Nude dancer Suraj Thakur back in Cong, defends closure of Aditi restaurant

Naked dancer Suraj Thakur back in Congress, defends closure of Aditi restaurant  Remember Suraj Thakur, the former NSUI president in Mumbai, who, just a few months ago, was suspended because of his ‘Nanga naach’ at the party function, has been reinstated back into the Congress. The revelation came a few days after the NSUI, student brigade of the Congress, in Mumbai had forced a eatery to shut down. The Aditi restaurant was shut down because it had mocked the UPA Government for scams and corruption.

Now, intolerant Congress wants BMC to shut Aditi Restaurant

An English daily, quoted him as saying, “The party, too, exercised its own right of filing a police complaint”. “We felt insulted and humiliated about someone mocking our party this way and went ahead and filed a complaint. If the hotel owner has the right to express himself, so do we. We have been given a right by the Constitution to approach the Police in case of any grievance, which is all we did. Moreover, this is no way of expressing your criticism by making such statements in bill footnotes,” he said.

But, will someone make him remember, that what he did a few months back at an official function was equally demeaning not just for the party workers but Congress supporters as well.

NSUI leader Suraj Thakur sacked for dirty dancing

In fact, the present Mumbai Youth Congress chief Ganesh Yadav, had defended the action of getting the restaurant shutting down by saying that the party workers protested in a ‘democratic’ way. Defending the act, he goes ahead as saying, “There are political parties that resort to physical harm, intimidation and vandalism and we did not do any of that. We merely held a peaceful protest over something that we found offensive. We did not attack anyone or forced the owner to shut down the hotel. It is our birthright to file a Police complaint and the protests ended after the owner apologised,” he said.  “We did not trample upon anyone’s freedom of expression as we are being criticised for,” he added.

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