Now midday meal horror strikes Tamil Nadu, 105 hospitalised

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Niticentral Staff18 Jul 2013

1 midday meal horror strikes Tamil Nadu, 105 hospitalised&id=nc

Now midday meal horror strikes Tamil Nadu, 100 hospitalisedIn a third incident in two days of midday meal tragedy, another appalling incident comes from the Neyvelli district of Tamil Nadu where over 100 girls felt sick after their midday meal.

105 girls, students of classes VII and VIII, fell sick after consuming the eggs served in their meal at Neyveli Lignite Corporation-owned Girls’ High School, school authorities said on condition of anonymity.

The students were rushed to NLC Hospital and are now out of danger, hospital’s child specialist Dr Sridharan said.

Soon after the girls vomited, with some of them fainting, distribution of food was stopped, officials said.

Twenty-three children died in Chhapra in Bihar after consuming midday meal, sparking violent protests amid suspicions by the State Government that it was poisoned.

Midday meal tragedy: Nitish Government ignored HRD Ministry’s warning?

In a related incident, about 50 students of a Government middle school in Madhubani district fell ill after eating food under the midday meal scheme.

(With inputs from agencies)

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1 midday meal horror strikes Tamil Nadu, 105 hospitalised&id=nc

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  • R Prasad

    Let’s avoid all foods in midday meals that are contamination prone and poisonous prone. Serve only those foods that can be eaten without testing like fresh baked buns, raw and roasted nuts, fruits, milk etc.

    No cooking in the school. Teachers are not for cooking, but for teaching.

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