Yes we can, says NaMo in Hyderabad

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Niticentral Staff11 Aug 2013

4 we can, says NaMo in Hyderabad&id=nc

Yes we can, says NaMo in Hyderabad

A very packed Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium awaited BJP’s poll panel chief Narendra Modi in Hyderabad on Sunday. Modi addressed lakhs of people — those present in the stadium as well as those outside it and those who were watching his address in cinema theatres across the State.

The occasion was made doubly memorable by the vision Modi presented for a united future of India. The stadium was prepared well for the gathering but the large images that decorated it were not those of BJP leaders — they were images of national figures such as Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and Alluri Sitaramaraju.

Asking the people of Andhra Pradesh what Congress has ever done for the State, Modi said that the Government in Delhi rests on the strength of the MPs Andhra Pradesh has given it. “The Government in Dilli does not care about what happens to this country,” Modi said.

“Several new States have been created in recent memory. Nowhere was the occasion marked by anything other than celebration. Why must the parting of Telangana be the cause of violence and dissatisfaction?” Modi asked, drawing attention to the UPA Government’s spectacular mismanagement of the Telangana issue.

Modi wondered what happened to the promise that Manmohan Singh had made after Pakistani Army men beheaded two Indian jawans along the Line of Control. Manmohan had said that if such acts of aggression were repeated, Pakistan will suffer consequences.

“Now when the Pakistani Army, this week, shot our jawans dead, I want to ask the Prime Minister: What is the reason a country of 125 crore is silently tolerating when Pakistan is going back on its promise one by one?”

Shri Narendra Modi addresses Nava Bharat Yuva Bheri, Hyderabad

Taking the argument forward, Modi expressed shock that instead of taking a strong stand against countries like China encroaching upon Indian territory, the Congress-led UPA Government bends over backwards in the name of diplomacy and protocol and brings even more humiliation to the country.

“Having biryani with those who have beheaded Indian soldiers — is this protocol?” Modi asked and added, “Is it not adding insult to injury of those who have lost members of their family?”

The most pleasantly unusual part of the event was when the 85-year-old mother of a Sikh man settled in Canada came to visit Modi on the stage and he, in all humility, touched her feet and sought her blessings.

Modi ended his speech by chanting — and his audience joined him in this — “Yes we can!” “Yes we’ll do!” and “Vande mataram!”

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4 we can, says NaMo in Hyderabad&id=nc

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  • dineshC

    A great speech by NaMo. Equally great was the exhilaration shown by the gathering. Awesome!

  • prabodh yadav

    jai ho namo, LBS Stadium is not big, even eden garden will fall short for namo , its proved now that namo is not only popular in gujrat but even in south where BJP is at its least.Congress will now have sleep less night .

  • sam

    What a leader! What a speech! No wonder the country needs such a sharp, bold, dynamic, honest and hard working leader. Only then we will be able to develop the country as jagathguru.

    Yes we can. Yes we will do it!

    Vande Mataram!!

  • S Gupta

    Can you provide link to the Vivekananda speech where the Swami says “Yes We Can, Yes We Will Do”? The mainstream media will keeps its Eyes Wide Shut.

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