Media is communal, not Modi

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21 Jul 2013

11 is communal, not Modi&id=nc

Media is communal, not Modi

Let us be honest about it. If anyone other than Narendra Modi had used the analogies for which he is being pilloried no end, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal, after all. The usual anti-Modi warriors and the NGO entrepreneurs who have flourished by greatly demonising the Gujarat Chief Minister chose to misread his words simply because it pays to abuse Modi.

Lesson for Digvijay Singh on Modi’s secularism

Take the first analogy in the Reuters interview. Asked whether he felt remorse for the 2002 riots, Modi sought to convey the clear impression that he could not have remained unaffected by the tragic loss of life. To illustrate the point, he said that even if he was being driven in a car and a puppy came under its wheels, he would feel sad (and here you are talking of human beings). The implication, however, was lost on the anti-Modi legions. They had already concluded that he is the devil incarnate and could not have meant what his words actually implied but what they believed those ought to have implied. Were he to respond to a direct question whether he had a hand in those killings by saying, “I cannot kill even a mosquito…”, the secularist brigade would have jumped on him for comparing Muslims to machchhars.

Modi defines secularism as ‘India First’

The outcry over the second analogy is equally unwarranted. Speaking in Pune before a young audience, he decried the ruling combine in New Delhi for trying to put a tight lid over its terrible record in power. “Whenever the Congress is in trouble, it dons the ‘burqa of secularism’ to hide its humongous acts of omission and commission.

Again, the fusillade of abuse that followed sought to buttress the Modi charge that the entire attempt of the Congress was to sweep its own rotten record in Government under the carpet by harping on ‘secularism will be in peril if Modi comes…’ It was claimed that the use of the word ‘burqa’ reflected Modi’s communal mindset. Environment Minister Jayanti Natarajan proclaimed on television that she would not have found Modi’s analogy offensive had he, instead of ‘burqa’, used ‘saree of secularism’.

Why was it communal to hide behind the burqa but secular to hide behind the saree defied logic. But then the way secularism has been abused by its self-professed votaries has only inflicted long-term damage on the targeted minority community whose socio-economic status, despite these secularists having ruled the country for over five decades, has remained abysmally low. For proof, go no further than the Sachar Committee report which was commissioned by the secularist UPA Government.

‘Secular’ and ‘communal’ have no meaning in India

Incidentally, in the same television debate when the anchor asked if it was ‘secular’ of the Congress to align with the Indian Union Muslim League and, till very recently, with the Hyderabad-based Majlis-e-Ittehaudal Muslimeen (MIM), Natarajan’s silence was eloquent. She refused to respond to a question which sought to lay bare the sheer opportunism that underpinned Congress’s notion of secularism. A couple of months ago, a video tape of a speech by MIM leader, Akbaruddin Owaisi, wherein he had thundered that “if the police kept inside barracks for just two hours, we would take care of all Hindus,” had gone viral on the social media.

Self-styled ‘secularists’ running out of anti-Modi rhetoric

By the way, eulogising burqa in this day and age when the entire Muslim community needs to cast aside its ghetto mentality and step into the 21st century to claim its rightful place under the Indian sun shows total unconcern about the actual state of the largest minority community. It reflects an obscurantist mindset, associating Muslims with the fundamentalists who, in order to maintain their stranglehold, seek to block the winds of progress and modernism sweeping through the Islamic world from entering this country, which is home to the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia.

Virendra Kapoor, a freelance columnist and commentator on current affairs, is a former editor of Free Press Journal, Mumbai. He was also a senior editor of Indian Express, Delhi.

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11 is communal, not Modi&id=nc

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  • venkat

    Excellent but our journos will never learn

  • Jitendra Desai

    Congress is forcing BJP & Parivar to get to Communal -secular debate.Congressmen think that this will suit them.They are mista ken.Hindus are able to see through their game and will VOTE accordingly.

  • dineshC

    NSM is communal not Modi.

  • Prashanth K.P.

    Undoubtedly. Media is the biggest polarizer indeed. While they rant about metaphors and analogy being distinctly communal, they little realize that they are exhibiting their nefarious agenda of divide and rule – at of course, the behest and guidance of the most communal Congress Party. Madhu Trehan did serve these a taste of their nonchalance in her recent *Newslaundry* brief – a most deserving one to the likes of Arnabs, Barkhas, Saagarikas et al.

  • Murthy

    Main stream media (MSM) in India is NOT serving the nation any longer. It is serving the congress party. It has become so ‘Modi Smaran’ but in a hateful sense, that it is losing all logic, language and honest acceptance of facts.

    I am yet to come across coverage in this MSM on why inflation continues to sore so high in India, why the CBI or the courts taking so long to prosecute offenders in the 1984 pogram of Delhi’s Sikhs, why the Uttarkhand tragedy was not anticipated by the congress government of the state and so many other ‘whys and why nots’ of issues that are troubling our country right now.

    It is my hope that MSM suffers financial loss through a drop in sales and ratings.

  • Ganapathiraman Kallidai

    Do you know that Nepal is a Hindu Nation while we are hesitant to call India as Hindu Nation!

    • dsingh

      boss, in which world do you live? Nepal’s Hindu Rashtra status has long been terminated both officially and practically by Maoists some 5 years back.

  • Siddharth Garg

    face of india media

  • S Sridhar

    My Brush with Secularism
    I work for a reputed MNC and in my capacity of being part of the India Leadership team, I am a key spokesperson.

    Recently, I interviewed with a popular trade publication and my interview was published in the recent edition. I was aghast to see that this publication had the audacity to edit my photo, removed the “tikka” on my forehead and published it.

    I am a Hindu (a Brahmin) and wearing this tikka is a part of my daily prayers. This act was totally offensive and reprehensible. I wonder if this publication would have done this to people belonging to any other religion – if this were a Muslim with only a beard and not a moustache, would they have painted a moustache for him or if this were a Christian whose Cross was visible, would they have edited and masked it ? Why then did this happen to me ? Mind you, I am a normal citizen of this country with excellent friends across all religions, I don’t differentiate anyone, I am a devout Brahmin and do not feel it wrong to practice my religion.

    Is this Secularism ? Is this blatant abuse of the majority community a licence to call oneself secular ? Where are we headed ? I love our country and take pride in calling myself an Indian, I hate to see where the pseudo-secularists are taking us. Please save this country.

    S. Sridhar

  • san

    Except Niticentral
    Btw when is NaMo tv is launching?

  • arishsahani

    No one can win from the convert muslim as all ,muslims are local converts in each nation HIndus of india converted to islam are poor and fools and now anti national. Converts are none but local poor and fools who have accepted saudi slavery and now bow to them 25 times a day have no self respect as they now hate own race, roots own culture and even own nation they live. No one can save these converts and reform them Saudi have given them goal to die and kill and get rewarded after death only. And these fools really thing they will be rewarded after death .

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