The burqa of secularism

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17 Jul 2013

10 burqa of secularism&id=nc

 The burqa of secularism

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10 burqa of secularism&id=nc

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  • Nitin Chavan

    Modi wearing Khaki would have been more apt cartoon but since this is a rightwing ideologically driven newspaper so can’t expect much!

    • arindam

      c,mon have sense of humor to laugh at urself

    • arindam

      c,mon have sense of humor and enjoy it ,its quiet apt

    • Arjen

      ”We are to create Indian in color, but white christian in taste and opinion, we need to teach false history, because we find in them a false religion”

      Thomas Macauley, Christian right winger who created the SECULAR HINDU education.

      Brother we are DEMOCRATIC, ITS YOU THAT IS RIGHT WING, pretending to be liberal. Its not your fault, you have been miseducated by the colonial regime.

    • Om Sudrania

      You may opt out for a scull cap.

  • Dippakay


    Congress will squirm for next few months on this comment. Modi has a way of getting congress’ burkha twisted.

  • ssk

    can’t stop laughing..:) good one, kureel!

  • RajeshA

    Under Congress’s Burqa of Secularism lurks Mullah, Missionary, Maoist and Mafia!


    Excellent cartoon explains everything about congress

  • Sam


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