Sangma bats for Modi as PM

Niticentral Staff | Jul 13, 2013

Sangma bats for Modi as PMEmphasising that the country needs development and good governance, former Lok Sabha Speaker PA Sangma has said BJP Central Election Committee chairman Narendra Modi is a prime ministerial material.

“Modi has PM material. People of the country today wants development and good governance and Narendra Modi has proved these in Gujarat,” Sangma told reporters in Shillong.

Sangma, however, said Modi would have to test his acceptance in non-Hindi speaking belts.

“He has popular support in Hindi-speaking belts. He has to test his position in non-Hindi speaking areas especially in the South,” Sangma said.

On 2002 Gujarat violence, Sangma said, “that took place when he was just two months as Chief Minister. After that he has won so many elections from Muslim dominated areas.”

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