Sunny Leone’s personal life: Get up-close and personal

Sunny Leone's personal life: Get up-close and personalActress Sunny Leone might be an adult actress, but back home she leads a completely normal life with her husband Daniel Weber just like any other couple who are happily married.

“We have a very normal conservative husband-wife relationship, we have an exciting life. We travel a lot, go for shooting and photo shoots… just everything we think of, we do. We are just two normal husband and wife family,” said Sunny.

“When you are husband and wife, you are obviously dependent on each other, but we both are independent individuals. I want to be with him, help him out,” she added.

Sunny Leone who had come to India two years back to participate in Bigg Boss 5 is doing well in Bollywood, but interestingly she is not a party animal and rather likes to cook in her free time.

“I don’t like to party… When I am at home, I cook a lot. My husband loves to cook. Whatever he cooks, I eat. He likes to cook different things. Even I cook different things for my husband,” said Sunny.

“I think the best thing ever happened was Bigg Boss. When I came here as Sunny Leone, people drew their own conclusions. Bigg Boss got me on TV and when people saw my everyday life, when they got to know I am not jumping on tables and doing crazy things, they accepted me… and I am grateful to the show,” she added.

The actress who will be seen sharing screen space with veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah in Jackpot says, “I was nervous to work with him. He is one of the finest actors, but he made me feel comfortable. He is a wonderful co-star to work with.”

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