channel not in the name of BJP. if in the name of BJP these crooks would say that it is communal and general public would hesitate to listen. There should be channel which airs good programme and which can compete, NDTV, Time now etc and airs truth and only truth, which should not be controlled by any political party.
      Nationalist people should be selected who has talents, irrespective of race and religion.
      Now every news paper and channels are behind puppies. This nasty politicians combined with crooked channels are confusing the people,so as to prevent Modiji to come to power.They were using every thing they can do for the past 12 years to contain Modiji. But everyday he is growing strong and strong.They very well know that,in case Modiji comes to power this time, their chance of fooling and cheating people would stop for ever. All corrupt politicians along with mafias will do anything possible to prevent Modiji coming to power.So leaders should take much care in every situation.

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